The Atkinson Transcripts [#5 of 15]

On the night of August 14, CBI agent Greg Zentner was dispatched to Boulder to interview the most crucial witness in the Watts case. The transcript below is an excerpt from a 72 page document spanning 3223 lines of text.

CrimeRocket is the first to reproduce and analyze this critical transcript in-depth. The entire transcript has been broken down into 15 sections.

The fifth part includes:

  • The fact that it was Watts job to do the laundry [all the laundry].
  • The obvious assessment that Watts couldn’t strip the bed if Shan’ann was still asleep in it [and Shan’ann would never have thrown the sheets on the floor].
  • Nickole’s response to Watts announcing that he’d “found” Shan’ann’s wedding ring.
  • The unusual circumstances around the discovery of the phone.

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The audio for the above transcript is available here.

At 34:35 in the clip below, Watts heads into the master bedroom and comes out holding Shan’ann’s ring.


One thought on “The Atkinson Transcripts [#5 of 15]

  1. It was his job to do the laundry? I am not defending him, but wth did she do all day when kids are in the pricey school? Even if they were not in school,, was she lazy or was he just a weenie?


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