7 thoughts on “The Curious Incident Surrounding Christopher Ostrander at CERVI 319 on August 14, 2018 [50th Tranche]

  1. Kind of expecting to see Troy McCoy’s actual signature there, but oh well. Why would Troy McCoy have parked in that odd place near where Shan’Ann was buried? It couldn’t have been Chris Watts posing as Troy McCoy because he was busy at the house with NUA, her son Nicholas, and the police.

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    • Troy McCoy had some suspicions on Chris and as to why Chris had parked his truck at that place. He had also noticed dirty pants tucked inside his shoes. And also noticed Chris staring in the direction of the grave. So when he heard that Chris family was missing his suspicion grew. But he did not want to contact police just in case Chris was innocent. So he went there himself to investigate and find if something was amiss. He later informed this to police. This information is somewhere in the discovery document.

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  2. If it isn’t a “high producing well” as stated in the interview, the timing seems almost too uncanny as to why he would suddenly pump it the day after SW, CW, & BW were dumped. I’d be interested to know who recommended it be pumped or if there is a set schedule.

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  3. I thought it was Troy who went there because CW went to that area to defecate. Troy went later to see if CW did indeed use the bathroom there and Troy said CW did. Not 100% if it was Troy who did that though.


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