The First 3 Reviews for TWO FACE ANNIHILATION

The last two books of the series of 7 [as it stands now] were extremely difficult to research and write. Book 7 was probably the most difficult of all. This is because one is relying entirely on the audio as the primary source for the information.


On the one hand, it’s excellent material because what we are listening to is exactly what the three members of law enforcement heard, plus minus some white noise here and there. There’s also a lot to work with – over four hours’ worth.

If you felt frustrated listening to one of the Rzucek lawyers conveying his impressions to Dr. Phil, you weren’t alone. We wanted to know exactly what Watts said, and also how he said it. The tone. The pitch. The context. Most important, the psychology. Is it believable. Does what he’s saying actually make sense, or does it conform to another pattern…?

And then the Rzuceks provided their impressions. They were touching, and while we felt sympathetic to the family, the two-part show  never provided the kind of deep diving psychological analysis Watts’s Second Confession really needed.

On the other hand, not having video and sometimes having the audio muffled or cut out was frustrating. The chronology of Agent Tammy Lee’s 29-page CBI Report and the audio aren’t an absolute match, which is interesting. It shows while the law enforcement trio went to the prison with specific questions, they didn’t necessarily ask all of them in a specific order, nor did they get their answers in a prescribed order either. This makes for a chaotic narrative, and it was my job to unravel it and rearrange it.

Transcribing audio is hard work, but worth it, as I think readers have discovered.

Fullscreen capture 20190418 133749

Days 2 – 15 After Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance

How did the McCann case become the most reported missing persons case in history?

May 5th [2 days missing]

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May 8th [4 days missing]

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May 12th [8 days missing]

Fullscreen capture 20190417 013341

How did Robert Murat get onto the radar of the McCann case?

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May 18th [14 days missing]

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Fullscreen capture 20190417 135325Fullscreen capture 20190417 135306

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May 22, 2007 [18 days missing]

Fullscreen capture 20190417 015735Fullscreen capture 20190417 015738

Fullscreen capture 20190417 012015

Fullscreen capture 20190417 015740Fullscreen capture 20190417 015742Fullscreen capture 20190417 015744Fullscreen capture 20190417 015747Fullscreen capture 20190417 015749Fullscreen capture 20190417 015753Fullscreen capture 20190417 015755Fullscreen capture 20190417 015758Fullscreen capture 20190417 015800Fullscreen capture 20190417 015805Fullscreen capture 20190417 015810




Chris Watts: Are Expert Psychologists Qualified to Prognosticate on Criminal Psychology?

At 2.11 in the clip, two expert psychologists from Colorado are shown a clip of Chris Watts sobbing into his hands with his father’s arm over his shoulder, and the two agents [both with their hands against their chins] looking on silently off his opposite shoulder.

The assessment of the psychologist is triumphant:

“It’s up! [Smiles]. He’s caught. Now he’s upset. Because he’s caught.This is the first time you see emotion…Because now he’s caught. You didn’t see emotion when his family was killed, you see emotion now that he’s caught…”

At the time Watts was “confessing” to Shan’ann murdering the kids [in the house] and himself reacting to this in a mindless rage. Are the agents in the room also thinking:

It’s up! He’s caught. Now he’s upset. Because he’s caught. 

Fullscreen capture 20190415 114540

If the agents were thinking that, why go back and interview him a second time for almost five hours?

And clip goes on to say “why?” will likely never be answered. With that attitude, why even bring in psychologists? The “we’ll never know why” cop out is kindergarten true crime analysis. The assessment that a criminal is “evil” is schoolyard level criminal analysis.

It’s hardly a case of never. It’s more a case of applying one’s mind on a particular for weeks, months or longer on end. Put some effort in. Study the case. Think about the case. When one does that the why becomes clearer, if not entirely obvious.

Fullscreen capture 20190415 115616

There’s also a postscript calling Watts a “master manipulator”. Yes, the guy you saw swaying next to the television and not fooling anyone there, apparently did fool someone.

chris-watts-via-weld-county-district-attorneys-office6954440-6455827-image-m-5_1543858159762Fullscreen capture 20190415 1206083zclq65al5effas5p2iecosdei

I discuss and analyze the psychology of Chris and Shan’ann Watts in detail in the TWO FACE series, as this latest review of Book #7 illustrates:

Fullscreen capture 20190416 130302

Chris Watts claims “Rage” was the operative emotion that made him wipe out his family. But this is what a genuine “Rage” Annihilation looks like…

The word “rage” appears only twice in the 29-page CBI Report documenting Chris Watts’ Second Confession. The first instance is at the top of page 8:

Fullscreen capture 20190414 213346

The second instance is at the bottom of page 12:

Fullscreen capture 20190414 213621

I won’t be doing any long lectures explaining why the “just snapped” scenario is bogus and bullshit, because that would be repeating tired arguments fielded months ago. If you haven’t read them yet, be my guest.

“Chris Watts Just Snapped”

Chris Watts describes the reason he killed Shan’ann Watts: “I just snapped” [AUDIO Part 1+2]

In the Discovery Documents there are a couple of additional instances of “snapping”, “losing it” and “rage”:

Fullscreen capture 20190414 214326Fullscreen capture 20190414 213957Fullscreen capture 20190414 214301Fullscreen capture 20190414 214317

Although Watts tries to paint a portrait of himself as overcome with emotion, and the crime as a crime of passion, we had virtually zero evidence of anyone else – including Shan’ann – experiencing Watts’ rage. There’s no sign of it at work, nor in his background. There’s none of it in his marriage, and his mistress never mentions any anger issues either. On the contrary, if anyone is somewhat petulant or irritable it’s not Watts, it’s either Kessinger or his wife. That’s not necessarily a compliment to Watts, to say that he was extremely cool and even crushed in on himself. This may have made him seem suave and mild-mannered to Kessinger, but pathetic, and meek – at times – to Shan’ann, who was more extroverted than he was.

The Watts Family Murders weren’t committed in a fit of rage. Premeditation by definition takes the emotional dimension out of a crime and replaces it with cool, calculated, precise execution, disposal of bodies and covering up of the crime scene.


If anything, both Shan’ann and Kessinger describe Watts as sweet-natured, Shan’ann realizing he was a “really nice guy” because he let her lay in his lap for 2.5 hours on a drive back from Myrtle Beach. Kessinger, in her exclusive with the Denver Post said although she barely knew him, he was a good listener. So the whole rage monster deal doesn’t work even if Watts would like it to. It’s just not who he is.

So what does an authentic ANNIHILATION driven by rage look and feel like?

Well, like this:

Phoenix man who suspected wife of an affair kills her and 2 kids, spares youngest: police – Fox News

Fullscreen capture 20190414 215726

Fox News describes the Smith Shooting appropriately as a murder rampage.

The Smith case involves the murder of his two children [while sparing the third] and two adults, one of them a random bystander who happened to be at his brother’s apartment when Smith arrived there. Two other people were shot at the apartment, but the 47-year-old woman and 33-year-old man both survived. Smith’s shooting arguably qualifies for the definition of a Mass Shooting since four people were killed indiscriminately and spontaneously.

Although the Smith Shooting more closely resembles the “He just snapped” scenario, it’s obvious he didn’t just snap out of the blue either. The trigger was the notion that his own brother had betrayed him with his wife, and vice versa. There also seems to be a religious aspect, with Smith feeling emasculated not only as man but by what he may have felt justified regarding as “forces of evil”. The point is, it’s reductionist to boil down in a crime like the Smith Shooting as motivated by rage and a man snapping. That said, the Smith Shooting more closely fits that definition [if one insists on applying it] than the Watts case does.

This begs the question – if rage wasn’t the operative emotion in the Chris Watts case, what was?

What was it?

I don’t want to argue that zero anger or zero frustration was at issue here. There had to have been. Murder itself is a violent, aggressive act. But we’re trying to make the case for some other emotion – far more significant than anger – being the operative feeling in Watts’ murderous and mendacious heart.

What was it?


New “Last Photo” of JonBenet Ramsey has just been released – and there’s a problem…

Since January, since the lawsuit the Ramseys launched against CBS was settled [on January 5th, 2019 to be precise], there’s definitely been an uptick in Ramsey-related news. On January 9th, the Ramseys defamation go-to-guy – Lin Wood – gave an interview admonishing the “fake news” media. Then two days after Wood’s “fake news” comments there was news of an old suspects resuscitating their confessions [like Gary Oliva], that started as early as January 11th.

By February Gary Oliva’s confession was still rolling across the world’s media landscape, making waves in the United Kingdom.  By the end of March, Gary Oliva was still the talk of the town three months after the CBS settlement. Not a bad run of distracting coverage to drown out the settlement narrative, was it?

Now, in April, we have a documentary featuring none other than John Ramsey himself. It’s not just a vacuous documentary either. 23 years after the unsolved murder of his daughter, for the first time ever, this photo of JonBenet Ramsey has been publicly released.

Fullscreen capture 20190413 194821

There’s a serious problem with this image.

Before addressing what it is, let’s have a look at the other images that were either previously the “Last Photo” of the slain beauty queen, or otherwise photos taken shortly before her death.



The image/s above was/were previously recognized and accepted as the “Last Photo” of JonBenet. It was taken a fair length of time before her death, fairly early on Christmas Day morning [note the background is still in darkness]. JonBenet was murdered about 18 hours after this image was taken, and her body discovered in the basement of the Ramsey home by her father another 13-or-so hours after that.

A derivative impression of the last image was subsequently used as the cover for Paula Woodward’s book We Have Your Daughter, but with Patsy edited out.


A review in the Daily Camera at the time was pretty frank about where Woodward’s true allegiance and objectivity lay:

[Woodward] signals an intention to shoot down “erroneous assumptions” to repeatedly cast doubt on the prevailing police narrative of the murder. Given the author’s access to the couple’s private journals as well as the cooperation of their attorneys, it’s no spoiler to say the book is firmly in the Ramsey corner.

Other photos taken that morning including these, including one with nine-year-old Burke beside his younger sister. If there are few photos of JonBenet on that last day there are even fewer images of Burke floating around.

download (1)downloadmaxresdefault

On December 23rd, these images were taken:

In reality, the last photos taken of JonBenet in the Ramsey home were these:


A close-up photo just prior to the autopsy was taken of the  little girl’s hand:


But let’s not quibble over semantics. By Last Photo what is meant is the last photo of JonBenet when she was alive.

What is the serious problem with this image?

Fullscreen capture 20190413 194821

23 years after the unsolved murder of his daughter, for the first time ever, this photo of JonBenet Ramsey has been publicly released, presumably by John Ramsey himself. Why has it taken 23 years to release the last photo of his daughter? And if it’s only been released to the public and the media now, what about law enforcement?

Lawyer Neighbour Claims She Saw McCanns “Airing” Their Renault Scenic Rental – At Night

In detective Goncalo Amaral’s book Truth of the Lie he doesn’t spend a lot of time on the subject of a neighbour who came forward and said [anonymously] that she thought she saw the McCanns “ventilating” their rental vehicle. Including at night.

Near the end of his chapter “The Hypothesis of Death is Considered” Amaral makes the following passing remark:

Later, I am brought the witness statement of a neighbour, according to whom, the McCanns left their car boot open all the time. For Gerry’s brother-in-law, the bad smell was explained by the fact that the McCanns transported their bins in it. As for the blood, it had been left by a piece of meat fallen out of a shopping bag. Kate’s cousin explained that the unpleasant smells were due to the little ones’ dirty nappies.

None of that stands up to scrutiny faced with the reactions of these dogs, who are thoroughly trained to detect only blood and cadaver odours.

Amaral provides more detail in the documentary based on his book, and the neighbour also comes forward [though her face is not shown] where she discusses what she thought she saw. This aspect is covered from 4:20 in the clip below.

The neighbour, a lawyer [whom Amaral refers to as a “juror” in the translation] seems to be a credible witness. One of her more memorable statements is this one:

 “I drive down this street every day to turn my car around at that end and every time that I passed the house and I looked at the car, and the car always had an open boot door, day or night. I often passed at night and always verified it. It was a fact, I reported it and that was it”.

What you won’t often see, or hear about, is a report published in the Daily Express on 14 September 2007, which appeared to show the cadaver dogs tracked cadaver odor from Apartment 5A on a direct route to the coast.

Fullscreen capture 20190413 135201Fullscreen capture 20190413 135233

Fullscreen capture 20190413 152934

The Daily Express sensationally described this 1 mile beeline route from the hotel to the coast as “The Trail of Death”.


But other international media reported on the same findings.


The cover of the Daily Express that same day trumpeted MADELEINE WAS ‘KILLED BY SLEEPING PILLS’.


The Telegraph reported on the same claim on the same day.

Guilhem Battut, an investigative reporter for the French tabloid France Soir, said Portuguese police had given prosecutors a file detailing how they thought Madeleine had died. Battut – an experienced journalist who has worked on a number of major inquiries – claims police believe that evidence found in the McCanns’ hire car will “prove that the little girl had ingested medicines, without doubt sleeping pills, in large quantities”.

A source at the newspaper claimed: “We are not simply repeating rumours carried in other papers. This is not a theory, but a fact contained in hard evidence in the hands of the Portuguese authorities. “It is all very well putting theories and opinions forward, but in the end this case will be decided on evidence. As journalists, we have been trying to establish what evidence is available.”

DNA evidence which has reportedly been found in the hire car includes hair, blood and bodily fluids which match Madeleine’s. Police are said to want to examine the vehicle again. It is currently being kept in a safe place by the family who are considering having their own tests carried out on it as they strive to prove their innocence.Portuguese police are said to be drawing up a list of 40 new questions that they want to put to Mrs McCann. But British forensic experts expressed doubts over the claim.

Alan Baker, of the independent forensic science organisation Bericon, said: “These samples are likely to be far from ideal. If it is just a smear or dried deposit you could detect the drug but not how much.”Jamie150907_468x362

Last night friends of the family dismissed the latest speculation. Gerry McCann reportedly told a friend: “There are large craters in every one of these theories, in these ludicrous accusations.’ “As far as Kate and I are concerned there is no evidence to suggest that Madeleine is dead. We are 100 per cent together on this, not one grain of suspicion about each other.”

A close friend of Mrs McCann’s said: “She is a gentle mother who loves her children very much.”

An article in the February 2008 edition of Vanity Fair notes Kate McCann’s explanation for why the cadaver dogs sensed cadaver odour on the key fob of the rental vehicle. It was because Kate McCann had been around cadavers just before her trip to the Algarve.


Fullscreen capture 20190413 155721

The Daily Express six months earlier had been more specific, reporting that Kate had apparently said she’d come into contact with six corpses “in the weeks” before the holiday. Of course the car was also hired weeks after the incident.

Fullscreen capture 20190413 160149

Renault Scenic 59-DA-27