19 thoughts on “Photos of Nichol Kessinger [including semi-nude] and Chris Watts

  1. What was that YouTube of Shannan, Chris and kids waiting before a Christmas concert where one of the girls is playing with his phone and he says he is checking his stocks?


  2. Hmm
    I think Nichol looking up wedding dresses
    searching chris’s wife .Not to mention marrying your mistress. Going to the Watts house.
    IMaybe the police should investigate her and her whereabouts on the night Chros killed his family


  3. Not really sure exactly what he saw in NK. And I’m not just pertaining to her looks (although she’s not very attractive at all in my opinion), but the layed-back, nonchalant and unemotional way she acts in interogation, her man-voice, and she has more holes in her “story” than swiss cheese! With all the inconsistencies I cannot believe law enforcement isnt still looking at her any further as a possible accomplice! I understand it hindered the investigation when she deleted texts between her and CW, but WHY DID SHE? The conversation her and CW had for 111 minutes late on August 12th the night before the murders, the lady neighbor seeing another car by CW’S house early that morning of the murders, her adamant about law enforcement NOT speaking to Jim to establish her alibi! Im sorry, but most people would do anything to eliminate themselves as a possible accomplice!! Stuff just does not add up with this woman!!


  4. 3387. The password to CW’s phone. In his interview the FBI guy says it several times, as ‘3307’ and CW has to repeat ‘3387’.
    The FBI don’t mess about, – they don’t have hearing problems, – the FBI were verifying that number, because most people use a ‘significant date’.
    3387 wasn’t CW’s birthday. Or Shananns and definitely not his childrens.
    His sister Jamie was born in 78.
    Shananns brother Frankie was born in 85.
    But NK? …
    If NK’s birthday was 3387 – £rd March 1987, – that means something pretty big.
    CW sent her a birthday card…
    Which means he must have been seeing her for a LOT longer than we have been led to believe.


  5. Her birthday is in July. The card he gave her is dated 7*3*18. She’s reportedly 30 so that would make her birth year 1988. My passcode is completely innocuous. But that’s a great way to think! No doubt there are layers where exactly that kind of thought will reveal answers.


    • Thanks for the correction MS.

      Sometimes the number 3 is used to represent a heart. So maybe he was saying heart heart 87. Doesn’t seem likely though, does it?

      It would be good if we could link the code to Kessinger, or something tangible, but I’m not sure if we can. His code seems to be more about the configuration of a keypad. 3 at the bottom, 8 and 7 at the opposite corner near the top.


      • 3387 was also supposedly the old pass code to Shananns phone so it’s likely it was a code/password they all got used to using, for whatever reason. It’s nothing to do with NK though.

        Another thing I noticed from Officer Coonrod’s bodycam footage is that it seems like Nickole passes on the new pass code for SWs phone via Sandy (who she is on the phone with during the time when SWs phone is found. I see people mentioning that Nickole knew the phone pass code but I believe that actually was given to Nickole by Sandy.


  6. I wish people would leave Nichol Kessinger alone. Just because there are some gaps in her story doesn’t make her a murder accomplice. We can’t even really say if the love affair was the sole motive for Chris Watts to commit the murders. Just hours after the murders, he canceled the enrollment of his daughters from an expensive school and then contacted the realtor to sell the house, so he had a financial motive to be free of 3+ people totally dependent on him. Mostly though, I think Watts totally lost his mind, since he felt his only solution was to commit the murders, and because he thought he could get away with it.


  7. I saw a documentary on youtube,where it was narrated, that NK gave graphic details of her intimate times with CWs. Narrator says that CW enjoyed going down on her, while CK would gush up in orgasm, soaking the sheets up. Gross!!


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