7 thoughts on “Excerpts of Statement Chris Watts made to CBI, includes timeline, when Shan’ann found out she was pregnant, details of his sex life, defecating behind storage tanks – Discovery Documents [17th Tranche]

  1. Those documents are a treasure trove of information. Reading them hits home just how much work a missing/homicide investigation of 3 people entails – and I intend to read EVERY single page! I think the most SHOCKING piece of information I’ve learned so far that I didn’t already know, was that it was actually Chris who sent that photo of the doll covered up on the couch to Shan’ann! Shan’ann then posted it on her Facebook and said, “I don’t know what to think of this”. Why would Chris even send a photo like that to Shan’ann less than a week before the murders!? Yet, Ronnie Watts implies that Shan’ann staged that photo! Ronnie told the police that no child would do that to a doll. Wonder if Ronnie has since found out that he was right, no child would do that – but his own son sure would, and DID!!


    • To torment her. And she was out-of-sorts, distressed, not feeling well and struggling to sleep all weekend.

      I don’t think he expected her to post it online though. Maybe he also tried to frame her by sending her the picture and asking her what she knew about it [so it was on her phone].


  2. CW says above, he arrived at Cervi 319 approx. 6:45 and worked there until 8 a.m. Then McCoy, Parrish and McNeil arrived 7:15 – 7:30. They were not there when CW arrived, but did show up between 7:15-7:30. I’m sure that was verified. My question is how could he dispose of 3 bodies between 6:45 and 7:15? If the hours the other workers showed was closer to 7:30 that’s still only 45 minutes. He had to remove thief hatches, climb stairs, stuff bodies, close hatches, bolt them back down, and dig a shallow grave. And he had to work fast as the other workers were coming and he may not have known exactly when they would arrive.


  3. Of course this wouldn’t the first time a suspect pads a timeline or tries to make it fit whatever evidence they think the police have. Might he have gotten to Cervi 319 sooner than 6:45 and the stop signs he was blowing through were on the way there, not on the way back? I’ll bet Scott Peterson was driving like a bat out of hell on the way to the Marina, but took his time on the return, sans his precious cargo.


  4. Isn’t it strange how defecation makes it’s way into so many cases? Outside the bathroom in the Rohde case; Burke Ramsey (candy box, bed, basement toilet); Meredith Kercher’s toilet in the flat; and now Watts like a bear in the woods. Only he had paper towels with him. It’s a grim calling card.

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