Full Confession Video: Chris Watts Re-enacts Shan’ann’s Murder – but there’s a problem

At 18:04:56 on the CCTV counter in Squad Interview Room 2 Chris Watts begins to “sympathize” with the events that played out that night. By that I mean he begins to make gestures to explain what he’s saying.

The entire “re-enactment” lasts about 45 seconds.

Fullscreen capture 20181130 144931Fullscreen capture 20181130 145006Fullscreen capture 20181130 145012Fullscreen capture 20181130 145016

It should be seen and listened to in context, however. Watts is being asked what it felt like [killing his wife], how long it took and what he was doing. This is worth reviewing from 1:26:20 in the video along with the transcript.

Special Agent Grahm Coder asks Watts whether Shan’ann screamed.

CODER: Was she talking? Was she scratching you?

WATTS: I-I-uh-I-I didn’t…I just felt…such anger…that…none-nothing-I didn’t feel anything.

CODER: Oh yeah. Alright. Was it quick or slow? Was it…?

WATTS [Gesturing]: I felt so numb I felt like it was over [gestures with his hands]…

CODER: Fast? Over fast?

WATTS [Gestures]: Felt like…

CODER: Was it a choke like this [gestures] or was it a head lock [gestures]?

Agent Tammy Lee who also did his polygraph test, interrupts and gesturing, asks Watts to hold out his hand and show how he choked Shan’ann [in his scenario to them] on the bed.

She also asks Watts to describe how Shan’ann killed the children, and Watts objects, saying the monitors were black and white, but also that it was dark.

There’s a serious problem in Watts’ description here? Do you see it?

I provide deeper analysis and an answer to this puzzling aspect in RAPE OF CASSANDRA, my fourth book on the Watts case, coming in early December.


5 thoughts on “Full Confession Video: Chris Watts Re-enacts Shan’ann’s Murder – but there’s a problem

  1. He says he saw S. on top of CeCe from the monitor so he ran into the room and pulled her down and strangled her on her side. How did he get both hands around if he strangled her on her side? He can’t see how Sha’nann killed the girls because it was dark and the monitor is in black and white yet he does see her on top of CeCe, and he pulls her off. He “saw” that much.

    Then they ask him how much time did it take for him to get them from the master bedroom into his truck. I thought, from his story, no one was in his master bedroom.


  2. Chris says that he was on top of her when he strangled Shan’ann but the positioning of his hands, when demonstrating in the interview, seem to indicate that she was rather strangled from behind. In other words – she possibly had no clue what was about to happen.
    He also stated that he did exactly to Shan’ann as she did to Cece – demonstrating how he strangled Shan’ann with two hands . However a toddler’s neck is tiny and I doubt that two hands are needed to do the unspeakable.


  3. Chris previously stated that he saw Shan’ann choking CeCe on the monitor, and that Bella was already lifeless and blue. Then he says the monitor is black and white and it was dark. Hmmm… guess he forgot to keep his story consistent.


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