The Sheet From Shan’ann’s Grave

Shan’ann was buried face down. When she was exhumed she was placed on a clean sheet provided by the coroner. This sheet should not be confused with the sheet used to transport her to CERVI 319 [the fitted sheet that was discarded on the site and left in an open field].

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6 thoughts on “The Sheet From Shan’ann’s Grave

  1. I believe that is actually the sheet that Shanann was placed on after she was lifted from the “grave” her husband had dug for her. She was then taken to the coroners for autopsy. The original sheet that had come from her bed was the one that the police spotted while flying over the site where she and the girl were. Shanann was never buried with a sheet.

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  2. Nick – Off topic from this post, but wanted to ask you if you have any info on a show HLN is airing this coming Friday Dec.7 at 8:00 EST. It’s about the Watts case and it’s entitled “Family MASSACRE”. I figured you would know if it’s already aired or if you’ve heard about it. Thanks


  3. That sheet looks pretty nasty. Some of the photos look like there’s dried blood on it, but I don’t know what types of debris or fluids a decomposing body would leave. I’m not schooled in crime scene forensics, but I wonder if they collect any of the dirt Shan’ann’s body was resting on. Photos of that sheet sure makes it all the more real! I agree that it appears to be the sheet they lined the body bag with before putting Shan’ann in it.


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