26 thoughts on “Watts Family Photos: First Amway Conference, Lupus, Babysitting, Wedding, Move to Colorado, Preparing Bella’s Room

  1. Striking how much Shanann seems to love Chris. Almost every post is glowing words about him. There is nothing that I have seen in their marital history that would portend an outcome like this. Their struggles aren’t much different than many other couples. I do think that the affair is what escalated this into a disasterous situation because it put the pressure on Chris to do something and to do it now or else risk losing her. The irony is that In the end he lost it all anyway and everyone suffered. This is sadly yet another cautionary tale for anyone thinking of embarking on an affair……..don’t do it!

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    • That was hilarious! But you know I prefer to quote De Niro when trying to appear deep. Moving on, so this raises yet more questions, like uhm how did they afford that wedding, and I love the Amway conference. I already had some questions. I read discovery, and okay, her mothers letter…sigh, I was sad to see that she wrote so negatively about Watts parents, “leaving peanuts and razor blades all over the house.
      I do that all the time to shorten dinner parties and didnt realize it was rude..but seriously I’ve seen the peanut butter thrive bars so erm…? I have a lot of questions, like did Shannon have Lupus? Isnt Fibro and Lupus sort of overkill?
      Why wasnt her neck surgery paid for, why have elective neck surgery?

      Did Bella have a nut allergy or was she a Munchausens victim?
      Didnt the position of Shannans body indicate she might have been in a kneeling position on the bed as Watts said?
      Also interesting that in the days prior to the murders, only she mentioned not wanting the baby. I think this thing needs a victimology look see. Sorry you guys I’m a former TC writer who now does history and just wasted 7 years of my life on that f&*%^ing Zahau case, which can never be written because billionaires walk on stuff, but THIS case, ohhh you could get a trial going..the books are great but what if you pull in a rockstar lawyer, I dont think he killed his daughters and if he didnt do that then…well it would be interesting wouldnt it?

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  2. This bride had been married and divorced. That over-the-top wedding speaks volumes about Shanann’s attitude towards the superficialities of life. Usual disclaimer —- does not mean she deserved to be killed. It is nevertheless striking that she lives in a fantasy world.


    • Yeah, like a Disney princess. Material items and ostentatious displays are good for instant gratification and double as a great distraction from deeper thinking– something I’m not sure Shanann wanted to engage in. (May have been too scary in there.)


    • And they should check hers too, a whole excavation of both personal histories (medical included on them and the girls) and then maybe put them in front of a forensic psych to see what they think as regards propensity etc…no autopsy release no real proof on how this went down, this guy is clearly a clueless moron who I could sell sand in Arizona too, and as for his legal team…well I think I see a new Will Farrell/John Riley movie in the making there, people will confess to anything if pressured enough, as for guilt…he did kill her, I say that because its difficult to bury yourself and his confession looked legit enough, but as for the rest?


      • What’s with the unreleased discovery? Does anyone know what they kept from the public? Do we know how hag “evidence” they showed Watts that made him take the plea? Were they going to implicate Nicole too?


  3. I think Chris had the health records sealed.
    Before plea deal.
    I was hoping but don’t think so, that Chris would speak up and challenge the plea deal.


    • “I think Chris had the health records sealed.”
      Shannon, do you think or do you know?
      Interesting if a fact . . do you have a link?
      Why would he want that sealed?
      More to the plea deal then meets my eye.


    • As far as I know from other cases no one but the D.A.’s office can seal those, and if they did, again why? In this case if that sad moron Watts ever decides to pick up the phone and call for Anne Bremner, or Thomas Messereau and start a defense case, they would get every record unsealed nice and quick like, because there is something very strange about the elective surgeries for the girl and CeCe’s allergies, which seemed to exist in Shannans mind more than anywhere else, if they show Munchausens by proxy they show the children had already long been harmed. Course MBP is usually only the case with people who are attention obsessed, so probably not relevant here 🙂


      • Also, lupus will show up on an autopsy so if she had it why did the coroner report her body had no evidence of disease? Yes the autopsy showed her neck surgery but not the cause of why she elected to have it. So many unanswered questions in this case!


  4. 3358….I will check. I’ve read alot. But it was before the plea deal. Wanting autopsy reports sealed, health reports.
    We have yet to see these reports, which is strange.

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    • Sorry I don’t know how to send links.
      Greeley Tribune.com
      Oct 25.2018
      Cw defense ask to file sealed motion containing health records.
      Health confidentiality law.
      There are NO reports anywhere of anyone in authority…Doctor confirming any of there so called health problems. .
      People think sealed for Chris, re trial.
      There’s lots of articles.

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      • Also there are Mother’s out there who act like complete idiots making people think kids sick them sick for attention..some even go and try to get money.


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