2 thoughts on “Chris Watts had rough sex with Amanda McMahon as part of tinder date in March 2018 [30th Tranche]

  1. I don’t believe a word she said-no proof, nothing to verify, just like with Trent Bolte-another liar looking for their 15 minutes of fame. How convenient, she doesn’t have that phone anymore, doesn’t know the number, doesn’t know the man’s name on Tinder, They supposedly went to her apartment and of course nobody saw them, just a bunch of bs that does nothing for the investigation but fuels the emotional fires of the public. No facts to back these stories up. Also, why didn’t the police give Chris another lie dectector test after he confessed to killing Shanann, after he said she killed their kids? Wouldn’t that have been the next step to get to the truth? Did you know the kids were starting to say derogatory things to Chris that they overheard their mother saying? And that when Shanann told her Facebook live audience the kids slept till 3pm that they were really at daycare? And that Shanann “took care” of the finances and was running them financially into the ground- why were the finances left out of the report- did they even look into them? She was accused of embezzlement with a company, what happened with that? Why weren’t her “health issues” in the report- were they looked into? Did you know she told some people she also had diabetes? Did you know Chris and his dad wanted to facetime with the kids when Shanann was away but were afraid to because Shanann might find out? There’s a whole lot of unanswered questions that leaves a big hole in the truth of why this tragedy happened. I am not saying Chris is not guilty of killing Shanann and it’s appalling how he dumped the bodies, but I really don’t have closure as to who killed the children.


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