“I wonder if, on August 13, 2019, they will try to recreate the events in the driveway. What time is sunrise in Colorado on this date? Can this have an effect on shadows? Is that why the auction has been postponed?”

The above quotation is from a reader’s comment, thank you. Quite correct. If I was in Colorado, that’s what I would do. But will the investigators? Are the Weld County investigators still scratching their heads about this case.?

One can really not over-emphasize the importance of simulating a crime scene in real time. There are often many subtleties and ordinary realities that one overlooks.

In the Watts case there are several light sources to consider, along with the slight concave slope of the driveway and small groves in the cement [running vertically and diagonally] to consider.

Now that we’re on the subject, it should also be noted that the Lexus was parked on the left side inside the garage. Since Watts backed up his truck so that it was slightly in the garage, it stands to reason the truck was parked to the right of the Lexus [in terms of the driveway]. This is difficult to see from the tight angle of Trinatich’s video camera, and with the tree obscuring the view.

But we can see even when Nickole Atkinson parked on the driveway, she parked relatively more on the right side. We also know Watts carried a gas can with plenty of space between the tree and the side of the truck facing the tree and camera.


maxresdefaultFullscreen capture 20190731 174527

When we look at the idiosyncrasies on the driveway, where are they?

Fullscreen capture 20190731 173255

And we can see from the shadows of the defense team carrying the containers, the legs are almost invisible from the perspective of the road, while the containers are larger than the actual figures. if someone bent down to lift one of those containers off the ground and transfer it to the back seat [while several light sources were shining from the front and behind], we can see how it may appear as something moving forward of its own accord.


Incidentally, sunrise in Colorado on August 13th, 2018 is 06:10 sharp. Watts backed his truck into the driveway approximately an hour earlier, at around 05:18 and left the scene at 05:46, 24 minutes before dawn broke.


Chris Watts: One Year Ago Today

Tomorrow will be exactly fourteen days prior to the triple family murder that shook the sleepy town of Frederick, Colorado last year, and rocked America.  I’ve been tracking the timeline of the case in real-time since July 4th this year, and we’re now up to 26 separate timeline posts. You can view them chronologically at this link or use these:

#1 – #6

#7 – #16

#17 – #26

If you have any comments or observations, please make use of the #1yearagotodayCW hashtag on Twitter.

Fullscreen capture 20190729 105731


Were the children carried into the truck in transparent plastic containers?

One thing there was no shortage of, and one thing that wouldn’t be missed from the Watts’ home, were large plastic containers. The basement area was crammed full of them.


These containers were also large enough to place a small child inside, and put the lid back on.

We know for a fact that Watts carried out at least two containers to his track, so doesn’t it make sense that he put each child in each container? When Watts mentioned “containers” to the FBI’s Grahm Coder he stuttered. He also corrected himself, first stating container [singular] before correcting himself to containers [plural].

Fullscreen capture 20190717 171728

It also seemed a little strange that Watts would provide some detail for why he was placing these large, transparent containers on the backseat of his track. Incidentally, isn’t that where the girls were supposed to have sat?


Fullscreen capture 20190717 171629Fullscreen capture 20190717 171611Fullscreen capture 20190717 171556Fullscreen capture 20190717 171930

In CSA Yokum’s crime scene report he noticed two large containers in the backseat area of the truck. Thus we have a problem.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 223603

Can you see what it is?

Fullscreen capture 20190718 225256Fullscreen capture 20190718 225441-001

Fullscreen capture 20190718 225001Fullscreen capture 20190718 225108


Two Possible Cadaver Dog Alerts that have been Overlooked

We know for a fact that Watts disposed of items – including at least one blanket – in a dumpster at or near 6507 Black Mesa, which was under construction at the time.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 183306Fullscreen capture 20190718 183347

In the K9 search below, the dog is barking throughout the time they’re in Black Mesa road. At 06:10 in the clip below, the dog handler says: “He’s picking up scent from the house,” which we now know was true.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 190803

At this time when the dog is barking, they’re standing right beside a large, red construction dumpster. They’re also standing right beside a house that’s under construction. The cops don’t seem to know or inquire about the schedule for when the dumpsters are emptied, but it was each Tuesday, possibly in the morning prior to or after the search.

Notice all the red dumpsters lining the side of the road going down Black Mesa.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 185114Fullscreen capture 20190718 185227Fullscreen capture 20190718 182745Fullscreen capture 20190718 182745-001Fullscreen capture 20190718 182818Fullscreen capture 20190718 182858Fullscreen capture 20190718 182924Fullscreen capture 20190718 183032

The red arrows denote the route Watts took on August 13th. The green is the route he should have taken home.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 183530unnamed-3Fullscreen-capture-20181218-232926In retrospect it’s unfortunate that law enforcement weren’t able to coordinate with the K9 unit while they were out there to specifically look at 6507 Black Mesa, based on the GPS data. From the discovery [page 555] it appears the GPS data was only provided in the late afternoon or early evening of August 14th, by Tony Huskey, Anadarko’s regional security manager.

It appears the cops only inspected the scene properly on August 22nd, more than a week after they’d received the data. Officer Lines’ report neglects to mention the activity along Black Mesa, or the dog handler Jayne Zmijewski ‘s comment about the dog picking up scents from the house.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 194000

There appears to be a second alert, or certainly interest, in Bella’s bedroom. It’s at about 19:30 in the clip below.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 195525Fullscreen capture 20190718 195023Fullscreen capture 20190718 195510

More: On his way back to the crime scene, Chris Watts first went to look at a house recommended by his realtor… [Updated]

Cadaver Dog Alerts inside #2825 Saratoga Trail [29th Tranche]

What does Handwriting Analysis say about Chris Watts?

At 2:07 in the clip below, Sherlock Holmes commences a rudimentary analysis of his arch-nemesis – using graphology.

Sherlock Holmes uses Professor Moriarty’s “inscription” to analyze him. He discerns:

“…a highly creative, yet meticulous nature. The slant and pressure of the handwriting tells Mr. Holmes he is dealing with a narcissist with a complete lack of empathy, and pronounced inclination toward moral insanity.”

Can we discern this from Watts’ scrawl?

What we discern from the neatness and the modesty of the writing is a meticulous nature. In both attachments below there isn’t a single scratched out word.

Fullscreen capture 20190716 152631

Where the letters are joined to one another, there is sense of continuity, of logic. This implies someone who writes in cursive is more logical, whereas someone who separates their letters might be more imaginative. Some analysts believe print handwriting [where there are only separate letters] makes analysis impossible.

In the above sample, written at the end of July 2018, we see printed words initially, but as early as the second “The” the letters start connecting. By the 4th and 5th “the’s” the letters are more connected, and so are other letters, the c and t in addicted, the m and e in time. Even so, the words in the card are far less connected than in the note to his mother. Look at everyone, even, celebrate and there in the sample below.

Where there’s combination of print and cursive it indicates the ability to be flexible in difficult circumstances. An excess of block printing may indicate barriers to intimacy or an inability to express emotions. Block printing is also more associated with impulsivity than the more logical cursive style. The printer is more intuitive than logical.

Fullscreen capture 20190712 003232-001

In Watts’ card to Kessinger, there is an overall left slant to the handwriting. Notice the first two K’s in Nikki, and all the I’s are slanted to the left. The left-slant style betrays a loner-type individual who prefers to be behind the scenes. If a right-handed person has left leaning handwriting, this may express rebellion.

In the signature below, the letters appear larger than Watts’ usual style, and proportionately quite large compared to other signatures. The size and wildly extravagant S possibly indicate anger at having to sign the document.

Fullscreen capture 20190717 224842

A low tail in the letter d can indicate a lack of ambition. Closed o’s show a tendency toward introversion. The overall size and spacing of the letters confirms a reserved, introverted type. The mismatch in Watts’ writing stems from the relatively constrained style versus the use of exclamation marks. In his brief card to Kessinger there are two instances of double exclamation marks, and in the short excerpt to his mother, two exclamation marks. This seems to indicate an emotion person beneath the reserved exterior.

A possible sign of dishonesty in handwriting is when the slant changes direction. Two instances of this are the second M in Mom and the h in the first there, in Watts’ letter to Cindy Watts. Arguably there’s a third instance, the y in you is also slanting to the right.

By comparison, look at Shan’ann’s handwriting and signature [note, based on the date, the signature at the bottom might be forged by Watts].


Remember the Lindstroms? They say Ceecee fell at the birthday party on the swingset in the garden.

At 1:15 in the clip below, the Lindstrom couple talk about the last time they saw Bella, Ceecee and Chris Watts. Jeremy describes the Watts family as “perfect”. His wife Jennifer sketches a moment on the final, fateful Sunday when Ceecee fell off the swingset and Watts rushed to comfort her “like any normal father would”.

JENNIFER: They were just here, and they were just playing and they [eyes brim with tears] – they didn’t deserve it.

Fullscreen capture 20190717 194954Fullscreen capture 20190717 195003Fullscreen capture 20190717 195106

Is Saturday’s Documentary KILLER DAD on HLN Sympathetic to Chris Watts?

I tend to agree with MommyRamblings [see clip at bottom] that if you’re going to go to the trouble to shoot a reenactment, at least get the details right. Thin slicing the preview, Shan’ann appears to be buried in a sheet [she wasn’t].

Fullscreen capture 20190712 003302

Fullscreen capture 20190712 145048Fullscreen capture 20190712 145651

And in bright daylight [not true either].

Fullscreen capture 20190712 142726

Even the “uniform”, the most basic aspect, is wrong. Watts wore dark blue jeans, a dark navy blue t-shirt and rubber work boots with no laces. He had one pant leg tucked in and the other out, which was unusual for the usually neat and snappy dresser.


In HLN’s coverage the boots don’t seem right either. Watts had two pairs, and likely wore the black pair while disposing of the bodies and working on the hatches.

Fullscreen capture 20190712 143120

The other pair of Red Wing boots were new, and brown.

Fullscreen capture 20190712 143640

While these details are important, and while documentary producers are supposed to get the basics right especially when it comes to executing high-profile true crime cases, it’s even more concerning when they simply regurgitate the killer’s own version as if it were gospel – with no analysis and no critical thinking.

Like this:

Fullscreen capture 20190712 144959

In the HLN trailer we hear one of Watts’ new girlfriends saying “he just snapped”. This is typical apologia in a case like this where the killer is trying to minimize a premeditated murder into a random moment where he inexplicably lost his head. The snapping also breaks all contextual connections. His snapping supposedly has nothing to do with the serious debt he was in, or his plans for the future. If it’s true and he did snap, it would make an unforgivable crime slightly more tolerable, but it’s not true.

We know it’s not true based on Watts’ cool as cucumber behavior on bodycam footage throughout August 13th and during the Sermon on the Porch on the morning of August 14th. If he snapped he would still be emotionally overwhelmed, even remorseful or regretful when he calmed down hours later. But there’s no trace of that. There’s no real grief.

We also know immediately after getting rid of the bodies Watts went into debt damage control mode – calling the school, calling Groupon about the hotel reservation and getting the ball rolling with his realtor.

He didn’t just snap, and so any documentary still spouting this nonsense a year after the fact is still at the kindergarten level of analysis. Are we simply going to accept what Chris Watts says, when he’s a liar and a fiend?

Even the District Attorney at the sentencing hearing on November 19th was absolutely clear that Watts “coldly and deliberately ended four lives, not in a fit of rage, but in a calculating manner.”

When are we going to start talking about that face – the second face – of Chris Watts?

More: “Chris Watts Just Snapped” 

“It’s like a long fuse that finally just went to its end…” VS “I just snapped”

Chris Watts describes the reason he killed Shan’ann Watts: “I just snapped” [AUDIO Part 1+2]

Chris Watts: The Plea Deal Document and the Second Confession Don’t Jibe

Why the Second Confession Scenario as Dramatized in FAMILY MAN, FAMILY MURDERER is full of crap

Chris Watts claims “Rage” was the operative emotion that made him wipe out his family. But this is what a genuine “Rage” Annihilation looks like…

Hands Up: Since learning about the Watts case, have you tried Thrive?

The Watts case was a tragedy, but the greatest travesty was that the case never made it to trial. Had it done so, millions of other lives could have been saved – literally millions.

Millions of Americans ruining their lives on a daily basis could have been warned through the coverage of a high-profile crime, especially when experts cross-examined the impact of MLM on the Watts family, and their finances.

This is not some obtuse legal issue; it’s a moral issue. People’s lives are being destroyed and until MLMs are stopped, it will continue to happen.

Through the TWO FACE series I’ve tried to address the MLM wrecking ball; to make it clear in no uncertain terms that MLM is evil, no ifs, buts or maybes. But misconceptions persist. People want to believe something works for them, because it’s tied to their own greed, laziness and narcissism.

Someone contacted me recently and said she’s been using the Thrive pills/formulas to lose weight. It seems the Watts case has worked a treat for Le-vel. Even folks obsessed with true crime have been tempted to use a product that’s at the epicenter of a family annihilation. It doesn’t matter though, as long as it works for me, right?

I won’t go into the merits of the product here. If you feel taking powders and supplements is a good way to lose weight and improve your appearance, well, that’s your poison.

One easy way to check how well Thrive works is to visit Nickole Atkinson’s Facebook page. Has she visibly lost weight a year since her best friend was murdered?


Whether you support the products or not, they’re part of the MegaMachine that is Multi-Level marketing. It’s a huge $36 billion business. It is a powerful lobby group with political connections. One of its proponents is President Trump, along with many in Trump’s cabinet.

Many in Trump’s cabinet have strong ties to MLMs as well: Betsey DeVos (whose husband is the president of Amway — by the way, DeVos family has donated $200 million to the Republican party over the years), Ben Carson, Carl Icahn (a billionaire who is also a major investor in Herbalife and holds five board seats at the company), and Charles Herbster.

In this article MLM seems to be criticized, while at the same time a case is made that IF YOU WORK HARD, YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL. YOU CAN BE PART OF THE 1% WHO SUCCEED!

No – you can’t!

When statics show that 0.4% make any money out of MLM, what the math is showing isn’t that ALMOST 1% SUCCEED – it’s that 99%, almost everybody, fails. We might as well say everybody fails. But it’s this niggly little 0.4% that is used to argue the “truth” – that actually, it works, and it can work for you.

If MLM is a scam, why do people not involved in the MLM structure buy overpriced miracle products from scammy companies?

And for those who buy into MLM, imagine applying for a job, and being told there’s a 0.4% chance you’ll be paid a salary at the end of each month?

So is it possible to make any money doing an MLM? After finishing all of his analysis and research on various MLM data, Jon Taylor concluded, “In every case, using the analytical framework described, the loss rate for all these MLMs ranged from 99.05% to 99.99%, with an average of 99.71% of participants losing money in an MLM.

On average, one in 545 is likely to have profited after subtracting expenses and 997 out of 1,000 individuals involved with an MLM lose money (not including time invested).”

That sounds dismal unless you’re the 1 in 545 or the top 1 percent working your business. Further, it blames MLM without considering any of the individuals who joined.  MLM is a viable home-based business opportunity. Anyone interested in selling a product to generate income has the ability to achieve success. With that said, it is crucial to research and investigate the company and products thoroughly to make sure that it’s not a scam, and also, that it’s a product and system you feel you can promote.

“That sounds dismal unless you’re the 1 in 545…” No one said the 1 in 545 are rich, merely that they didn’t lose money. The reality is most LOSE money, and a tiny fraction are super rich, at the expense of everyone else.

“Anyone interested in selling a product has the ability to achieve success…” – that should read, everyone interested in selling MLM is almost guaranteed to fail. This can be derived down to anyone interested in using an MLM product is also guaranteed to fail.

If you’re aware of this [and if you’re reading this blog, right now, you are aware of this], and if  you persist regardless, then you only have yourself to blame for ruining your life, and those around you.


YouTuber Releases Tranche of New Photos from Weld County

Since November 2018 Weld County’s lips have been pretty much sealed on a slew of discovery artifacts. We still don’t have access to the Watts’ recent financial records. Perhaps some folks are holding onto information with a view to releasing it “when the time is right”. Plunder’s release on July 5th suggests more might be in the works.

But 93 minutes it a heck of a long time to go through the archive of photos and video. I’ll be posting a few slides minus the lyric graffiti on CrimeRocket II in due course. This will allow readers to view the images at a glance.

Update: The Plunder Channel on YouTube has since been taken down.

“When he got back from North Carolina, that’s when he officially told me we’re getting a divorce and we’re gonna put the house up for sale.” – Nichol Kessinger

The quote from Nichol Kessinger comes at 3:21:04 in the clip below. It’s from Kessinger’s second interview, close to the end.

Kessinger adds that over the final weekend, Watts also informed her that they were putting the house up for sale [something she adds a few seconds after the first quote].

What this clearly indicates is when Watts returned from North Carolina on the evening of August 7th, he knew then what he intended to do. It seems clear then that the premeditation was in place at least 1 week prior to the murders, but given Watts’ standoffishness in North Carolina with Shan’ann, it possibly started during the first week of August while in North Carolina, when he was away from Kessinger.