GURU BADGE: When did Ronnie Watts find out his son was having an affair?

The good news is there’s 100 minutes of audio with Chris Watts’ father. Unfortunately Ronnie Watts’ interview with the cops is mostly garbled.

We do know that according to Ronnie, Watts let them know he intended to separate from Shan’ann while he was in North Carolina [during the first week of August, two weeks before the murders].

What’s less clear is whether Watts told his parents about Kessinger. It stands to reason that he did, but is it confirmed anywhere? When Watts told his father during the interrogation in mid-August about the affair, his father didn’t seem surprised. The discovery [page 1076] notes:

Watts told him [Ronnie] he failed the polygraph test and that he admitted [to the cops] to having an affair…

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