5 thoughts on “Nickole Atkinson: “The Grief Doesn’t Stop”

  1. Nickole, You are a heroine and Jesus Christ is your healer.
    Blessings to you and May Jesus keep giving you strength and heals your body complete, very soon.


  2. I sympathize with her, it’s just that posting it on the internet doesn’t seem like a healthy way to process your grief, it’s just strange.


    • I’m going through a really hard time right now and watching Nickole’s video made me feel less alone. On any given different day these might even have been the words I needed to hear that saved my life at that moment. So for what it’s worth, I admire the vulnerability and strength it took for this beautiful woman to share her innermost thoughts with us & I am GRATEFUL. By the way, everyone is entitled to process their grief in whatever way works best for them (bonus if it’s healthy and helps someone else along the way!) free from your judgment so thank goddess for that!


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