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We find out why people do what they do by finding out who people are. And who is a function of identity, social dynamics and backstory.

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Through cogent true crime analysis, especially into criminal psychology, we have a unique opportunity to learn to understand those around us, and principally, ourselves.

This page is dedicated to coverage of current crime news, comments, discussions and brief analysis. Use this page for updates on America’s most high-profile criminal cases,  as well as to find your way to what’s happening where on True Crime Rocket Science [#tcrs].

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Updates include new book releases, news of what’s coming soon, true crime documentary analysis and reviews, interviews and giveaways.

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JUNE 2020

June 9th, 2020

1. The Passive-Aggressive Type and the Chris Watts Case – Patreon

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2. Maddie McCann suspect applies for early release from prison in Germany – as newly unearthed satellite image ‘shows his campervan at his Praia da Luz home’ hours after she vanished – Daily Mail

Madeleine McCann: German prosecutor has ‘evidence’ British girl is dead – Sky News

3. Rare letter detailing Van Gogh and Gauguin’s brothel visits could sell for $282K at auction – CNN

Fullscreen capture 20200609 101357

June 8th, 2020

1. TWO FACE BENEATH THE OIL [Book 2] – Complete Audiobook

2. German Prosecutors Dash Hopes of Finding Madeleine McCann Alive – New York Times

Madeleine McCann suspect posed as a Jaguar-driving wannabe playboy before jail – NZ Herald

POLICE ERRORS Witness ‘spotted Madeleine McCann in German-registered VW van three weeks after she vanished’ – The Sun

TCRS Discussion: It’s raining German Pedophiles! What to make of the Latest Circus Act in the Madeleine McCann Case – Patreon

HUUUUUGE BREAKKTHROUGGHH IN MCCANN CASE – GERMAN PEDOPHILE SUSPECT IDENTIFIED!!!!! [Er…but…um…“W-w-what we have is not enough for an arrest warrant or an indictment.”] – Patreon

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MAY 2020

May 31st, 2020

1. The Complete Series of TCRS Books in Chronological Order – at a glance.

Fullscreen capture 20200530 175726Fullscreen capture 20200530 184311Fullscreen capture 20200530 223838

Vist the TCRS author page here.


2. On Tuesday [June 2nd] the California Supreme Court will hear Scott Peterson’s Appeal Arguments

3. Lori and Charles Vallow Divorce Documents

4. Judge Decides Letecia Stauch’s Next Court Appearance on June 5th Still Stands – but there’s a twist

5. Derek Chauvin, Fired Minneapolis Officer Is Charged With George Floyd’s Murder

May 25th, 2020

1. “Nicky’s son, uh, was at the house when the cops came and that he 692 was runnin’ all over the house and up and down in all the rooms.” – The Kessinger Tapes #10 – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200415 155055-004

You’re fired! Anadarko’s Actual Letter to Chris Watts – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200522 170859

Beneath The Oil – Long Distance Call, Flexibility and the Lesson of Insignificance – Audiobook – Patreon

Did Watts Know the Password To Shan’ann’s Phone? – The Watts Tapes #2 – Patreon

2. Mystery deepens over missing mom Suzanne Morphew– as cops search her house and neighbors say NO ONE actually saw her on a bike – Knewz

“Barry was not home the day Suzanne disappeared…” – Are you sure about that? – Patreon

Suzanne Morphew: Hidden Artefacts in the Timeline – Patreon

Rumor Control: No Arrests, Search for Suzanne Morphew Continues + TCRS ASSESSMENT – Patreon

How do we know Suzanne Morphew actually went for a bike ride? – Patreon

3. These are the first 3 of the last 30 letters Vincent van Gogh wrote during the last two months of his life – Patreon

Photos of Auvers-Sur-Oise – Day of my Arrival [May 14, 2019] #130YearsAgoTodayVanGogh – Patreon

4. William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., the man who recorded Arbery Shotting arrested on suspicion of murder – Patreon

May 15th, 2020

1. As Family Murderer Chris Watts Approaches Birthday, There ‘Isn’t Much Hope for His Future’: Source – PEOPLE

BRAND NEW SERIES: The Watts Tapes – A Closer Look at Watts’ 1.5 Page Handwritten Statement – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200514 130149

Fullscreen capture 20200502 212633

“I can’t sleep. I’m really scared. Where’s your family?” – The Kessinger Tapes #9 – Patreon

2. DEEPER INTO DARKNESS – Complete Audiobook – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200503 094102-003

3. TCRS Recommends Trial by Media [on Netflix]

May 8th, 2020

1. Figuring Out Kessinger’s Game – The Kessinger Tapes #8 – Patreon

Book 2: BENEATH THE OIL Audiobook – Return to Spring Lake – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200415 155042-003

How Did Chris Watts Choose to Defend Himself Against Anxiety and Sadness? – Patreon

2. EARLY ACCESS:Gerry’s Statements: May 4 vs May 10 – DEEPER INTO DARKNESS Audiobook

Fullscreen capture 20200503 094102-002

Why it’s Obvious the McCanns’ “Last Photo” is Fake

TCRS crime scene investigation in Praia da Luz Portugal [Research photos, May 2019]

Subtleties of Local Geography

Patio Area

3. ON ASSIGNMENT: Disaster at Night on a Dirt Road in Namibia [#1]

4. 27 Years Later the Mainstream Media Think of Damien Echols the Way He Thinks of Himself: As a Celebrity – Patreon

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APRIL 2020

April 29th, 2020

1. Chris Watts Murders Reexamined In New Docu-Series: How, When To WatchChris Watts Murders Reexamined In New Docu-Series: How, When To Watch -International Business Times


2. New CCTV shows Vincent van Gogh painting stolen in sledgehammer raid at Dutch museum The Independent

3. Debunking the Pageantry Surrounding the Madeleine McCann Case

Coming soon…

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April 27th, 2020

1. TCRS DEBUNKS THE ACCESSORY THEORY: Why the Watts Children WEREN’T Killed at the Well Site [Part 1 of 3]

TCRS Analyzes New Investigation Discovery Special

The Man Underneath Christopher Watts – His Backstory Vs Her Backstory – Patreon

2. Last Photo of Gannon Stauch – Clear and in Color – Leaked

TCRS Analyzes Letecia Stauch’s Angelfire BlogTCRS Analyzes Letecia Stauch’s Angelfire BlogTCRS Analyzes Letecia Stauch’s Angelfire Blog – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200427 020133Fullscreen capture 20200427 020316Tecia Lynn's Page - Mozilla Firefox 20200427 020451

April 24th, 2020

1. Cindy Watts Breaks Her Silence on Nut Gate – Patreon

“I did say to Ceecee, ‘You can’t always have what you want.'”

“Ceecee – I am so sorry.” – Chris Watts, as he’s doing the hair of his youngest daughter – Patreon

TWO FACE 1 Backstory Part 4: Motive is simpler and more complicated than you think – Patreon

COMING SOON: The 2nd edition of BOOK 1 in the TWO FACE series in paperback!


2. Gannon Stauch: Revisiting Disposal Site #1 + Powers and Carefree Rendezvous Point + Harley’s Work [VIDEO] – Patreon

3. Damien Echols: The Devil is in the Details – Patreon

April 19th, 2020

1. 50 Shan’ann Watts Posts You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Frank Rzucek takes another Swipe at YouTube Creator

2. LETECIA STAUCH 32-Page Arrest Affidavit

BOY, INTERRUPTED now #3 Amazon Bestseller

Fullscreen capture 20200419 231139


TCRS Analysis on how Al and Letecia were UNEQUALLY YOKED – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200419 130908-002

3.Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance – Medium

Excellent Article on the CoronaVirus:

April 17th, 2020

1. The Kessinger Tapes #5: “I think people are gonna think I’m, like, the reason that he went off the deep end.” – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200126 105407

Episode 5 deals with pages 115-126 of the August 16th redacted transcript.

2.BOY, INTERRUPTED THE MURDER OF GANNON STAUCH is available in paperback at this link.


Gannon Stauch: Was Letecia Abusive?


GANNON STAUCH: What a GLOBAL STUDY on the Killing of Children Tells Us About Letecia [PART 1 of 2] – Patreon

Another Watts/Stauch Intertexuality – Anniversaries – Patreon

April 14th, 2020

1. Gannon Stauch’s Body was stored for 30 Hours in Letecia’s Black VW Tiguan Before Disposal


Complete Audiobook available soon. First 15 of 19 chapters have already been loaded onto Patreon [$5 tier].

Letecia Stauch: Any Substance to the Softball Bat Connection? – Patreon

2. Detective Baumhover Breaks His Silence on the Watts Case – Patreon

Shan’ann, Bella [injured] and Ceecee Having Fun with Ronnie Watts [VIDEO] – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200414 161243

3. South Africa’s Ramaphosa blasts ‘despicable’ crime wave during coronavirus lockdown– CNBC

April 5th, 2020


Fullscreen capture 20200302 133428

2.Letecia Stauch 32-Page Affidavit – Patreon

TCRS Walk-Through of Letecia Stauch Affidavit– Patreon

“Large volume of blood found under Gannon’s bed.” – Affidavit – Patreon

Letecia Stauch Faked Questions and Answers in Online Polygraph Test – Leaked Affidavit – Patreon

Letecia Stauch: iPhone Browser History January 25-29, 2020 Shows She Was Unhappily Married to Al– Patreon

Coming soon…

Fullscreen capture 20200404 095434-002

3. Damien Echols: Self-styled Lockdown Guru – Patreon

11 Days After Fuming About a Coughing Passenger, a Bus Driver Died From the Coronavirus – New York Times

April 3rd, 2020

1. Letecia Stauch Faked a Polygraph Test – Leaked Affidavit

Letecia Stauch Arrest Affidavit Leaked, New Evidence In Gannon Stauch Murder – CBS Denver

New details in Gannon Stauch case, arrest papers leaked on social media – KKTV

Gannon Stauch Murdered in his bedroom in the afternoon; blood found on mattress, Letecia’s daughter possible accessory – Leaked Affidavit – Patreon

Letecia Stauch Complete 32-Page Affidavit – Patreon

2. The Kessinger Tapes #3: “I would never justify what he did. I think it’s fuckin’ disgusting.”

3. C.I.A. Hunts for Authentic Virus Totals in China, Dismissing Government Tallies – New York Times

April 1st, 2020


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2. Inside the Unknown Story of the Forgotten West Memphis ThreeEOnline

Who do you despise the most in True Crime? Damien Echols is my pick [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES]


People Get Ready! –

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MARCH 2020

Fullscreen capture 20191120 083224

March 21st, 2020


Gannon Stauch case: Missing boy’s remains found in Florida; nine new charges filed against Letecia Stauch – Denver Post

Where was Letecia Stauch between February 3rd and February 5th? – Patreon

“Blood Type A Most Likely To Die From CoronaVirus” – Patreon

A TCRS Member Shares Her CoronaVirus Experience – Patreon

My CoronaVirus Diary – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200126 105347

2. THE KESSINGER TAPES #1: “So his story was believable? That she was pregnant from another man…”– Patreon

3. CORONAVIRUS: World’s Toiletpaper Fetish Explained

“Interestingly, the core of how our immune system fights infection, as well as the variability of how different infections affect different people, is found in our blood types. “ – Patreon

4. Coronavirus: Hunt for Madeleine McCann could be halted so police can focus on 999 calls– The Mirror

March 18th, 2020

1. Ego – The Invisible Face Underlying the Chris Watts Case– Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200310 194026

Why Do Parents Kill Their Children?

2. Coming soon on Patreon:

Fullscreen capture 20200317 011157

3. Durst trial postponed due to Coronavirus:

Fullscreen capture 20200316 124029

4. Coming soon on the YouTube Channel:

Fullscreen capture 20200317 190635

March 14th, 2020

1. Self-Esteem: The Key to Understanding Chris Watts – and Ourselves – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200310 193638

2. Defense suggests Robert Durst’s father was behind Kathie Durst disappearance – New York Post

During cross-examination of a prosecution witness at Durst’s Los Angeles murder trial, defense lawyer David Chesnoff asked whether Kathie McCormack Durst ever said expressed fear “that Seymour Durst was going to kill her.”

“She was wary of the family a little bit, yes,” Dr. Marion Watlington answered.

Chensnoff then rephrased his question, saying, “‘She was worried that the father was going to kill her.’ Do you remember saying that?”

“Yes, I do. Yes,” Watlington answered.

3. OCD and anxiety disorder treatment can be complicated by coronavirus fears – Washington Post

Fullscreen capture 20200314 203646

Don’t Go Down a Coronavirus Anxiety Spiral – Wired

Fullscreen capture 20200314 204122

4. Justice in a time of coronavirus: Scared jurors, delayed trials, court closures – LA Times

March 11th, 2020

1. Chris Watts Murder House Sale Delayed Again: Last Chance for Auction?– Westword

2. This Ought to be Good: Robert Durst will Testify in his Own Defense – DURST TRIAL DAY 4– Patreon

Robert Durst’s defense: He found his friend’s dead body and fled in panic – LA Times

Robert Durst’s Murder Trial Begins After Decades of Suspicion – New York Times

Robert Durst will take the stand at his California murder trial– New York Post

Robert Durst will testify at his murder trial, defense lawyer says – Reuters

Robert Durst admits to writing anonymous letter to police, finding body of slain best friend — but didn’t kill her, attorney says – FoxNews

Fullscreen capture 20200311 071243

March 6th, 2020

1. Nickole Atkinson talks about the grief not stopping.

Silver Fox The Third Confession now available in paperback.

silvwer fix

2. Robert Durst – Trial Day 2 [Analysis]–

March 4th, 2020

1. How much of Chris Watts’ Sentencing Hearing was true – or how little?

2. Robert Durst Trial Starts


4. TCRS LIVE on Patreon on Sunday at 10am EST.

Fullscreen capture 20200304 173151-001

March 2nd, 2020

1. TWO FACE EPILOGUE, the final book in the bestselling TWO FACE series is available as a complete audiobook for just $5.

Fullscreen capture 20200219 214758-002

2. Inside Amanda Knox’s Perfectly Conventional Love Story – EOnline


As far as I’m aware, isn’t the cat sandwiched between the two of them dead now?

3. Latest JonBenet Ramsey podcast focusses on another dead-end, this time John Mark Karr.

4. Coming soon exclusive to Patreon:

Fullscreen capture 20200302 133428

5. From the archives: Diane Downs – All Interviews – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200302 121523


February 28th, 2020

1. Detective Baumhover Disables Commenting After His Second Post

2. On Day 30 CSI Teams Descend on Stauch Home – Patreon

3. Van Gogh’s Death Dramatized as Accidental Shooting in At Eternity’s Gate is so bad it’s Laughable

February 24th, 2020

1. The Logic Fallacy of CBI Agent Tammy Lee’s “Second-Version-More-Horrible-It-Must-Be-True”

Shan’ann on the phone with Cindy and Ronnie Watts [VIDEO] – Patreon

Shan’ann Watts Talks about her Fears [VIDEO] – Patreon

From the archives:

How happy were Bella and Celeste?

2. The Killing of JonBenet Podcast: Pageant Pedophiles

Pageant Pedophiles aren’t relevant to JonBenet Ramsey – but Pageants and Pedophiles Are – Patreon

3. 11-year-old Gannon Stauch still missing after four weeks of investigation – KRDO

4. 30 Medical Experts Gathered in Amsterdam to Definitively Diagnose Van Gogh’s “Madness” in 2016…

Coming Soon on Patreon a three-part series debunking the Accessory Conspiracy:

February 21st, 2020

1. Legal Battle Over Watts Family Autopsy Reports

Chris Watts or Shan’ann? Who Changed More over the course of their Marriage?

2. Weinstein Jury Appears Deadlocked on Most Serious Counts – Variety

Harvey Weinstein trial: jury reviews Sopranos actor’s testimony – The Guardian

February 20th, 2020

1. Armchair Detective Solves the Watts Case with a Huge Clue

18th Review on SILVER FOX:

Fullscreen capture 20200220 223842

TWO FACE EPILOGUE – Audiobook – Chapter 1 – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200219 214758-003

2. Jurors in Weinstein rape trial ask to review Rosie Perez testimony – EWN

How the charges in Harvey Weinstein’s trial work, and why Annabella Sciorra’s testimony is so vital – CNN

Who’s Who in the Harvey Weinstein Trial– New York Times


Brittainy Newman/The New York Times

3. The Best Mainstream Theory on who killed JonBenet is full of Crap – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200219 215919-001

February 19th, 2020

1. Episode 12 of The Atkinson Transcripts on PatreonEpisode 12 of The Atkinson Transcripts on Patreon

Or read the original post here.

2. Weinstein’s former assistant breaks NDA after 20 years of silence

3. From the archives:

Suicide is a Much Bigger Problem than Murder – Psychology Today

Discussion on Patreon> Caroline Flack, dead at 40: Who is to blame when someone commits suicide?

4. Faye Swetlik Autopsy Results

5. What rights do you have – and do you not have – as a passenger on a plane?

A passenger said she’s hurt after her reclined seat was repeatedly ‘punched.’ She asked for help, but said a flight attendant threatened her – CNN

Discussion on Patreon.

6. Off-duty officers stop a robbery when a masked man intrudes on their date night – CNN

February 15th, 2020

1. Silver Fox II Latest Review:

Fullscreen capture 20200215 170702


Fullscreen capture 20200215 150109

2. Kirk Douglas played Van Gogh in 1950s film Lust for Life: a look at the biopic and the myths it made – The Art Newspaper

Fullscreen capture 20200215 094745

Key quote:

To prepare for his role, Douglas practiced painting swooping birds, to portray the moment when the artist was finishing Wheatfield with Crows (1890). In the film, Douglas completes the picture by almost stabbing the canvas with the marks of black crows. He then abandons his painting and leans against a tree, writing a final note and quickly pulling a gun from his pocket. We now know that Wheatfield with Crows was not his final painting, it was done some days before the shooting. But partly thanks to Lust for Life it still remains the picture which is closely associated with the artist’s suicide.

Note: Analysis of this article below:

3. What Really Happened To JonBenet Ramsey? Catch Up On ‘The Killing Of JonBenet: The Final Suspects’– Radar Online

February 14, 2020

1. Is THRIVE the missing piece of the puzzle? – Patreon

2. Oscar Pistorius: 7 years later so many Unanswered Questions

3. This year is the 130th anniversary of the death of the world’s most beloved, expensive and misunderstood artist Vincent van Gogh.

Full transcript of Van Gogh’s letter to Art Critic Albert Aurier [9 or 10 February 1890] – Patreon

February 12th, 2020


Fullscreen capture 20200117 153045

The Atkinson Transcripts – Shan’ann’s final call to Chris Watts on the night of August 12, hours before her murder: “He started working out while he was on the phone with me. So I just let him go.” [#11 of 15] – Patreon

2. The Case Against Ezra McCandless – CBS

Ezra McCandless testifies in her trial where she is accused of stabbing a man to death – WI Proud

Pretty in pink: DA says murder suspect “put on a show” at trial – CBS

Court TV:


February 10th, 2020

1.”Nothing About this case Makes Sense” – Ashleigh Banfield, HLN, September 9th, 2018

2. The Author And Reeva Steenkamp – Patreon

Reeva didn’t plan on spending Valentine’s Night with Oscar – so why did she? – Patreon


3. The Killing of JonBebet Farcecast: Phantasms, Kooks and Crooks – Patreon

February 9th, 2020

1. SILVER FOX II now available in paperback.

Fullscreen capture 20200203 095340

2. Bloody Valentine – More Questions than Answers [#2] – Patreon

Documentary series on Oscar Pistorius on the 7 year anniversary featuring TCRS.

Cape family fun run in aid of Reeva Steenkamp’s foundation – iol

3. How murdered Meredith Kercher’s dad spent his final years in agonising ‘limbo’ as Amanda Knox partied and got married – The Sun

4. From the archives: Michael Jackson’s maid reveals sordid Neverland secrets –  60 Minutes Australia

February 6th, 2020

1. Just published!

“How wedded were each of these people, and how did that drive the wheels towards inevitable annihilation?”

2. Preliminary Analysis of Gannon Stauch Family Statement – Patreon

3. “Weckert added that his work highlights the “blindness” that arises when people think of data as “objective, unambiguous and interpretation free.”

February 5th, 2020

1. Advance Copy of SILVER FOX II [Intro + First 2 Chapters] – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200203 095340

2. Gannon Stauch: The Plot Thickens – Patreon

Neighbor’s video surveillance could provide answers in the search for a missing boy in Colorado – CNN

Surveillance video shows stepmom with Colorado boy before he went missing – ABC

3. Did JonBenet Ramsey’s Dad John Ramsey’s Business Competitor Have a Personal Vendetta? – Radar

“Business Grudges”, Odd Ducks, Somebody Who Is Sick or Burke and JonBenet’s Doodles? – Patreon


January 31st, 2020

1. Chapter 7 of the SILVER FOX THE THIRD CONFESSION Audiobook is now available – Patreon $5 tier

Fullscreen capture 20200117 152556

2. TCRS Analysis of The Killing of JonBenet Podcast: New Leads? Not Even Close! – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20191230 172428

3. Heidi Broussard: Murder Weapon Identified – Patreon

January 30th, 2020

1. 13 Things *RIGHT* with the Chris Watts Lifetime Movie

2. Friend of slain mother Heidi Broussard charged with capital murder and kidnapping – CNN

3. Trump’s attacks against Bolton highlight past attempts to influence witnesses – CNN

White House has issued formal threat to Bolton to keep him from publishing book – CNN

January 29th, 2020

1. Shanann Watts – Live Video

2. ‘Cold, calculating and cruel’: Krystal Kenney sentenced to 3 years in prison – KOAA

Krystal Kenney sentenced to 3 years in prison in connection to the Kelsey Berreth case – The Denver Channel

3. Why JonBenet Ramsey’s Half-Brother Is ‘Absolutely Confident’ Her Killer Will Be Found– Closer

JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Positive Her Homicide Will Be Cracked With DNA Proof – Pioneer Columnist

4. Fotis Dulos, Charged With Killing His Wife, Jennifer, Attempts Suicide – New York Times

Fotis Dulos, CT Man Accused of Murdering Wife, in Critical Condition After Being Found in His Garage – Time


January 28th, 2020

1. 31 Things Wrong with CHRIS WATTS CONFESSIONS OF A KILLER – Review and Analysis [UPDATED]

“She was a ball of love…” – Patreon

2. JONBENÉT: New Leads – Podcast

Visit Patreon for the TCRS analysis debunking every episode in this podcast series.

Fullscreen capture 20191230 172428

3. Facebook will now show you exactly how it stalks you — even when you’re not using Facebook – Washington Post


January 27th, 2020

1. 31 Things Wrong with CHRIS WATTS CONFESSIONS OF A KILLER – Review and Analysis

TCRS Analysis of the Final Scene in Confessions of a Killer – Patreon

Fullscreen capture 20200127 013753

Chris Watts’ murder of wife, young daughters gets renewed spotlight in new Lifetime movies – Fox News

2. My grandfather survived four years in Auschwitz. For the rest of his life he was determined not to remain imprisoned by it – CNN

January 26th, 2020

1. Agent Coder Guessed Strangulation Based on Watts Repeatedly Touching His Neck– Patreon

“She didn’t fight him. The entire time she thought he was going to let go, right up to the very end.” – Patreon

Lifetime Movie lie detector clip – Patreon

Did Chris Watts Have Any Defensive Wounds On Him From Killing His Wife? – Oxygen

Fullscreen capture 20200124 144643

2. Anatomy of a Lie: How Iran Covered Up the Downing of an Airliner – New York Times


January 25th, 2020

1. Lifetime Got A Few Things Right, Didn’t They? – Patreon

The Heartbreaking True Story of Chris Watts and His Wife and Daughters’ Murders – Good Housekeeping

Although Chris had pleaded guilty to all three murders, he hadn’t yet told the real story of what happened on the morning of August 13, 2018. But in a five-hour follow-up interview with investigators from prison, Chris revealed the truth: After fighting with Shanann that morning about his wish to separate, Chris strangled her to death. While he was trying to bring his wife’s body downstairs, he said, Bella and Celeste woke up and came to ask him what was going on. He then loaded the girls and their mother’s body into his truck, drove to the oil site, and smothered the girls one by one before disposing of the three bodies.

The real story?

2. Jeff Bezos’ leaked text messages may have come from his girlfriend – Engadget

Jeff Bezos, Tabloid Man – New York Times


January 24th, 2020

1. Thrive turned Chris Watts into a Murderous Rage Monster – Lifetime Movie

Does Chris Watts Lifetime Movie Blame Wife for Her Own Murder? – Westword

“Could thrive supplements and patch be the cause of Chris Watts’s Rage?” – Shakedown

2. Domestic worker, two others allegedly try to strangle Durban man in his home – then wife ‘joins’ in – News24

January 23th, 2020

1. The Darkness Inside Chris Watts

5 areas are investigated as a source of Chris Watts’ so-called “Darkness.”

1. Rage.

2. Evil

3. Lust

4. Fear.

5. The Lie of Character

So, if it’s one more than another, which is it?

How the Vital Lie of Character connects all of us to the Criminal Mind – Patreon

2. Wife killer Jason Rohde could score from fallout between judges – TimesLive

3. Schiff brilliantly crushes Trump defense – CNN

January 17th, 2020

1. Preview of the Reelz documentary.

2. The entire Christmas Star Audiobook is now available on Patreon, all 10 chapters for just $5.

Fullscreen capture 20200117 184716-001

3. Exclusive: Evelyn Yang reveals she was sexually assaulted by her OB-GYN while pregnant – CNN

4. Impeachment trial live updates: Trump expands legal team to include Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr and others – Washington Post


5. This Is the Guy Who’s Taking Away the Likes – New York Times

…making likes private will be a major shift for Instagram’s more than 1 billion users, for whom daily assessment of one another’s popularity has become like breathing….

January 16th, 2020

Fullscreen capture 20200116 184538-001

1. Shanann Watts’ family denounces upcoming Lifetime movie about daughter’s murder – ABC7

“Armchair detectives going out there trying to find scraps of evidence, saying, ‘Chris really wasn’t the killer, it was X’ or, ‘his original confession was the true confession and Shanann did have a hand in this’ or ‘there is some sort of conspiracy going to it,’ that kind of stuff bothers them a lot,” family attorney Steven Lambert said to ABC Denver 7.

Family of Shanann Watts speaks out against movie depicting murder – 9News

2. The Senate impeachment trial has officially started– CNN

January 15th, 2020

1. Rzuceks expected to make a statement ahead of release of Lifetime movie on January 25th.


The Atkinson Transcripts – Nickole describes Watts couple “screwin’ like rabbits” before North Carolina [#7 of 15]– Patreon

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2. Episode 5 is one of the most infuriating of the Netflix series The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. TCRS explains exactly why.

3. Why did he do it?

Aaron Hernandez documentaries struggle with the ‘why’ of the NFL star’s story – CNN

Man Says He Was Aaron Hernandez’s Lover When They Were in School: ‘We Had to Hide’– People

The Worrisome Reporting on Aaron Hernandez’s Sexuality – The New Yorker

‘Killer Inside’: Netflix Fans Are Hooked on New Aaron Hernandez Documentary Series – Pop Culture

January 7th, 2020

1.Christmas Star Audiobook – Chapter 2 – Patreon

JonBenet Ramsey: What was the Murder Weapon? – Patreon

2. Magen Fieramusca Complete Arrest Affidavit

Friend of Heidi Broussard tried to pass off the slain mother’s baby as her own, prosecutors say – CNN

TCRS: The information in the above article makes it possible to discern the motive in the murder of Heidi Broussard. Can you see what it is?

Have you been able to figure out Magen’s Motive yet? – Patreon

3. TCRS DEBUNK: The Lies Beneath the Truth – Episode 1 Review and Analysis

4. Latest sexual abuse suit against the Boy Scouts of America could open the door to many more– CNN

January 6th, 2020

1. Anne K. Howard declares war on Cherlyn Cadle

2. Burke Ramsey’s Response when Dr. Phil shows him the “Last Photo”

3. Heidi Broussard: Unsealed affidavit – KVUE

January 4th, 2020

1. New Original Special Chris Watts, Colorado Killer Dad: The Friends Speak Premieres Saturday, January 25 at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT on REELZ. [REELZ also produced Capturing Chris Watts on Sunday September 15, 2019].


Chris and Shanann Watts were by all accounts the perfect couple with two adorable children in Celeste and four-year-old Bella. In 2018 this family was shattered by the disappearance and murder of Shanann and the kids at the hands of Chris himself. How is it possible for something this horrific to happen in the sleepy mountain town of Frederick, Colorado, a small suburb north of Denver? Did Chris simply snap the morning of the murders or was it something much more calculated and sinister? Friends and neighbors of the Watts family come together to unravel the secrets behind this story and share their heart wrenching experiences of navigating the aftermath of the tragedy. Viewers will also see chilling police footage of Chris as he unravels from his distraught family man act during police interrogation and his tearful confession to his own father. Also sharing his experience working on the case is Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke who examines the relationship between Chris and Shanann Watts leading up to the murders. Chris Watts, Colorado Killer Dad: The Friends Speak is produced by Kinetic Content and Pyramid Pictures.

2. TCRS Recommends: American Animals – Patreon [Free Content]

How the Vital Lie of Character connects all of us to the Criminal MindPatreon [Patrons Only]

3. Netflix names 2019’s 10 most popular shows – Harper’s Bizaar

TCRS: 2 true crime shows appear in the top 10 at #1 and #10. #1 is The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. TCRS has reviewed and analzed each episode. Visit the MCCAN tab and scroll down for all the reviews. This is the first:

Netflix Doccie on Madeleine McCann – Episode 1 Review and Analysis


December 28th, 2019

1. This is why Chris Watts thought he could get away with the annihilation of his family

The fifth book in Nick van der Leek’s definitive TWO FACE series on Chris Watts does exactly what the title claims: it drills deep through the mountain of Discovery Documents. Now available in paperback!


2. New “Last Photo” of JonBenet Ramsey has just been released – and there’s a problem…

In CHRISTMAS STAR the world’s most prolific true crime author tackles brand new evidence related to the unsolved JonBenent Ramsey case, in a brand new way.

3. Jamal Khashoggi: Saudis sentence five to death for journalist’s murder – BBC

‘This is the moment’: Calls for action after Khashoggi verdict -AlJazeera

Scant justice to be found in Jamal Khashoggi verdicts – Financial Times

The trial of 11 Saudis accused of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was Riyadh’s chance to prove it was sincere in its pledge to hold to account all those responsible for the gruesome killing of the journalist and critic of the kingdom’s regime, regardless of rank. Yet the verdicts handed down this week carry all the hallmarks of a sham trial.

Eight of the 11 were convicted. Five were sentenced to death and three to 24 years in prison. But the two most prominent officials implicated in the murder, Saud al-Qahtani and Ahmed Assiri, were cleared of any wrongdoing. Both were confidantes of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the time of the killing and both had previously been implicated by the state prosecutor as masterminds behind the operation that led to Khashoggi’s death. But it was revealed that Mr Qahtani, a senior adviser to the crown prince, never even made it to trial after the prosecutor deemed there was insufficient evidence to charge him. Mr Assiri, the former deputy intelligence chief, was released because of a lack of evidence.

The Khashoggi Cover-Up Goes On – The New York Times


Chris Watts Family Homicides were far from a “Perfect Murder” – HERE’S what a perfectly executed murder looks like

4. McDonald’s employees assist woman who mouths ‘help me’ in the drive thru – CNN

December 21st, 2019

1. Book 6 of the TWO FACE series is now available in paperback. TWO FACE THE MYSTERIOUS MISTRESS is 346 pages long, it’s the longest book in the TCRS series on Chris Watts.


Order here.

2. Who Tipped the Cops Off About Maygen Fieramusca?

CCTV shows Heidi Broussard got into Maygen’s car – Willingly – CrimeRocket II

Heidi and Shane: The Plot Thickens – CrimeRocket II

3. Most Popular on right now:

New “Last Photo” of JonBenet Ramsey has just been released – and there’s a problem…

December 19th, 2019

1. Chris Watts Agrees to Pay $6 Million in Civil Suit to His Murdered Wife’s Family – People

TCRS Assessment of “The Dark Triad”

TCRS’ Analysis of Criminal Confessions


2. Day 7 of Heidi Broussard Disappearance: Statement Analysis, Social Media Analysis and TCRS Assessment

Police Search for Missing Texas Mom and Her 2-Week-Old Baby – The Daily Beast

Boyfriend of missing South Austin woman, baby speaks out – Fox7

Austin dad pleads for safe return of his two-week-old daughter, her mother – CBS Austin

3.Patrick Frazee had 1,500 calls the week after he was sentenced to life in prison – KRDO

December 9th, 2019

1. New book published on Chris Watts, focussing on the psychological angle.

2. Nora Quoirin’s parents say ‘criminal element’ involved in her death – The Guardian

December 4th, 2019

1. Chris Watts ‘Criminal Confessions’ Trailer – Oxygen

Shanann Watts And Her Children Have Been ‘Erased Out Of Their Own Murder’ – Oxygen

The Atkinson Transcripts [#1]: “I found Shan’ann’s purse…” – TCRS Patreon

What Was Chris Watts Motive For Killing His Entire Family? – Oxygen

What was Chris Watts’ Most Emotional Moment?

2. Patrick Frazee’s Hit List to Snitch Jacob Bentley [PHOTOS] – CrimeRocket II

Krystal Kenney to know her fate on January 28th +”Kenney’s actions were not aggravated…” – CrimeRocket II




  1. I remember when this little Madeleine girl disappeared. I didn’t follow the story and haven’t read anything about it and I know less than 1/8 about what happened but when the reporter asked the McCanns “did you murder your daughter” why did the mother immediately look at the father as if to see what the answer is? Or should be? That looked like she was looking to him for the answer. I’ve done that myself when asked a question and I wasn’t quite sure what I should say, I would look at whomever I was sure knew the answer. Interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    • Karen the unsolved McCann case is Britain’s version of the JonBenet Ramsey story. In my opinion it’s even crazier, because after eleven years and over £11 million pounds spent on searching for her, she’s considered the most expensive missing person case in history.

      The McCanns maintain their daughter is still alive out there – think of it as the kidnapping phase of the Ramsey case multiplied over years, and now the years are hitting double digits, but there’s still hope! The search continues! Oh and no Ransom Note.

      The Daily Telegraph in 2008 described the search for Madeleine as the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.And yet cadaver dogs picked up cadaver traces inside the McCanns’ Ocean Club apartment – in the cupboard of the bedroom, behind the couch in the living room, in the garden under the balcony, in the trunk of the rental they hired a few weeks after the incident, on the key of the rental, on Madeleine’s cuddly cat [a favorite toy], inside the villa they hired and on certain items of Kate McCann’s clothing.

      If you’re interested in the Rocket Science analysis of this case, consider reading the DOUBT trilogy.

      When DOUBT was published in 2017, on the 10 year anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, DOUBT was a #2 bestseller on’s overall True Crime category, edging out the McCann’s book throughout this critical period.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m sure you already know this but I don’t see it posted here. Chris Watt’s court appearance has been moved up from Nov 19 to next Tuesday Nov 6. Interesting how his appearance is now scheduled for Election Day. Is someone hoping there will be less media coverage/interest due to all the coverage on the election?

    Liked by 2 people

      • So far I’m rather disappointed in the presentation of the State’s heads. I feel VN placed too much focus on certain aspects and far too little on other (far more damning) points. Perhaps Judge Salie-Hlope’s constant interjection threw him off his game… I feel his overall argument lacked certainty and left far too much ambiguity (if that makes sense). How I wish our “learned friends” would put more effort into their delivery. I did enjoy reading your tweets and additional observations… It allows readers to see the bigger picture – the human picture.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I think the Judge was also not happy. It’s a difficult horse to ride though, deliver quickly and succinctly but make time for being interrupted often…


  3. With so many major cases being ‘wrapped up’ this week (Watts, Rohde, Hannah Cornelius) I decided I needed something for the weekend. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into DOUBT. I’ve had so many opinions in the last 10+ years… time to see if they bear any weight.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Weld District Attorney’s Office says it will release autopsy reports in Watts case after sentencing
    The Weld District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday confirmed it will release the autopsy reports for Shanann, Bella and Celeste Watts following a scheduled sentencing hearing for Christopher Watts, Shanann’s husband and father of the two girls, who has pleaded guilty to killing all three.

    The sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. 19 and follows a Tuesday guilty plea entered by Watts in exchange for the death penalty being taken off the table in the case.


  5. Am I the only one here that thinks this has all been wrapped up so quickly is because Chris told his lawyers the truth and they went to the prosecutor with a deal (twice) and that’s why Chris just rolled over? I feel like I’m the only one who thinks he isn’t getting a trial because he doesn’t want one and just wants this to be done


    • Yea, I think he didn’t want all the info to come out, the fact that the neighbors camera never showed shanann ever leaving the house was all they needed. His truck was the only vehicle seen. Karma for him is it came out anyways in discovery being released. That interview with his parents when they were asked what happened to that boy they were describing and they replied he met shanann. So are they going to say now he changed cause he met Nichole? Who raised him that he could not seem to stand up for himself? His mother, she’s narcissistic and controlling as well

      Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe Chris ultimately wanted less publicity so as to increase his chances of surviving prison – low profile as it were, without details of the horrible killings of his children. He was intelligent but not smart – his attorneys may have pointed out that he could die in prison, sooner rather than later.


      • It didn’t work then, since i just read that an inmate was selling “Chris Watts’ semen-stained underwear” for $500 on Craigslist.


  6. Didnt the detectives double check the number Chris’s alleged male lover had for Chris against Chris’s cell phone numbers he had? He had a work and personal cell seems like it wouldn’t be hard just to verify the cell numbers.


  7. If Patrick Frazee is having a Public Defender represent him, from what I understand that means he wouldn’t have money to pay a lawyer. How does it work then with the Federal suit Kelsey’s parents have filed, if he has no money who would pay the amount they are seeking?


    • Does he own that property, though, or is it in his mother’s name? She lives on the property, too. Is there some reason Frazee would have put purchases in his mother’s name (tax break, bad credit, etc.)? If so, then a suit couldn’t touch that. I think it’s kind of complicated, as his mother might rely on that equipment for her livelihood. I dunno.


  8. Sometimes I think these lawsuits are filed more to make a point than anything else. Depositions can also show more than strict cross examinations in court. A “win” in one of these suits, if it occurs before the criminal trial, could help the prosecution pursue new leads. Plus, prevailing in the suit may even reduce the convicted killer’s chance of parole later on if there are bombshells in the depositions that can be publicized. It’s often all about public perception, and manipulating that.


  9. Maybe this was addressed somewhere else on here but I couldn’t find it. Why wasn’t Chris Watts guilty pleas on November 6th, 2018 allowed to be recorded like his other court dates?


  10. The most heartbreaking picture in the Watts story, to me, is the one above of little Cece hugging her Dad at the airport in NC. At that moment, she had days to live..

    I know how those little hugs feel…this is the purest love there is.

    Wonder if he remembers how that felt.


  11. @Nick I watched the video posted 1/23 about the Vivint Security and the camera that records data the homeowner can’t access or erase, but Vivint keeps for 3 months. Do you think CW was recorded carrying the bodies and police used this evidence?


    • Maura I think the cops are sitting on a lot of evidence.

      But I suspect Watts turned off the Vivint security between roughly 02:00 and 04:00. Same reason he probably turned off the router – to create digital black holes. It would be interesting to know if this turning on or off is logged anywhere. If he didn’t turn it off he may have “tricked the system”. For example placing a piece of paper over a motion sensor defeats its capability – simple, quick and easy to do.


  12. This is the person you just kicked out of your group… I come from a long line of convicted criminals. I spent years eye-to-eye counseling criminals in prisons (for free), have held the hands of killers who were terminally ill as they confessed their last before crossing over. I’m proud of this skill-set, but that’s not why I’m telling you this. I am telling you this for your benefit.


    • Ralph. The gay killer, no trial, jail. Hardly any info on this case. We don’t know where he killed them. He stangled, he staged the bodies, clothes, pictures. But no info on how he chopped up bodies. Only bones found in flower pots.
      Cops actually broke in after watching a guy go into his apt. The guy was naked, tied to the bed. He arrested.


  13. It was frustrating watching the trauma-sensing dog in the Watts basement on the video posted today. The bodycam work was so poor, it almost negates the whole purpose of that equipment. Put the damn camera on the dog, ffs.

    Noticed that the dog alerted at the area at the right of the base of the stairwell. Could Watts have lain in wait there when Shan’ann came home, the children already dead and stored in the refrigerator. Shan’an could have gone upstairs and not found anybody, then raced down to the basement where he waited.

    Being the clean freak he was, he could have prepared the area with sheets of plastic or just the bedsheets.

    Haven’t see any videos relating to the cadaver dogs’ findings in the basement.


  14. NVDL: pay no attention to the toxic “fans”! Your books and commentary are so fascinating. You said you may end the Watts coverage at the end of February. Does this mean the Annihilation and Oblivion books may not be available? Oh no!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Nick, I agree with Susan.
    Don’t stop contributing your insightful, and incredible work!
    I look forward to reading your books!!
    I enjoy learning so much from the debates, introspect, and
    thought provoking style that you provide.
    Thank you for this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks JH. I will be scaling down coverage of the Watts case from this point onwards. The books will continue though. I may cover the Frazee case next, later this month or I might not. Watch this space 😉

      Liked by 3 people

  16. There is another case that sounds intriguing to me but I know you have your hands full. Ryan Widmer, who was convicted of drowning his newlywed wife in the bathtub (2008?). There is doubt though – there have been 3 trials and he’s still appealing. There are similarities to Watts – the couple appeared so happy together, etc. But shortly after marriage he claims she stopped taking an interest in his career, she had OCD, she wouldn’t let him so much as pick out a can of paint for the house and she had a strange illness that caused her to fall asleep at odd moments. Which was his defense of course – she fell asleep in the tub and drowned. In interviews Widmer seems disconnected, almost happy. There is a book out about it called “Submerged” and the author has changed her mind as to whether Ryan is guilty or not. There is so much crime to research and write about, isn’t there? This one seems very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “she had a strange illness that caused her to fall asleep at odd moments”

      Exactly as if she was being drugged without her awareness, right?


  17. Listening to the 2nd confession tapes…I’m feeling very uncomfortable about the collegial atmosphere. I also hear a lot of Shan’ann bashing.


  18. ‘Kenney reportedly told investigators that Frazee had called her on that day and said, “You need to get out here now. You’ve got a mess to clean up.”’

    That last bit would’ve pissed me right off. I would have said, “No, YOU’ve got a mess to clean up. Hop to it, buddy!”

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Couldn’t figure out the best place to put this, so here it is. Surely you’ve noticed the latest from “Foxy Knoxy” – she and her fiancé want everybody to pay for their wedding and party (for their invited guests only) – from–abc-news-topstories.html

    “Let’s face it, we don’t need any more stuff,” the couple write…on their crowd-funding page. “What we do need is help putting on the best party ever for our family and friends! Now we’re asking for help so that we can shower our friends and family with love and celebration! Instead of a traditional registry, we are asking for donations towards the cost of the wedding,” they write. “Whether you’re attending or not, all are welcome to donate to specific costs, or at a patron level.” Doesn’t seem that they’re just “asking for tips and suggestions” to me.

    We’re not crowdsourcing but we “didn’t want to put the registry behind a similar protection because…there are “thousands of people who are supportive of me who follow me and very often [they] want to feel connected to me and I try my best to share that.” Offering “multiple levels of patrons (stellar, galactic, or temporal) that visitors (public and private) could opt to become, that will help pay for things” isn’t asking the public to help pay for this extravaganza. Who is she trying to kid.

    so it’s not a crowdfunding site…it’s just a site where her ‘well-wishers’ can give her money…which is a CROWDFUNDING SITE. Come off it Knox. You thought you’d try to get some money from your ‘fans’ (which is perfectly legal and fine…if people want to give you money, that’s their own business). Don’t start crying now about how you’re misrepresented because LOTS of people are not on board with your plans.

    My wife and I have been supportive of her throughout her legal tribulations, but this puts an entirely different spin on things. I don’t know much about bridal registries,
    but my wife says she’s never heard of awarding ‘level’ status to donors except at
    fundraisers for nonprofits etc. Seems to me a rose is a rose by any other name and this ‘rose’ is a stinkweed.

    “Our wedding registry was never meant to be a crowdfunding source. It was meant for our family and friends and any well-wishers that I have”…

    Well-wishers? Translated…strangers. She can spin it if she likes, she WAS expecting more than a dime from pure strangers. Sorry, that’s crowd sourcing, sweetie.

    “Let’s face it, we don’t need any more stuff. What we do need is help putting on the best party ever for our family and friends!”

    Sounds to me like they are asking people to pay for her wedding / party. If you don’t have the money to have the party you want, have the party that you can afford.

    Amanda Knox and her fiance have launched a crowd-funder appeal to help make their wedding the ‘best party ever’ after she used their savings to return to Italy.
    Knox, 32, who was served four years in jail for the murder of British student Meredith Kurcher but was cleared of the crime on appeal, asked for donations online.
    As a reward for giving money for the nuptials, which appear to be space themed, donors will receive a copy of the couple’s love poems book The Cardio Tesseract.
    Generous donors can become stellar, galactic or temporal patrons depending on how much they donate or can give to specific things including the entertainment.

    She doesn’t even *care* that she’s being transparently shitty. What a duper.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Per this tweet of yours: “How does someone on suicide watch commit suicide?”

    My friend predicted he’d be suicided. He had the goods on too many rich, powerful, influential people.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Pingback: #41 Monday August 13th, 2018: “She’s on a play date. I’m at work” #1yearagotodayCW | True Crime Rocket Science II

  22. Hey, Nick. In embarking on your books (so many!), I decided to start with the Scott Peterson case. I’d never used Kindle before, and I love the way your Blood & Seawater was organized, with the links to outside sources like news articles. Although I was aware of this case as it was developing, I only knew a little about it and I still had nagging questions. I’m getting all my questions answered now! I just left you a 5-star review for B&S, and now I’m about halfway through Night Before Christmas: December 24th to December 31st (Amber Alert Book 2). Wow, that mistress was a piece of work, wasn’t she? Her fetish was seducing married men and manipulating them into leaving their very pregnant wives, apparently. Salacious! Absolutely fascinating analysis – the *Glock*! OF COURSE!!! Thanks, Nick, for all you do – a very satisfied customer


    • Also, it was really striking the way Scott Peterson, in talking with the detectives, wouldn’t say Laci’s *name*. And the way he spoke so contemptuously about her. Just like Chris Watts…

      Is this a typical thing, that the murderer has depersonalized and dehumanized his victim to the extent that they don’t even have a *name* any more?


      • Yes, the disassociation is all part of the psychological preparation. Which in turn shows the length of the premeditation. This is why it was so obvious Watts’ crime was premeditated. The standoffishness points to his resignation and acceptance of what he’d already committed to do in his mind. What followed was getting his heart on the same page.


        • I’m reading Night Eternal now – so interesting. One of the fascinating details that stands out to me is that the $500,000 reward (or however much it was – a large amount) was offered for information that brought Laci back ALIVE. What a safe “reward” to offer – impossible to claim.

          BTW, per the image farther up this page, “The Stranger Beside Me” was my first true-crime book – I found the premise irresistible: To realize that you *know* the nation’s most notorious serial killer and that while he was your coworker, he had already started his killings!

          Do you have any idea *why* Amber Frey posed for those nudie pics? What was the point of those?


  23. Hey, Nick, I’m *desperate* to read the third installment in the Scott/Laci Peterson series, “Weight of the World”, but I can’t find it! Can you point me to it? Thanks!


  24. Say, Nick, thought of your site and your work the other day. I started smelling a distinctive smell of carrion in the hallway of the master bedroom one morning – we have several cats and the door to the master suite is kept open for them, though they aren’t allowed in the rest of the house. After much searching, I found one of the *tiniest* mice I’d ever seen (not a shrew) – it was probably less than an inch and a half long, not counting the tail. It had apparently been batted or tossed into the shadows next to the leg of a dresser against the wall, so it was hard to see. It wasn’t visibly decomposed or liquified or maggoty, but the smell! Unbearable!

    You’ve talked at some length about cadaver odor (cadaverine?) and this got me to thinking about that. If a not-quite-an-inch-and-a-half long dead mouse that probably only weighed an ounce or so can make enough of a stench to fill an entire hallway with detectible odor, how much would an entire *body* stink, whether it’s a *small* body (Madeleine McCann or the Watts children) or a *large* body (such as Shan’Ann Watts)? It’s absolutely *horrific* to contemplate.


  25. Hey Nick I happened to stumble across a couple of YouTube videos you have done on the Watts case and I thought you did an excellent job with those. I am a true crime junkie lol and now I’ve found someone who finally does a great job analyzing ever part of a case. Your insights are spot on I believe in the Watts case and I love how you try to let us know both sides of the case and not just the victims side. So anyways I appreciate your hard work and wanted you to know you have a new follower I hope to purchase some of your books soon. Also I don’t know if you take request on certain cases but I am from Tennessee in the United States and we had a huge case that went nation wide about a nursing student named Holly Bobo who went missing from her house as she was going to school one morning in Decatur County Tennessee it was a huge case and trial and I would love for you to give your insight on it if you can find the time.


      • It really is a fascinating case that ended in such tragedy unfortunately. I believe the more you read about it you will see how frustrating it was for our community because of how long it took them to catch these boys and how the TBI wasted so much time looking at the wrong people. I grew up about 30 miles where this happened. Thank you for looking at it I hope you can write about it sometime. Keep up the good work you do.


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