Crime Rocket is in Portugal – follow #DeepIntoDarkness to find out why

True crime never rests, true crime research never sleeps. If it seems like CrimeRocket is on hiatus, well, I’m sharpening the saw elsewhere.

For ten days I’ve been on the ground in a tourist resort on the Algarve known as Praia da Luz. I’m following up a number of lines of inquiry I first wrote about in the DOUBT trilogy, in 2017.

This year I wanted to be in the area at the exact time, and on the same date as the abduction. Follow the hashtag #DeepIntoDarkness on Twitter and Instagram to get a sneak peek on where I’ve been and what’s coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Crime Rocket is in Portugal – follow #DeepIntoDarkness to find out why

  1. Very cool Nick. How interesting.

    I watched the documented on the Cadava and Trauma dogs. That was fasinating. When they both hit at the back of the sofa and this was marked out on the wall what came to mind was the size of a small body. I then recalled from this doco that Gerry’s tennis bag was missing. Was there a theroy that Maddy was placed in his tennis bag and it was Hidden here at the time of her disappearance, then moved later during the morning after her disappearance?


  2. You are Magellan and Edgar Allan Poe. I read the intro to Deep Into Darkness and I can hardly wait to purchase – as soon as I finish my library book. Excited!

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  3. I’m getting into an interesting part in your book that is intriguing regarding why the Tapas 9 felt it unnecessary to avail themselves of the resort’s babysitting services, preferring to be the eyes and ears of a watchful distance from their own apartments. Really incredible to me. And after a few bottles of wine, wouldn’t you think their senses would be a bit dulled?

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