“When is RAPE OF CASSANDRA coming out and what’s it about?”

There have been a number of eager inquiries about the next book on the Chris Watts case. When is it coming out? The fourth book in the ongoing TWO FACE series will be available in the first week of December.

What’s it about?

The current narrative of the Watts Family Murders is as follows*:

In the early morning hours of Aug. 13, a doorbell camera recording Shanann coming home from a work trip about 1:45 a.m.  Chris Watts was seen on a neighbor’s doorbell camera about 5 a.m. backing his truck into the driveway and going back into the house and out to the truck three times, likely as he loads the bodies, Rourke said, though the bodies can’t be seen on the camera.

Exactly what happened between those two camera recordings is still not certain.

Rourke said investigators do not know the exact sequence of events, partially due to how the bodies were disposed of, but it’s not uncommon for investigators to have difficulty establishing exact times of deaths.

RAPE OF CASSANDRA investigates the exact sequence of events, from the time of death in the Watts home, to how and why a “normal” family man wreaked a holocaust on his own family, and ultimately, himself.

*Source: Coloradoan, November 19, 2018

Available early December 2018…


11 thoughts on ““When is RAPE OF CASSANDRA coming out and what’s it about?”

  1. I saw a screen shot of activity by hour from both Chris and Shannan’s apple watches from Aug 13 posted on Websleuths. I could not find in pdf, but they are bar graphs. I would think this would be important for determining timing. IIRC Watts was active for an hour starting around 4, then inactive for an hour, then active again

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      • Pages 1590- 1592 of pdf, numbered as 1772-4 of Discovery document. Screenshots of Activity tracker from Watts’ phone I think. The screenshots are too blurry to read the scale, but maybe can be sharpened or compared to a readable screen of same tracker.


  2. @MVM I don’t understand why virtually all the images are of such shockingly poor quality. Thanks very much for locating these bar charts. Does it really reveal anything useful about his movements?


    • The tech who downloaded info on the phones hovered over his activity at 5 am on Aug 13 to show he walked 0.2 mi from 5-6 in the morning. He did not have Apple Watch or phone on from midnight to 4, then some activity from 4-5. I have this app on my phone apparently and I set it to same time frame so I could see scale of hours and miles.


  3. I’m still exploring the app on my iPhone. It’s been recording my steps and flights of stairs walked for months and I didn’t even know it was on my phone. I don’t think he turned it off. I think he didn’t have his phone or Apple Watch on. I hardly have any flights of stairs (none in my house or work), but the app records how many flights you went up. Discovery page 1772 shows Watts climbed 2 flights of stairs ( from 5-6 I think) then 3 flights of stairs the next hour.


  4. It was Aug 13 that he climbed 11 flights of stairs in total. Phone not on him, maybe charging, from 12-4, then at 5 -6 phone records him going up 2 flights then from 6-7 going up 3 more. I assume bringing a body down and going up twice for others, then driving, then climbing stairs to oil tanks. Where did he sleep? I think upstairs in bed, woke up first, killed everybody, three trips down w/ bodies (only going up twice b/c he was already upstairs.) SW body carried in fitted sheet and lack of defense wounds indicate she was killed in bed, probably while she slept. Cadaver dogs did not alert much in house- indicated some struggle in basement bed and in area below the stairs. Of course he cleaned and washed sheets, but I also think bodies were not in house very long. (Search with dogs in released discovery p 84)


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