CASE CLOSED! Er…hello…I still have a few nagging questions about the Chris Watts case, including about Nichol Kessinger wiping her phone…

I get that the Chris Watts case is already filed away in some Weld Country Court archive,  gathering dust, and everyone is getting their closure, but I have one or two niggly little questions. If you don’t mind, I’d like to submit a handful of low-hanging apples with worms in them.

#1. Nichol Kessinger deleted all the photos and messages [aka evidence] linking herself to Watts from her phone before she approached law enforcement with her story.

Fullscreen capture 20181121 133813Fullscreen capture 20181121 130813

#2. The Judge has described this crime as the most vicious he’s dealt with in 17 years on the bench, and the prosecutor said he can’t describe the horror of it, can’t fully explain the motive and doesn’t expect Watts to do so either.

Although Watts was strip-searched and photographed from head-to-toe for injuries, he wasn’t subjected to a drugs, alcohol or Thrive patch chemicals in his system test.

Fullscreen capture 20181121 134523

#3. Why were the Watts family represented by a Denver-based attorney at the sentencing hearing? And why is almost nothing known or reported about Ms Powers?

Fullscreen capture 20181121 141627

#4. How was it that the Watts parents were “misinformed” three months after the murders if they retained legal counsel [and a local lawyer at that] and why did they repeatedly suggest their son was coerced all week long in the lead-up to the sentencing hearing?Fullscreen capture 20181121 130640

#5. The sentencing hearing was scheduled for two hours, yet it was over within 45 minutes. The defense attorney for Chris Watts spoke on behalf of her client for a grand total of 14 seconds. Chris Watts defense amounted to a single sentence in which his lawyer spoke of “hollow words”. Indeed.

The entire trial narrative provided in court by the District Attorney was fielded in less than thirteen minutes. The press conference afterwards after sentencing lasted more than twice as long as the defense and prosecution narratives combined [37 minutes].

Why were so few specifics provided during the sentencing hearing?  Even the specifics that were given were vague: no times, no names, no locations actually identified.

Fullscreen capture 20181121 134246

Sincerely, TCRS

41 thoughts on “CASE CLOSED! Er…hello…I still have a few nagging questions about the Chris Watts case, including about Nichol Kessinger wiping her phone…

  1. yes and the DA said the fact that Nichole deleted her messages initially hampered the investigation. So she’s helpful, but only after the fact – probably not wanting to appear complicit. Also while Sha’nann was in North Carolina the DA says she was getting alerts on her phone from the credit card company that he was spending large amounts of money in North Denver. Could that be the origin of her tweet “he’s living like a bachelor eating steak and shrimp”. Who was having the shrimp, I think we can guess. Another odd ball thing. Watts was seen going in and out of the house 3 times, they surmise one time for each body. Did Nathan’s camera really capture all of that inside the Watts garage? Will they ever release any and all videos connected to this crime? Case closed my ass.


    • It seems like they were both big spenders, doesn’t it? DA also said Watts was buying jewelry while his family were in NC, same thing Scott Peterson did. Jewelry is a big step in a relationship. It’s a statement of commitment and investment. It’s saying this relationship means a lot to me, and the acceptance of that is a statement too.

      No, the surveillance camera only picked up a partial peripheral view from slightly behind the Watts garage.

      This blog post provides the set-up of the neighbor’s camera quite nicely.


      • I think the DA said he was checking out vacation spot in aspen and checking out jewelry sites, things you’d do in a new relationship…….no mention of him buying any jewelry or booking the vacation


      • If he was checking out vacation spots and jewelry sites online and his wife was away for 5 weeks, do you think he maybe went to one, and bought some jewelry? I mean, if you argue that he was “just looking”, that’s great, I guess you’re arguing his affair wasn’t serious and wasn’t a big deal. But then why did he murder his family, because it wasn’t a big deal? Or did he go to the vacation sites to book vacations, jewelry sites to buy jewelry?


  2. I agree, the case is FAR from closed! If anything I have even more questions after sentencing!!!!! The whole way this was handled had irked me. The DA was arrogant in my opinion too.

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  3. I wonder what the report about the many hairs in the back of his truck meant. It doesn’t sound like he cut much of their hair off (the autopsy report, the tuft of hair on the tank)?


  4. Not that I’m sympathizing but I do think Watts would have had a case. To use a poker analogy he could have bluffed. It appears that the DA wanted to suppress the autopsy results because of the blood alcohol level found in her spleen – .125 – and didn’t want to give the impression to a future jury that she had been drinking – until further tests could be done to prove that the alcohol level was due to body decomposition. But Chris’s attorneys would have seen the autopsy results right off, and indicated so to Watts so that he could at least have used that card. I just think he should have had better attorneys. It all happened too fast. A rush to judgment as Johnnie Cochran would say.


    • I also think he had a case. Excellent point about the blood alcohol. I actually called a friend of mine who is studying forensic medicine and recently advised in a murder/suicide investigation. He said it’s not unusual for alcohol to form in dead bodies, but thought the amount was higher than he’d expect. He said he’d come back to me with more info.
      The alcohol and the missing time of death are issues of doubt that could have played into the defense case. But I also think he would have needed a witness to testify for him, like Kessinger. Only, I think she decided not to.


      • It does seem like an abnormally high rate of alcohol, although not being a forensic scientist I don’t understand about a decomposing body. Dead on the 13th, found on the 16th, autopsy on the 17th if I’m not mistaken. Just a wild hair of an idea, if she had returned home to an emotional conversation, had a swig of vodka, gone to bed she would have been a knocked out easy target. I find it strange that an adult woman, weighing 140 pounds, wouldn’t have kicked, scratched or clawed. Sounds like the little girl Bella put up more of a fight. If he were straddling her as she lay flat on the bed, he might have had his knees on her arms, but she still has her legs free. Even the investigators said no signs of a struggle in the house. This gets more and more unbelievable to me. If he had money for a skilled attorney and could call their own experts, they could make hay of the autopsy I would think.


  5. What bothers me surrounds Nichol. She gets this new boyfriend, she has a Facebook page. Yet, she never takes a look at his page which may have led to Shanann’s page which was public and loaded with pics and comments about her husband AND it’s public! Come on, not in this day and age.


    • I would be willing to bet Camie that Nichole Kessinger saying she was lied to over and over by Chris is what got her blood boiling enough to call the police and report their affair. 1) she thought he was in the process of divorcing or that it was final; 2) she had been on numerous dates with him – slept with him – she had hopes of a future with him; 3) she finds out his wife was pregnant –
      She didn’t want to do the right thing, she wanted to get even, imo – much like Amber Frey who conspired with the investigation to secretly tape Scott. Boo Hiss on these women!


      • I think Amber Frey is different from Nichole, since Nichole worked with Chris and knew he was married. I believe Amber lived about 100 miles away, and the advent of social media was several years into the future. And why the animosity toward “these women” who “conspire” with criminal investigations? Really? Is this yet another one of women’s duties prescribed by the male patriarchy—to facilitate their crimes?? Wow. Whatever happened to being the good little woman, or “the wife,” just cooking, scrubbing, and screwing?? Those were the days! I’m waxing nostalgic here!!


  6. Maybe he knew he had cooked his goose when the autopsy revealed that the children had been smothered which was wholly inconsistent with his story about Shannan strangling them. I do wonder whether he would have not pled if he had said she smothered and not strangled them, at the outset. After all Rourke lined up a defense when he said Watts’ call to the co-worker was not unusual -and I don’t think the affair automatically goes to murder. Thankfully Watts is a complete idiot as well as all the other names i could call him and justice was served. There must be lots of other damning evidence, other than the smother/strangling mistake too, I guess.


  7. Nick: The doll covered in tarp that Shannan posted to Facebook shortly before her death is my biggest question. Do you have any additional information on it? Harbinger of death.


  8. Might have a drink on airplane.
    Interesting I have found:
    1)Sandi Ornati…her FB…. lupus, pics of Shanann. Funny how different last name.
    2) Frank Rzucek… dad…FB….Xmas stuff, 1 pic of Shanann.
    3) Frankie…pic of newspaper, article on Chris.
    4) Shanann page……All about Thrive, ad saying call us.
    No front pic of her at all!!!
    5) that friend…I forgot her name…haven’t checked.
    Interesting how Shanann page has Changed and their trying to sell Thrive.
    Forget about Deleting her page.
    Says alot about “this” family!


  9. The kids had Thrive sleep stuff, plus drugs.
    Could he buy himself….a piece of jewelry?
    That thing never said he gave her any jewelry.
    We don’t know if Shanann takes anything at bedtime. Plus maybe drink on plane.
    Sleep pills, Thrive, other drugs.
    For a small Timeframe…coming home, small Seperation talk, her bed…strange….him waiting, killing 3, loading truck, driving, dumping bodies…..then him work…..
    Wouldn’t you be exhausted?
    Sweaty, dirty, oily…..unless he didn’t have to show up in front of people at work.
    Big giant mistake, him calling school, real estate……what was he thinking?

    A Miracle….if you ask me!
    Something not quite right.
    For one scratch on her neck…..her right hand grabbed his hands, maybe too late she woke up…she then maybe scratch him on neck?
    It would all depend on what she took.
    Maybe he didn’t care about getting caught…maybe he resolved this is my fate….Why…..
    All killers know at one point they might get caught. I’m assuming.


  10. Nicole was married not too long if I remember and I think someone, her husband sued Chris and her for indefinitely…if I read correctly…..LOL.
    His name is different…oh dear I forget it now. If you need…let me know


    • Hey Shannon – can I ask you a favor? Write one comment and post it. You wrote four here, including three replies to yourself. Just spend a little time thinking, deciding what you want to say, and then comment. If everyone does this these pages will become real messy real fast, and I know many people come to read the comments. Think of them too.


  11. I still don’t understand why both Chris and shan’ann did not have any bruises or scratches. Even if you’re being strangled, from front or back, you could use your arms and legs and body weight. If he had his knees on her arms I would expect bruising there.

    I don’t know how Chris watts possibly thought he could ever get away with this, knowing there are cameras on his street, cadaver dogs, his texts to the co worker, calling the school and real estate, texts and calls to his mistress, the back sliding glass door locked (where no cameras were) and a supposed killer (not Chris) would have no entrance/ exit way of taking the three of them, since Chris had no explanation of why her car was in the garage, the sheet left in the trash and the matching sheet left at the oil site, plus her keys and meds and purse. Chris watts would have to be classified as a “dumb criminal”. He was never going to get away with this. Plus his internet searches. Did he really think he was going to be in a position to suddenly go on a vacation after his family was wiped out? Maybe the thrive patches screwed up his ability for basic reasoning?

    I think nicol kessinger left a lot “unsaid”.

    Thanks nick for your very informative blog!

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    • It feels like Chris Watts was so used to tricking people his entire life that he crazily thought he would pull this off. The key is that the collective us do not care about him and so cannot be tricked.

      His mom must have been shocked at the US reaction to her words. See how quick she backed down?


  12. I just read that Chris told a co worker that a few months before murders that Shanann got really mad at Cece and grabbed her by the throat. Apparently someone else there also.
    Also that Shanann and a coworker or higher up position at the tire/car place were ripping off employees, benefits. Apparently she was shady at this place. Her boss said she was bossy, aggressive and telling Chris what to do all the time.
    Shanann’ at a Thrive party telling some girls she got pregnant to keep Chris from leaving.
    I bet she was a real doozy to deal with.


  13. Several more details revealed by DA Rourke in the Greeley Tribune today. He seems willing to expand on what he knows, but was carefully selective in what he felt appropriate to share in front of the family at the sentencing hearing. Hopefully Denver Post will do a more in depth interview and article in their Thanksgiving Day edition. So many questions…


  14. Chris W. Realtor called him on the 13 th of Aug and gave him an address to go look at on his way home. The address is 6508 Saratoga. I googled searched it and found it listed @ $599.000
    5 bed 4 bath. Well if he and Nicole K. We’re NOT planning on moving in together and all the financial troubles, how was he even asking for places in a half a million price range? It had listed,that it was the largest property in the neighborhood, area wise.
    Nicole’s interview was creepy, her voice kept changing.. And when she pretended to cry, omg..she seemed to remark on all the expensive things inside watts house and said she could tell it cost a lot. Sounded like she was in envy, like she was mesmerized..the house was nicely decorated, but to me the stuff didn’t fall into the ‘got money’ category.
    Anywho…that girl Nicole k. Played Chris like a fine guitar… She knew full well when she googled them almost a yr befor they met..


  15. I seem to recall it was listed as $399 000, but it still had a three car garage. Why did he need a three car garage if he’s own truck couldn’t even fit in his garage at home.


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