9 thoughts on ““It wasn’t right” – Chris Watts describes dumping his daughters in the fuel tanks

  1. I believe it was a trap. I think he pretended he was still sexually interested in her and came on top of her saying he was going to do a sensuous massage and then strangled her. Why do I think this was the scenario? Because of the position her body was found, a thong she was wearing and his comment saying he touched her shoulder in bed. As she had rejected her sexually on the last few weeks I believe she would be eager to make love to him as she mentioned many times to him that she missed that. And in this scenario he killed the girls afterwards as I dont think she would be that calm if they were dead. The only thing I am intrigued is that she saw her crying and her mascara running down her face. So I dont know if her crying would happen if she was being trapped into believing that he wanted to make love to her. Also her buying beauty products at 2:30 is strange but I can see her doing that more than him pretending it was her. Although Scott Peterson did exactly that: did some search for an umbrella I believe so people would think it was her still alive. However I believe SP is a bit more clever than CW.


  2. My long comments dont get posted for some reason so I will try a shorter one: I think it was a trap but in a way that she believed they were going to make love in bed, and thats why it was so easy to kill her. She came on top of her, on her back and strangled her. She was wearing a thong and her position when she was buried might be an indication of how she was killed


  3. Genuine apologies Nick, Perhaps my phrasing regards the GPS data was clumsy but it categorically wasn’t sarcasm, and the aforementioned thief hatch post was a genuinely factual error made in haste, I will refrain from posting in future, as you wish.


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