Video + Audio of Nichol Kessinger’s August 17 Phone Interview with the Cops

CNN have only gotten hold of a segment of the interview, but it’s still worth watching. It’s weird trying to reconcile Kessinger with the deep voice, occasionally. It’s so deep you wonder who is talking in the interview.

One thing she has in common with Watts is she starts off very casual and conversational, with very little emotion. After a while some emotion does leak through.

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3 thoughts on “Video + Audio of Nichol Kessinger’s August 17 Phone Interview with the Cops

  1. She lied so many times during her interview s..this POS (piece of sh**) was Googling Shannan Watts in 2017…she claims she wanted him to work things out with his wife, yet she sent him certain photos that he hid in his secret app , while he was on N. Carolina that final week after she had been screwing him all week? This just scratches the surface ….I, along with MANY others who have listened to her interviews, believe she was an accomplice. That voice of her s is quite annoying, to boot.


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