9 thoughts on “Chris Watts “touching his neck” during FBI Interview *also* gave him away

  1. It’s like subconsciously CW is trying to goad the police whilst lying.
    Is that how confident CW really thought people would fall for his lies ?
    That’s some self convincing bull that CW had been telling himself.

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  2. I think he had no choice but to lie, since he decided to talk. His choices were to talk, or not talk. He chose to talk. There wasn’t going to be anything he could say that would sound like he didn’t. Kind of reminds me in 1993 when O.J. Simpson lawyers were playing the race card. Someone asked me why they were mounting that kind of a defense. Couldn’t they just say he didn’t do it and show what an awesome record he had as a football player and his persona of all around affable nice guy? And I said they have no choice. He did do it, his blood was at the crime scene, the victim’s blood was in his Ford Bronco, and they know he did it. In this case Watts knew he did it, and it became abundantly clear to Coder and Lee that he did do it, and his stories that they 1) vanished; 2) she went to a friend’s house with the kids, just weren’t plausible. The difference between O.J. and Watts is O.J. had a lawyer (the first one who resigned, then Shapiro) who told him to keep quiet, and Watts didn’t think to ask for an attorney before speaking. By the time an attorney was appointed for Watts he had already confessed – to killing Shan’ann – and putting his daughters in the oil tanks and Shan’ann in the ground. His confession might have been thrown out of court, but the manner in which he disposed of the bodies was so horrible that had he gone to trial he would have been convicted.


  3. A couple of points I found interesting that I had not thought about :-
    1. Why didn’t the police take a blood sample of CW after he was arrested ?
    Could have bolstered any defence if CW was going to blame it on Thrive but could have also helped the police
    2. Why not interview both sets of parents of Chris and Shan’ann ?
    This would have helped build a better profile of CW


  4. #1 Good point. This isn’t done enough, but one needs probable cause and often by the time one has probable cause any potential effects are down the toilet.
    #2 They did, although I’m somewhat fuzzy on whether Cindy Watts was questioned.


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