18 thoughts on “Shan’ann Watts’ 810 word rant to Chris Watts at 03:36 MST on August 4th, 2018

  1. In my opinion, he is a very weak man. He parrots back what he believes is expected. If he just had the guts to tell her what he felt or wanted……….or what was really going on in his head, I believe this tragedy wouldn’t have taken place. What does it really matter what others thought of him? At least he could be honest with his family and himself. We can’t always control our feelings, but we can be true to others and ourselves. I believe his actions all centers around his selfishness and weakness.


  2. I agree that Chris is weak, but I also believe that Shan’ann’s self-righteousness made it impossible for her to self-evaluate, to view her own behavior in a larger realistic context versus the isolated self-serving fantasy of the children’s fierce protector from the world’s evils—nuts on the shelf. Marriage counseling, couples’ self-help books? Even outside of having a hot girlfriend on the side, forget it. Shan’ann was incapable of compromise, which is why Chris served, for a time, as the perfect passive foil to her intractable aggressiveness That Shan’ann’s diatribe is penned as the relationship is faltering and only nine days before she and the children are murdered is no coincidence. At its core, Shan’ann’s tirade insists she’s indispensable to her children’s well-being, to their very existence, which diminishes and demeans Chris as a husband, a father, a man. In an extreme and horrible act of finally asserting his authority, his manhood, Chris destroys Shan’ann along with the source from which she derives her identity and power, the children.

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    • This is an excellent observation, Cheryl.

      Shan’ann didnt allow the Watts to see the kids after the nut incident. Even when Chris flew out that last week, he had to visit his parents alone.

      The text is just awful. How many of us have received a text like that from our spouse? Their marriage ended many months before this tirade. Too bad they didn’t get divorced right after the BK. Clearly they were incompatible.


  3. It is apparent that there were problems within their marriage. I see Shanann as the dominant person; almost the sole parent figure. I she her her husband as a older child; a teenager. It appears that she dictated, and he obliged. Not really an equal partnership, which is probably what he wanted more off. Too bad he was too weak of a man to stand up to her. I guess, in his mind, it was easier to just dispose of them. It speaks of his desperation to be rid of them. As I read through the documents, I kept wondering why in the world wouldn’t he consider the consequences later. Everyone knows that the spouse is always the one the police consider suspicious. Usually the spouse is suspect #1 or considered guilty until proven innocent. It speaks to his arrogance, I guess. I need to get away from this case, but I hear that some new information is coming soon. I am interested to see what the new documents contain, if anything new.


  4. My opinion not meant to negate anyone else’s as I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts:
    In reading the documents, and based on his actions and what he didn’t do, Chris Watts appeared to have two—or three—-faces. He is weak, dishonest, selfish and passive. He lies and cheats before ultimately murdering his entire family.

    CW’s mother is passive-aggressive and controlling and married to his father who gets along in that relationship. I have a sibling married to a woman like that for 20 years. I’ve come to the conclusion that some men choose a relationship with a woman who feels a need to control her more passive husband. I’ve experienced my sister-in-law showing different sides to different people: not getting along with the women in her husband’s family but putting on a different face for others.

    Chris picked a woman with similar qualities as his mother and learned how to be a husband watching his passive father. But he also learned some passive-aggressive techniques used by his mother. His marriage worked for him for until he changed and hid the internal changes from his wife.

    In reading Shannan’s Mom’s letter to the detective about the Watts family, (Discovery Docs p 1400) Cindy Watts was hostile toward Shannan when they met, before SW and CW were married. Cindy told Shannan’s Mom, Sandi, that she didn’t believe Shannan loved Chris. Cindy and Chris’s sister sabotaged the engagement party by saying they’d help with the invitations and then not sending them out to all the guests SW gave them. Sandi’s letter said that Chris’s family didn’t attend a lot of Shannan and Chris’s big events including their wedding. That makes a statement doesn’t it? She said Chris’s mom and sister didn’t accept Shannan and were cold to Shannan’s family when they did see them.

    I see a pattern of Cindy Watts not liking Shannan from the beginning and causing problems in their relationship all along. If Cindy wasn’t going to attend their events, she also stopped his father and family from attending. They would have to choose “sides.” His mother would force Chris into choosing them or Shanann. Cindy used the kids to get back at Shannan. Her granddaughter had severe nut allergies and she ignored that to teach a lesson to Shannan. It wasn’t by accident that the Watts house had nuts all over when SW and the kids visited. It’s cruel to serve ice cream with nuts if only SOME of your grandkids can have it. You can’t reason with 2 or 3 year olds.

    Back to Chris, how does he have enough “Game” to go trolling for sex online, cheat on his wife, pursue another relationship with a co-worker, again lying and cheating, and then convince Shannan he wants another baby to “fix his feelings” but he doesn’t tell HER that is why he wants a baby??? Why didn’t he have the guts to tell Shannan long ago when he started feeling different about her?

    Shannan said he couldn’t keep his hands off her before her NC trip so she’s not aware of the drastic changes inside Chris and that he wants out. A year ago is when they should have started counseling. Marital and Financial Counseling. But only if CW was honest and told her would SW know the extent of their problems, his changed feelings and that it’s too late for counseling. Before he’s dating and moving on with someone else, couldn’t Chris have spoken up? I don’t believe SW would have gotten pregnant if she knew the truth, or if they got real about their finances. I think SW found out about some of his cheating which is why she was asking an attorney questions months ago at the restaurant but didn’t know about NK.

    Chris is so PASSIVE that he was more comfortable living a double life until the reality of Nico and their financial situation hit him threatening his relationship with NK.

    If he couldn’t face SW why not tell her the truth while she’s in NC in a phone call? If he had said to her I met someone else, I’ve fallen in love and I want out. He could have said we need to sell the house, pay our bills and separate. He could have had an attorney call her if he couldn’t do it himself. I can’t see how Chris thought killing them all would magically give him a new life with NK without repercussions.


  5. I know Maura, we all wish we could have reached inside their dynamic and prevented what was to come. There are some pieces missing for me. I think I figure him out but something isn’t ringing true. I don’t think he’s as passive as he appeared. When I read that the neighbor, Nathan, heard him yelling at Sha’nann I have to wonder where he was when he heard it. Because if he heard it from anywhere outside the house, which is likely, it must have been very loud and Watts must have been full of rage.

    But in regard to the mother in law, I think Sha’nann went overboard. It might have been meant as solid advice that CeCe should be taught that she can’t have things that aren’t good for her, like the nuts, but Sha’nann went to war over it and took it too far. I don’t think it drove Chris over the edge, but he was probably keeping score and that was just one more reason to despise her.


    • I think Chris Mom was being completely disrespectful. You don’t have to teach to a three year old when there are many other flavors out there without nuts. Cece could have grabbed a bite of someone’s ice cream and had a life threatening event. That is blatant disrespect on the mom.


  6. Get that line above where Sha’nann says “I’m not going to be treated this way for having the balls to protect our family and kids.” ZING! OUCH


      • It’s less important whether we think it was over the top or not. Frankie actually had pistachios in his room the whole time Shan’ann was staying there too. The point is a month after the incident there was still a big argument, and a big rupture going on because of it. When Watts arrived in North Carolina Shan’ann wanted to maintain a grudge against his parents, and wanted her husband on her side to maintain it too, and so, what was meant to be a reunion, ended up being him being with his family and her being with hers.

        That’s a psychological recipe for laying the ground work for an annihilation, or at least it was in his mind.


  7. IMO Chris is most passive with Shannan. Over time he builds up rage toward her but he’s not being honest with her about everything he disagreed with whether it was the MLM, her videos, money, etc. Shannan said in texts to friends that they never really fought about important things.
    I agree CW doesn’t always act passive. He wasn’t passive with Nichol or they wouldn’t have started a relationship beyond the break room.

    When I was growing up nut allergies weren’t prevalent. I know a Mom whose middle son has severe allergies to many foods including peanuts and carries an epi-pen. Her son has had to go to the emergency room simply by smelling a peanut butter sandwich at school lunch. This Mom explained that she has had to adapt to her son’s allergies and bake all treats to ensure they are safe and watch all his food when he was very young.

    I think Shannan got so mad this time because Cindy had been told before about the allergies, given information from their doctor confirming the danger and still chose to put CeCe at risk because she disliked Shannan. SW also said in her post to the Allergy Facebook Group that Cindy had asked her before their visit what food to buy for them. Then, Cindy ignored the list given to her and bought food they couldn’t have. (Passive-Aggressive).

    Had Celeste gotten older she would have had to learn to check ingredients. At age 2 or 3 Cece was too young to understand why she couldn’t have the ice cream with nuts that the other grandchild was served.

    I read somewhere in Shannan’s texts to friends later on that she was considering working out a relationship with Chris’s parents. If Chris hadn’t been busy with his affair maybe he could have put some effort into them working something out with his family even if it was just Facetiming the grandkids to start.


  8. Perhaps Shanann blew up at his Mom because her and Chris were not getting along. She took her anger out on her, further alinating everyone. If there were peanuts in all the homes….was this just another lie on her part.
    When dealing with either in law, you have to trend lightly. .


  9. I don’t believe chris harmed the two girls, I believe Shannan did and she knew he would take the wrap for all three of them wether he did harm to her or not. Just my thought so please don’t jump at me.


  10. I think that was a possibility that SW snapped after being told of the break up and decided to end things for her girls and herself as a way out for her and to punish CW (he had said that girls were the light of his life and that he could not lose them). Horrible, but a possibility.
    I just don’t see how CW could’ve done it as there was no planning at all. If he indeed meant to do it, he would have been prepared. He wasn’t. The angle of the affair doesn’t hold ground as many men, good men, good fathers, get involved in stupid situations like he did. If he really did want out, he would’ve opted for a divorce and married his boss’s daughter solving his financial issues and having his precious baby girls. Killing SW in a rage…was something I doubt he wanted to do. He would’ve known he’d be caught.
    SW too, had no fault but to love him too much. People snap, I think she did and paid the price, her girls did more’s the tragedy…It’s awful and terrible for everyone in this sorry sad family. RIP


    • The “just snapped” scenario is exactly the scenario Chris Watts wants you to believe, do you realize that? The “just snapped” scenario is often used in true crime by defendants, and what it does is it divorces the circumstances and dynamics of what really happened and replaces it with a seemingly random event, like a mood swing.

      I hope you will read this, and once done, assuming it makes an impression, I hope you will STOP throwing around the word “snapped” willy nilly.



  11. Another possibility, a tad far fetched could be that he choked SW to her death accidentally while they made love (apparently he was into that kind of stuff according to his tinder date). Knowing that he would be caught and imprisoned and hating the possibility of his girls growing up without parents, he in his selfish and weak nature, decided to end things for his girls and hush up the entire affair (pun unintended). This explains the mess, the lack of preparation and the absolute unbelievableness of the entire tragic case. RIP baby girls.


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