These are the last known images of the Watts children and Chris Watts prior to the murders

Jeremy Lindstrom held a birthday party for his five-year-old son sometime on Sunday August 12th. Within hours of the photos taken below, the man in the baby-blue Carolina tar heels shirt [he seems to be leaning into the shot] would murder the two little girls right beside him.

It would take three months before he u-turned on his dubious confession of August 15th. In exchange for avoiding a death sentence himself, he admitted to their murders in court – in tears – on November 6th for the first time.


Below is the back garden of the Lindstrom home in Erie, Colorado.  Bella is right at the back wearing a purple summer dress. Celeste is out of picture.

August 12 was a hot, windy day, with temperatures hitting 91,4°F [33 °C]. Since it was clear all day, it’s difficult to tell when this photo was taken. 


Many thanks to Jane Bos for providing these images. Bos is a member of the TCRS group, and a former cop currently based in the Netherlands.

3 thoughts on “These are the last known images of the Watts children and Chris Watts prior to the murders

  1. Chris took the time to take his little girls to this birthday party, he had carefully put Bella’s hair up in a little pony tail. You can see CeCe sticking close by him in the photo. Yet this is a “monster” who didn’t love his children? What do you all think?


    • I think he took them to the party, and had already planned their demise. It was a premeditated vicious crime, and he is a social pariah.


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