“Is The Yankees Blanket In The Bedroom?”

Some of you may or may not have seen this bodycam footage. The YouTuber speculating about “blood on the comforter” based on very fuzzy video isn’t helpful, and is [I believe] confirmation bias based on the scenario of the murder supposedly happening in the bed in the master bedroom.

The Yankee blanket question is more interesting. Was there one blanket or two? How many blankets in total did the kids have? Which blankets were missing? Which toys were missing? What did Watts dispose of at the dumpster on Black Mesa on his way home?

This bodycam footage also provides some of the best views of the downstairs television lounge, and the layout of the kids’ couches.

6 thoughts on ““Is The Yankees Blanket In The Bedroom?”

  1. I will watch this again, but I do not see any Yankees blanket
    in the bedroom. I thought during Chris’s recent interview, he
    said that he ditched the blanket. (May or May not be the truth)
    I’ve seen in previous videos both girls with their own blankets.
    As to which toys are missing I’m looking into that.


    • Doll was discovered same time that Nicole A. Called police about Shan’ann. When they went in garage it showed the policeman lifting the lid and seeing the doll. It was on that body cam video.


      • I watched the video and it seems like this officer just does a quick cursory lift of the lid – made me wonder why he even bothered – but at that point it was only at the missing persons stage. But still. I was amazed by how much “touching” he did everywhere with ungloved hands. To my point though – if the children were alive when they left in his work truck that morning as Chris now claims why did he throw the doll away? That’s why I am wondering about when the doll was discovered. If it was discovered by the first wave of law enforcement and before he had time alone in the house that would indicate that he threw the doll away during a period of time he claims the girls were still alive. And that tells me he isn’t telling the truth about the timeline and also speaks to premeditation. He threw the doll away that morning because either the girls were already dead and/or he knew they would not be returning.


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