12 thoughts on “Who, when, where? Any Guesses?

  1. My guesses are: 1) CW and the Mistress 2) The week he flew out to meet Shan’ann and the girls in NC 3) Departing from a layover in GA. This photo would be a valid reason for CW to retire his FB page, so that he couldn’t be tagged and exposed. In my opinion This may have been taken and posted by a friend who was traveling with them. I believe there is more that is unknown about this case then that which is known. I believe we might have gotten 15-20% truth from CW, if that much. I hope there are scholars of our great US Constitution out there that can weigh in on what our brilliant founding fathers put in place as safeguards against legal shenanigans such as this from happening, the quick shut down of this case before being tried in a public court before the world. The Pledge of Allegiance says “With Liberty and Justice for ALL” (not just major corporations with millions of dollars to “convince” people with).


  2. That kinda looks like NK But I don’t think that’s CW the resemblance is there though

    And the only possibility I could think of that those 2 flew anywhere together is maybe NC…? Could it be he snuck her there when he went for SW last week there?

    Is there anymore details about this flight the person who posted this was on?


    • Likely not either of them since it would be in discovery documents if they took a flight together, but it does look like it could be her. Interesting if she now is searching for a “type” and attention seeking though. Otherwise, she could find herself fading into the public perception abyss.


  3. Hmm. I feel like he didn’t have that cropped military style haircut, but the second picture does resemble his face shape. She vaguely resembles Kessinger but I don’t think it’s them. Who’s Trent Cota?


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