11 thoughts on “JBR Photos

  1. Creepy houses – the Ramsey house and the Saratoga trail house. No doubt because we know what happened there to some extent, but there’s an added creepy factor on top. I’m not suggesting the ghoulies and ghosties on discussion forums elsewhere but still – there’s something a bit off. I think the Ramsey one might be down to it being a palace of 80s flounces and frills. You wouldn’t have wanted to light a match in there! And all the ott Xmas stuff, the candy canes etc lends a nightmare before Xmas vive.. The watts house always seems like there’s no windows or link to outside. And the main high ceiling room which should feel airy and spacious feels claustrophobic and oppressive. Maybe a feng shui thing ? Both houses with creepy life size dolls and figures, which doesn’t help.


  2. Most people that have the mentality to kill someone certainly can’t write a note as perfect as that. It’s almost 2020 and most people that write comments on any media make spelling and grammar mistakes every time. The person that wrote this note must be educated.


  3. There’s a lot of photos i don’t think I’ve seen before here. Any ideas why Burke is sporting a black eye in one of them ? (The one where he’s outside with Jon benet).


  4. Maybe this is a stupid question. How are there police photos of JonBenet from when she was found if John Ramsey found her and took her upstairs immediately?


    • Debra, I think they are from where she was laid on the carpet by the Xmas tree – after John Ramsey carried her up from the basement and the police officer (linda) moved her again and placed her on the floor by the tree.


      • I was also maybe thinking that but there are 2 pictures above that has either a towel or a blanket over her head. Did they cover her head after John carried her upstairs and placed her under the Christmas tree?


        • Like they hadn’t wrecked the forensic evidence enough, one of the Ramsey’s then took a throw off the sofa and covered her face and body with it. This was just after patsy had been helped in by her friends to see her and threw herself on helped the body appealing for God to raise her like lazarus. I think (wouldn’t swear to it) that it was patsy who covered her with it.


          • No it was John, but Patsy did throw herself over JonBenet’s form on the ground, and sort of prayed loudly over her. She did something similar at the memorial service.

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  5. Gee, what a glowing report submitted by Kathryn S. Jens, Ph.D to Alex Hunter (letter above). She was asked by Bryan Morgan of Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, the Ramsey attorneys, to review material to determine if there were any signs of abuse in the family and she found none. Guess there wasn’t then! I had forgotten about JonBenet’s nail being bent back on some other occasion – and she references four accidents – the golf club incident, a fall, her nail bent back, and what was the fourth? You would think a 9 almost 10 year old boy would have more accidents than a 6 year old girl since boys play rough yet JonBenet is the one with all of the trips to the Pediatrician.


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