11 thoughts on ““How did you get them in the tanks?” – Squad Interview Room 2 Video of Chris Watts’ Confession

    • I think you can see here why the DA wanted this wrapped up real quick. There was a degree of coercion, manipulation and mindfuckery involved. Not saying it was breaking the law, but he was misled. Watts’ Mr Nice Guy persona ended up being used against him. He thought by telling them what they wanted they’d let him off the hook for being a Nice Guy, and he so much wanted to be seen that way which is freaking ironic.


  1. Agreed. He had a nice guy act going and it was successfully used against him. I will amend something I said earlier though. They only read you your rights when you’ve been arrested. However any dummy would know it’s best to keep quiet and not offer anything. This is why also in crime dramas you often see the perp taunting the police “am I being arrested?” Either book me or let me go, tsk. His father too, bless his heart, was naive about the law.


  2. I know I can’t get over this. Maybe he thought with her killing the girls and him killing her, he’d walk out Scott free.
    He should have watched true crime stories. But they say he just decided to kill all…spur of moment.
    On internet there are thousands of ways to do these things, but cops would see his searching.
    I have about a hundred books on true crime, serial killers dead bodies. People think I’m strange. Oh well.
    I don’t this idiot Chris will try to challenge the plea deal.
    He needs a new lawyer who knows what he’s doing.


  3. It must have been a conscious choice by the investigators for the man to be more quiet and nonreactive like Chris and for the woman to be “pushier” during the questioning. I noticed Chris seemed to be more emotional toward her questioning. No doubt they realized from all their interviewing that an aggressive woman might push his buttons.


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