4 thoughts on “The Lazy Dog Sports Bar where Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger secretly met and had dinner on August 11th

  1. “Oh save your receipt so we can write it off.” Right. She knows. If he would have said okay, I confess, I’ve met someone and we’ve been dating for three months then you know exactly what she would do after all of the crying and ranting – freeze the bank accounts.


    • I agree, although if you think about it it’s yet another idiotic move on her part. There wasn’t much money in the accounts as it was, if any, and it’s pretty much a certainty at this point that her income existed only in her mind. I saw on one of the many financial documents that under a section marked “Other income – Direct Sales Commission” Shannan listed “$111” as her monthly take in commission. It’s around $300 to stay active in that particular pyramid scheme she was vested in, the rest of the financials listed appears to be Chris’s from Anadarko. So Shanann was actually costing the family money they didn’t have by continuing “working”.

      If she would’ve frozen the accounts, Chris would only have to wait until his next pay cheque/period and he’d already be in a better financial situation than her. By freezing the accounts she would screw herself and lose out on the only lifeline their bank account had.

      Why did she have complete control over the accounts anyway? After bankruptcy it should’ve been a joint thing at the very least, seeing as she had complete control once already and that didn’t seem to work out in either of their favors. After filling bankruptcy they shouldn’t both had access to the account statements and online banking info to make sure they were keeping to a budget and that neither was spending what they didn’t have. What happened to the debtors from the bankruptcy? Usually some debt is discharged but not all of it, presumably they had to pay off the remaining list of entities they owed money to and usually that’s either garnished or entered into an escrow type of account. Setting as they payed off less than 50k of their home loan (that they obtained with hardly anything down it appears) over the course of 6 years, they were probably still paying off whatever didn’t get discharged in the bankruptcy. They weren’t paying the HOA or barely anything else, so where was the money going? To that ridiculous school for the kids and the MLM “LeVel” most likely, I’d assume.


  2. I’ve wondered about why Nichol Googled the Saratoga Trail address that evening. My thinking is that after talking with Chris about putting the house on the market, she probably was curious to see how much money the Watts might receive from the sale.


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