16 thoughts on “Chris Watts’ Love Letters to Nichol Kessinger: “I love how your booty smells and tastes”

  1. So in the second one Chris says Nichol “…took my breath away”. Wow! Nice choice if words considering what he did to his wife and kids. Wonder if he would’ve taken Nichols breath away when he tired of her too.

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    • It shows the extent that his heart and head were clouded with emotion, and he was – in a sense – not entirely rational. People have called him a psychopath, but what’s closer to the truth is that he was hopelessly, even desperately, smitten. He was desperate to hold onto Kessinger, and in his mind, getting rid of his family made sense to make it happen with her.

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    • this entire interrogation was cringe worthy. Some of his choice words left me amazed; especially when he goes on about how wonderful his mistress is and how he never felt this way about anybody before. This statement right in the middle of trying to locate his missing family. Really?? Makes you wonder where his mind was.

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  2. Yes, especially when she says in the audio interview that she pulled back a little and said she was encouraging him to try to work things out for the sake of the kids when he was back in North Carolina. But I think she didn’t want to get hurt too, if he was going to make an effort with his wife. And for his part in it it’s really possible he just didn’t know how to extricate himself from his marriage when I think it’s pretty clear Sha’nann was not going to let him get away easily. Yes, he was completely and desperately smitten. In love. I hope everyone knows what that feels like.

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    • At the moment I’m working on the 4th narrative. When you see how tangled he got in the nuts debacle, and how much Shan’ann freaked out about that, you can see how he didn’t feel comfortable dropping the bomb of the affair. Keeping the affair secret wasn’t just to limit an emotional explosion from her onto him, I think he was desperate to protect his relationship with Kessinger from Shan’ann.

      He said he’d never felt this way about anyone else. That’s a big statement. Well, he went to the ends of the earth to try to preserve those feelings. Too far, obviously.

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  3. I would think sitting in prison would make his irrational mind become more rational. Is this why he took a plea? He realized “What was wrong with me?” “How did I get to this point?” It almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost.

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    • That part DISGUSTED me as well!!! Is he for real??? YUCKO!!!! Most women would be embarrassed and find that a complete turn off. Even writing something like that to a woman you are supposedly infatuated with is crude, inappropriate and disrespectful – especially that early in a “relationship”. He was just an odd guy all round it seems.

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  5. Sha’nann, Bella, Celeste and baby Nico Were taken by a psychopath who had a creepy fetish.
    I think his mother is a psychopath also…putting a bowl of peanuts out, feeding the girls ice cream with nuts in it?…psychopathy starts at home and the mother and/or both his sister threw out the birthday invitations that they offered to do for Sha’nann for Celeste’s 3rd birthday celebration…

    psychopathy =
    (purposely put out nuts when she knew the girls were highly allergic), jealous,
    social climbing,
    VINDICTIVE watts family…the mother should be investigated, she is a total psychopath!

    Chris needs to be reminded everyday of how he pre-meditated their murders with the call to his work to inform them of a pending site visit…how he took his perfectly manicured hands and took Sha’nann and baby Nico s
    lives and then walked into his children’s rooms and took their lives…Bella fought hard to save herself but the psychopath couldn’t have that because he was infatuated with
    nikki kessinger
    , or should I say, her “booty”

    fyi…this psychopath will cost tax payers millions of dollars by the time he lives out the rest of his no booty life …the only justice really is that he will always regret his actions as he lives in a tiny space…thinking, regretting, wishing, praying that he would have just walked away…

    good riddance psychopath

    ♡Sha’nann♡Nico♡Celeste, Bella♡
    and family and friends

    I read that the Vivint security camera/recorder recorded the whole psychopathic act and was recorded to Vivint’s mainframe permanently


    • his mother did not put out peanuts, and besides that, cece wasn’t allergic to peanuts. shanann had peanut butter in many of her pictures and even posted a video of her making a recipe with thrive and peanut butter on facebook. educate yourself. she didn’t give cece ice cream with nuts either. her grandson grabbed a regular individual ice cream serving from the freezer that wasn’t processed in a no nut facility (it was wal-mart brand) and Cindy only told shanann that cece had to learn that she can’t always get what she wants, in response to shanann having a fit over her having alternative food for the other kids. cindy paid almost 300.00 taking shanann out shopping to wal-mart to get special food for the kids when they visited. educate yourself before giving an opinion.


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  7. The words he writes are songs lyrics from two different songs from a band called..Through the Roots.. The songs “Take you there” which clearly shows they BOTH knew what they were up to… and “Down to Earth”.. Clearly this band meant something to both of them…


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