“Fuck him!” “Fuck you and fuck you and fuck you.”

The word “fuck” appears 28 times in the Discovery Documents, two of those are from Trent Bolte [“fucking ridiculous”], but about half – perhaps surprisingly – aren’t from Shan’ann, but from Chris Watts. All of these instances from Watts occur in a few minutes during his “confession” with his father and FBI Agent Coder.

Did Chris Watts see any of the messages about him on Shan’ann’s phone?

Fullscreen capture 20190215 221928-001

Fullscreen capture 20190217 150720-001

It was important to Watts to be thought well of, and clearly, Cassie and Nickole sided with their friend in solidarity against Watts, especially in the last week of Shan’ann’s life. If Shan’ann was against him, perhaps he thought he could handle that, but if she recruited her Facebook flock, what then? They could ruin his reputation in a public lynching, far worse than she’d just done to his mother on social media in early July.

Fullscreen capture 20190217 141351

Page 605 of the Discovery Documents provides the following instance of Watts quoting Shan’ann – what she supposedly said on the morning when he supposedly confronted her about wanting to end the marriage:

Ronnie asked Chris what Shanann said that morning when he told her everything. Chris said Shanann asked him why and asked him why he wanted to give up. Chris said Shanann told him, Fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you.



Frederick Watts murder

(Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

Was Custody a Factor in the Watts Case?

On February 15 “new court documents” were revealed to the media about a possible motive in the Patrick Frazee-Kelsey Berreth case. The cops reckon custody was the main motive. It’s taken them awhile to figure that out, hasn’t it?

On December 23rd, almost two months ago at the time of writing, TCRS made a call on the motive in the murder of Kelsey Berreth. In fact the motive was mentioned in the very first paragraph of that assessment and infidelity was mentioned in a post on December 22nd.

I noted the strange circumstances surrounding Thanksgiving. Why would a couple who were engaged not be spending Thanksgiving together? Why was Patrick Frazee coming to pick up his daughter, and not his wife as well? 

I will do more analysis on the Frazee case at some point, perhaps even a book, but first things first. Was custody a factor in the Watts case?


On the face of it, no. There are 44 instances of the word “custody” in the Discovery Documents, the overwhelming majority have to do with chain of custody issues affecting law enforcement, as well as evidence and cadaver collection.

In Nichol Kessinger’s lengthy interview on August 16th, she brings up custody a couple of times.

Fullscreen capture 20190216 154703

On page 1494 of the Discovery Documents, Shan’ann brings up custody [during her discussion with Olayinka Hamza, a lawyer from Glendale in March or April 2018]. She wants to know whether the custodial parents can be told where to live by a court, or whether a man can get custody. This discussion illustrates that even prior to the third pregnancy or the trip to North Carolina [or, arguably, the affair] Shan’ann knew her marriage was in terminal decline. This is difficult to reconcile with the glowing posts of her husband and marriage on social media at the time.

Fullscreen capture 20190216 155243Fullscreen capture 20190216 155254

It’s interesting, in this respect, that Hamza recommended to Shan’ann to do everything in her power to save the marriage, rather than file for a costly divorce, and insodoing become embroiled in a long battle. It appears Shan’ann took this advice to heart. We know in the last days of her life, what with the self-help book, the getaway to Aspen, the counselling she had in mind, the letter she wanted him to write, Shan’ann wanted to avoid divorce.

But she was also ready to do battle.

Fullscreen capture 20190216 143755-001

On August 8th she told her pals Cassie and Nickole that if it came to a divorce, she would fight for full custody.

Fullscreen capture 20190216 154141-001

Significantly, this is the first and only time the word is directly linked to Shan’ann. The timing is important, given what happens next. Watts, who at the time had been away from wok for a week spent just one day at work, and then took the next two days [August 9th and 10th] off work leading to the weekend.

Fullscreen capture 20190216 154304

Fullscreen capture 20190216 154247

It may be that during these days off he and Shan’ann discussed the custody issue, and discussed divorcing. And as the battle lines were drawn, he realized he was standing inside a tank with excrement swilling around his heels, warming them, and rising inch by inch.

So he told Shan’ann “he wasn’t in a hurry” to get divorced, which made her think she could still convince him to stay.

She was wrong.

This taking off of work may have had a dual purpose. Firstly, to prepare for the battle he had in mind [triple murder]. And secondly, to muddle those at work about his whereabouts. If he appeared at CERVI 319 on Monday morning, the few operators he encountered there might not think that much of it, and those who didn’t see him may have assumed he was still in North Carolina.

It may also have been intended to muddle Shan’ann. To pretend that things were okay after all and raise the white flag, at least until she was out of town again.

In any event, on the evening of August 9th Watts [Shan’ann was due to fly out first thing the next morning] he appears to be car shopping online. If he was going to do away with Shan’ann, the Lexus would probably have to go, and then he was going to need a chariot to ferry his beloved around in. He couldn’t do that with the work truck. He was going to need some wheels. And fast.

Fullscreen capture 20190216 160250

Because Watts was a mechanic and a car nut, it stands to reason that wheels played significantly in his calculus at this stage of the game. But he had a problem. Could he afford an Audi? Because that’s specifically what he was checking. Not just an Audi Q7, but the prices of an Audi Q7.


A second-hand Q7 sells for anywhere from $22 000 — $80 000 depending on the year of the model. Watts said he could only afford $1100 – $1400 to rent an apartment. Does that include money for a car payment?

It appears to be a family car Watts is after, here, doesn’t it? At this point Watts was probably doing the math and realizing he couldn’t afford any of it. He couldn’t afford a divorce. He couldn’t afford to move out. He couldn’t afford alimony. And if he wanted to keep Kessinger and do things the right way, he was going to lose everything – his home, their vehicle, the kids, his reputation and with no money, probably Kessinger too.

Without going into too much detail, we know that the week of the disappearance, Watts and Kessinger had agreed to go and look for a new apartment for him [and the kids]. But then by Saturday night [August 11], Watts’ mood had changed and he was no longer interested in getting an apartment.

Fullscreen capture 20190216 162010

What changed?

Watts did the custody calculations and realized he couldn’t afford to lose the house. He wanted the kids but if he fought for them he’d lose. And then he’d lose everything. It was either her and the kids [three kids], or Kessinger. Shan’ann made her choice. Then he made his choice.

Fullscreen capture 20190215 221928-001

8 Simple Questions for a True Crime Guru Badge + Book Giveaway [#6]

What separates the gurus from the rest is that at some point – whether by reading or research – they find out for a fact whether something is this or that. By far the majority won’t know something, but then form an opinion based on hearsay or what’s in the media, and then their speculation is driven by that opinion. That’s not Rocket Science, it’s waffle and gossip.

Getting the information right isn’t easy, as I hope this post illustrates. Simple questions are devilishly complicated to answer.

I’ll be posting something shortly on Amber Frey, but before I do, let’s see who has got their headspace in the right place in terms of the mistresses “voluntariness” in this case versus the Scott Peterson case.

If you can provide a link or source to your answers, all the better. In terms of the Amber Frey question, my trilogy on Scott Peterson also dealt with this issue.

The most correct answers stand a chance to win Book 6 in the series. If you’d like a chance to win used #Kindle in your comment [regret this is not open to Amazon.co.uk readers].

Here we go.

1. Did Amber Frey [Scott Peterson’s mistress] approach the cops? If she did, when did she come forward?

2. Who is Hazel Heckers?

3. When was Detective Baumhover introduced to Nichol Kessinger for the first time?

4. Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts exchanged texts on Tuesday, August 14 about the paternity of the unborn child.

WATTS: It’s not mine.

KESSINGER: It’s OK if it is.

WATTS: OK, then it’s mine.

Are these texts in the Discovery Documents?

5. Did law enforcement request assistance in the investigation of the Chris Watts case, or did [some other entity] offer it? Do you know when this request/offer occurred?

6. When District Attorney Michael Rourke addressed the court he spoke for approximately 13 minutes. Did he mention Nichol Kessinger during the sentencing hearing?

7. Nichol Kessinger was asked to provide her Verizon phone logs. Until what date were those phone logs and when did she give them up?

8. When was the last text message sent between Watts and Kessinger and what did it say?


Shan’ann had a plan to deal with the debt situation – but Chris Watts wasn’t going to like it, not one bit

If Shan’ann was in financial difficulty previously [and she was], the solution seemed to be fairly simple. Move someone in and scrimp. She did this in 2015 when they went bankrupt. She moved in her parents for 15-16 months. Presumably this “saved” money in child care fees, and by pooling resources, food and meals could be cheaper when the expenses were shared by four rather than one or two.

How would you like to live with both your in-laws for over a year?

Fullscreen capture 20190215 220211

When Shan’ann had neck surgery, Cristina Meacham came to stay for two months in 2017.

Fullscreen capture 20190215 220211

So in 2018, when they were scraping the bottom of the barrel again, there was an easy solution in the offing. Do what she’d always done. Move someone in and piggyback until things improved.

That someone turned out to be Josh and Cassie Rosenberg, just another family of Thrivers [a mom and pop team, and their kids], who could pool their resources. This plan wasn’t just theoretical. We know this because on Saturday night [August 11] when Watts was wining, dining and [doing other things] with Nichol Kessinger, Josh Rosenberg sent Watts a text to ask if everything was okay – could they still come and stay at the house.

Josh had good reason to be uncertain if the plan was still in the offing, He knew because Cassie knew that Watts and his wife were arguing. If they arguing, where did it leave them?

Watts didn’t respond to Josh until the next morning – Sunday [August 12] – and when he did he said it was cool [even though it wasn’t cool at all]. Watts said they could move in, but wanted to know when.

Fullscreen capture 20190215 220741

Watts then lied to Josh about something else – he pretended he knew what it was like at the Rockies game.

Fullscreen capture 20190215 221603

It’s important to see the texts between Shan’ann and her pals Nickole and Cassie in context to get a real sense for how the idea of moving in with Shan’ann [to provide support, perhaps help pay the bills and take care of the kids] came about.

It’s clear – and to some extent understandable – that Shan’ann, Nickole and Cassie had formed a formidable alliance of three, and they meant business. Fuck him was the general theme of it. Fuck him and take the house. Even though the house was in Watts’ name, they figured they could sort of bully their way into it and taking charge, and at the very least, taking the kids and getting half of what the house was worth.

Fuck him!

Perhaps under normal circumstances Watts would have crumbled and turned the house over to his wife and whoever she wanted to stay over/rent/cohabit or whatever. But these weren;t normal circumstances. This situation this time around definitely wasn’t going to work for him and his mistress.

The red arrows and circles in some of the final texts below point out specifics of the conversation to move in to casa Watts, and also how Weld County deals with alimony and splitting the house, even if it is in the husband’s name.

Fullscreen capture 20190215 211407Fullscreen capture 20190215 211409Fullscreen capture 20190215 211411Fullscreen capture 20190215 211414Fullscreen capture 20190215 211417Fullscreen capture 20190215 211420Fullscreen capture 20190215 211423Fullscreen capture 20190215 211425Fullscreen capture 20190215 211428Fullscreen capture 20190215 211432Fullscreen capture 20190215 211434Fullscreen capture 20190215 211437Fullscreen capture 20190215 211440Fullscreen capture 20190215 211444Fullscreen capture 20190215 211446Fullscreen capture 20190215 211449Fullscreen capture 20190215 211452

I have enough to worry about with the world out there I’m not going to worry about family.  I will just remove it.”

Fullscreen capture 20190215 211458Fullscreen capture 20190215 211502Fullscreen capture 20190215 211504Fullscreen capture 20190215 211507Fullscreen capture 20190215 211511Fullscreen capture 20190215 211514Fullscreen capture 20190215 211517Fullscreen capture 20190215 211519Fullscreen capture 20190215 211522Fullscreen capture 20190215 211525Fullscreen capture 20190215 211528Fullscreen capture 20190215 211532Fullscreen capture 20190215 211534Fullscreen capture 20190215 211538Fullscreen capture 20190215 211541Fullscreen capture 20190215 211544Fullscreen capture 20190215 211547Fullscreen capture 20190215 211550

These images are of a for sale sign on the lawn of the Trinastich residence. It’s also possible if the for sale sign was on the lawn during the six weeks Shan’ann was away, Watts could have been nudged – almost on a daily basis – to contemplate whether he could keep his home. And we know where that calculus took him, once he took time to do the math.

Fullscreen capture 20190215 211553Fullscreen capture 20190215 211556Fullscreen capture 20190215 211558Fullscreen capture 20190215 211601Fullscreen capture 20190215 211604Fullscreen capture 20190215 211607Fullscreen capture 20190215 211611Fullscreen capture 20190215 211613Fullscreen capture 20190215 211616Fullscreen capture 20190215 211619Fullscreen capture 20190215 211623Fullscreen capture 20190215 211626Fullscreen capture 20190215 211628Fullscreen capture 20190215 211631Fullscreen capture 20190215 211634Fullscreen capture 20190215 214901Fullscreen capture 20190215 221928Fullscreen capture 20190215 222249Fullscreen capture 20190215 222638

Below is Shan’ann’s final ever message on her phone:

Fullscreen capture 20190215 224157

Fullscreen capture 20190215 222901

On iPhones do text messages and WhatsApps [or messages via the internet] appear on the same screen? If so, then why did Watts’ message at 07:40 not appear on Shan’ann’s phone? Could it be because the phone was off, or because the router wasn’t connected, or is there another explanation?

Fullscreen capture 20190215 223804

Fullscreen capture 20190215 223441

Fullscreen capture 20190215 224259

Fullscreen capture 20190215 211713