22 thoughts on “How good is your true crime 6th sense? Watch this video and see if you can see what’s not right.

  1. Here we go again.

    – _British_ girl goes missing in _bad_ foreign country.
    – A donation mechanism set-up with no clear purpose for that money

    – Hey, only £100K though, so a lot less valuable than MBM, it would appear

    This time, the parents _are_ too distraught to speak. The girl is not as photogenic as MBM, presumably to deflect accusations of bias towards white middle class doctors’ offspring. Let’s see if they get a Prime Minister thrown in (coudln’t be to distract the proles from votes of noconf against Mr Johnson, surely ?), and a couple of media monitoring unit people.

    WIll there be an Inspector Clouseau figure making an appearance of a rough-plod-who-gets-results ?

    Nóra’s family wish to express /our/ gratitude ? Odd turn of phrase from someone working from experiential memory ?

    Couldn’t say I could see anything obviously wrong with the broadcast. It struck me as fake, but I can’t put me finger on why.

    Let’s see how many pictures of this girl they manage to find, or photoshop from other sources.

    What’s the agenda this time, I wonder ? Conning people that S Needs people “matter” just as much as “ordinary” people ? Something for Boris to look good at ?

    I’m waiting for the Good Quality Wristbands


  2. What strikes me as odd is that neither parent has fronted up to the media, even if they did not want to speak. Also, there is no pleading to any possible kidnappers. I would expect something along the lines of “Please, please, if you have Nora, or know something, please bring her back to our family, or contact the police.” There doesn’t appear to be a sense of urgency.


    • I thought about that as well but I talked myself out of it because I’ve seen it before, someone having a spokesperson for the family


    • @Geoff. The parents haven’t rocked up yet because they haven’t managed to find relevant actors yet. It takes a bit of time to manufacture a backstory and presumably ‘they’ have learnt from the MBM case that it might be a good idea to get the story straight first, before launching a hopelessly contradictory account of the situation.


  3. Well, the mother has made a brief statement now. Notice the father standing beside her, doesn’t have anything to say even though he was the one who found her missing.


  4. What parent doesn’t plead for their own child’s safe return if everything is on the up & up??? ESPECIALLY a mother.I’m a shy introvert through and through and I would STILL publicly plead for my child. Has anyone seen these parents?? Do they really even exist?? This is weird!

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  5. Sad news. I read an article in my newsfeed yesterday that the naked body of Nora was found near a river bank about 2.5 kms from the hotel. Apparently that area had been searched previously and nothing found. A later group of volunteer searchers found her. An autopsy is being conducted and results should be released this week. R.I.P. Nora


  6. Hi Nick,

    I’ve checked out the Nora link in crimerocket2.com. It’s interesting that the French police are treating this as a criminal matter and the parents have hired a PR guy. Also interesting that it took so long to find Nora considering her proximity to the hotel/cottage, and the number of volunteers.

    Here is a link to a story stating initial results of autopsy. It seems the poor child died of starvation and internal bleeding and there were some bruises around her legs, but no signs of rape/abduction.

    She was missing for ten days so it is possible that she was moving around and not in the area she was ultimately found in when it was first searched. I cannot understand why she would be naked though.

    Can the parents in this case and the McCann case be charged with neglect?

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    • It’s an excellent point – the neglect charge. If it was a local family one could [and should] see that happening. I suspect when it comes to international tourists and the travel industry, Malaysia would want to maintain good, positive PR relations with their market. I don’t know what Malaysia’s political leanings are in any detail, but I suspect even if they had reason to suspect the parents they might have been willing to err on the side of “reasonable doubt”. And there is some. Just as there’s no evidence of an abduction, there’s no obvious evidence of a crime.


      • What is *with* these families who go to a *foreign country* and make it *so easy* for their *children* to wander off?? I traveled some with my children when they were small, and there was *no way* they could have even gotten *lost*, much less wandered off. And Nora’s family *knew* she was mentally disabled – why weren’t they keeping a closer eye on her?

        Unless in her case and the McCann case, they *wanted* to get rid of the children. It’s certainly possible that Nora’s family, facing the reality of her likely living a normal lifespan but needing constant care, never being able to become self-sufficient or independent, decided to, you know, get rid of the problem…


  7. I agree that there is no obvious evidence of a crime. At this point there’s not enough information about the family’s movements on the day/night Nora went missing, and why or how she left the cottage.


  8. It might be too late to comment here. I was intrigued when I saw the title of the link, so I jumped right to it.

    This one sentence that the mother closes with, addressing the search party, says it all:
    “We hope YOU find Nora”
    “YOU”!?!?!?!?!?! It’s like she’s observing this happen to someone else! She seems removed to me, I am a mom, and can only imagine the desperation, fear and panic I would be feeling at this time. To say “I hope YOU find Nora”, feels to me as though she isn’t passionately invested or emotionally connected to the urgency of finding Nora!

    I feel strongly that that should be a “WE” statement. It’s HER beloved child and SHE’S the desperate mother! Not an observer!

    The fact that she used “YOU” feels to me as though she is removed, distanced, separate from the event. As a Mom, I also feel that she appears more nervous than desperate. I also find it odd that her husband is hiding behind her like a scared little boy, trying to be invisible. It reminds me of a child’s demeanor when they come in after they’ve done something they shouldn’t and have “that look” on their face.


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