2 thoughts on “Chris Watts ‘Criminal Confessions’ – Trailer

  1. I literally just saw this ad. I’m not sure they can really contribute anything that you, Nick, have not already done. I just bet they won’t dive into their dire financial situation or any other relevant topic. Maybe these folks now want their 5 minutes of fame. Not really sure why they would do this. I’ll be sure to watch but I learn more here!!


  2. I think it’s possible Watts may have initially thought he would just get rid of just Shan’ann. Many think his primary thought was causing a miscarriage, but even if he had succeeded in just that, and his successful efforts had gone undetected, he might be able to apply them to the elimination of his wife. The infant’s death could be a dry run. But then he may have thought, would he be willing to raise his daughters, alone, living with the constant questions that would surely come about just what happened to their mother? They would also impose more financial burden. It would look suspicious to suddenly dis-enroll them from the Primrose school (as it did anyway). All that talk he had had with Kessinger over getting a two bedroom apartment – that really wasn’t something he wanted. He wanted to sell his house and get something nice, maybe something Kessinger could help him pick out, something she might think about moving into. Sure, he could look like the noble single dad but he was finished looking noble and like a happy family man. So I think when he went to North Carolina he was struggling with his dark thoughts around taking them all out. If he took one out, in his mind, they would all have to go. Then he could make his fantasy dream thoughts come true – that they had all just vanished, and were never coming back. Clean slate.


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