CRIMECON: Nancy Grace explains why the slaughter of a Colorado family captured America’s Attention

Nancy Grace is right. In order to study a case, to really get to grips with it, you have to spend a lot of time reading, listening and thinking.

When asked her opinion on the Watts case Nancy answered:

“He had it all,” she said. “He had this gorgeous wife, Shanann. He’s got the children, Bella and Celeste, beautiful. They always wanted a boy. They’re having baby Nico. He’s on the way. Beautiful home.”

She noted from the outside it looked perfect.

“It looked like a postcard,” she said. “It was perfect. When you look at somebody like Chris Watts in court, this picture perfect setting, it’s hard. It’s like the mind is tricking the eye. You’re seeing one thing but the evidence tells you something different, that he in fact is a cold-blooded killer who killed his own children, so I think that’s the fascination. It’s like trying to put together a Rubik’s Cube. You can’t sort it out in your head.”

All of that may be true, but all of that is the surface layer stuff, the optics,the artifice, the superficial.

I get what she’s saying that one can’t put the dichotomy, the duality together, but given enough analysis and thought, we can figure it out, and arguably TCRS already has. In the first Rocket Science book, published in September 2018, only weeks after the crime, we were already looking at a different portrait of the Watts family.

Fullscreen capture 20190612 221236

To understand these crimes and these case we have to get away from projection and transference. We have to stop imposing ourselves onto these cases. We have to let the cases and criminals speak for themselves.

7 thoughts on “CRIMECON: Nancy Grace explains why the slaughter of a Colorado family captured America’s Attention

  1. Very true. We can’t look at it as if we were in their shoes. We can’t say “you had it all, you should have just appreciated it and gone on” or “if I were you I would have just been grateful” First none of us have ever been pushed that brink. None of us ever felt they had to walk on egg shells, planning each and everything we would say in fear of our spouses anger or fear of being made fun of. We aren’t them. We haven’t lived in their shoes. We don’t know what pushed a person to that point. I’m grateful I haven’t. But this case like so many others proves not everything is as it seems, no one has it all, no one’s picturesque life is close to achieving, Facebook pictures are not an accurate account of what goes on behind closed doors. The facade that was shared on line was just that. The reality was you had a pussy-whipped husband who feared being made fun of by his wife, who was afraid to even talk, they were broke, with a floundering marriage, bankrupt, facing foreclosure once again, yet a wife who wanted to keep up with the jones’ where they lived way beyond their means, facing a divorce. The online persona and pictures were just a mask hiding the actual turmoil that happened between two adults and the walls of a house of cards they couldn’t afford. It’s heartbreaking looking at the facts behind the case.

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