6 thoughts on “Google, Facebook and FaceTime in the Discovery Documents [43rd Tranche]

  1. 1433 or 2:30 p.m. Ronnie Watts asks Chris if he could facetime with the girls that evening (the 12th?) but stated he wouldn’t want to upset Sha’nann – but given she’s away would it be okay – and Watts said Bella might tell her so best not to. Could it be that Watts knew he couldn’t put the girls on facetime the evening of the 12th because they would no longer be among the living?

    Frank Rzucek has facetime with the girls but doesn’t see CeCe – I’m not clear what time that was, but Mr. Rzucek stated the girls were on a strict eating schedule so 5 p.m., or 1700 hours would be their dinnertime. He says he sees Bella eating cold pizza and candy but only hears CeCe.

    At 1847 (close to 7 p.m.) Chris transfers a picture of 4 chicken breasts on a grill to his phone. Wonder why he would need a picture of this? And of course he is seen doing something on his balcony where the barbeque grill is by the neighbor Bette. Did she say specifically that he was barbequeing or only that he was doing something there. I’ll have to cross reference what Bette said – because isn’t it possible he was not barbequeing but only wanted to give the appearance that he was?


    • In RAPE OF CASSANDRA I look into the probable time of death. I agree it was after they FaceTimed with Frank at 17:00, and likely before 19:00.
      It’s also troubling to note that Watts feels his own daughter may tattle-tale on him, which shows to some extent how they were [or he felt they were] “on her side”.
      The barbecue may have had the dual purpose of being seen in public [as an alibi] and destroying evidence.


  2. I think so too – that the barbecue may have had a dual purpose. As helpful as the neighbor was, Bette, she really didn’t follow them all that closely and likely minded her own business (which is what you want in a neighbor!). She saw activity on his balcony and may have assumed he was barbecuing, but he could have been grilling something else.


  3. Here’s what I think Watts liked to do – take pictures with his phone to use as “evidence” he was doing something or other or reasons he couldn’t do something or other. Alibi’s, excuses and thinking ahead. Case in point – he took pictures of a tornado out in the fields or ranchlands somewhere, might be Cervi, might not be – to send them to Sha’nann as a reason he couldn’t attend the ultrasound. She even said Chris is being chased by a tornado so she had to take Bella instead. He might have caused the small leak at Cervi 319 or anyplace really, and snapped a picture of it so he could send his co-worker as evidence that he would take care of it first thing Monday the 13th or as a way to show this is what I need to be here doing. The picture of grilling chicken breasts might be in case he needed it as an alibi to show he was barbequeing on his balcony and not doing something else.


  4. Newbie here. Been lurking for months and finally found a reason to write here.

    First, thank you Nick for always keeping your posts to the facts.

    Second, I read every last word of the 1960 page doc dump and have a weird feeling about the google searches CW did for “volcanos”. I feel a volcano is the best description of himself, dormant for decades then explodes, changing the landscape around him.

    Have I missed any connection to why he would have searched for volcanos?


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