True Crime Rocket Science [TCRS] is unique. It is preoccupied with the why of crimes and criminals, and thus is above all focused on anthropodicy, aporia and the science of man.  We find out why people do what they do by finding out who people are. And who is a function of identity, social dynamics and backstory.

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Through cogent true crime analysis, especially into criminal psychology, we have a unique opportunity to learn to understand those around us, and principally, ourselves.

This page is dedicated to coverage of current crime news, comments, discussions and brief analysis. Use this page for updates on America’s most high-profile criminal cases,  as well as to find your way to what’s happening where on True Crime Rocket Science [#tcrs].

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Updates include new book releases, news of what’s coming soon, true crime documentary analysis and reviews, interviews and giveaways.

This page also serves as an ongoing archive for true crime news. Your suggestions for true crime news from wherever you are in the world are most welcome.

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One year after the Christopher Watts case


September 18th, 2019

1. How police knew Chris Watts was lying about killing his pregnant wife and kids – The Mirror

Chris Watts Showed These ‘Significant Signs Of Deception,’ According To Body Language Expert – International Business Times


2. Joker Is A Dangerous Film — & It’s Bringing Out The Worst In The Internet – Refinery29

INCELS TRIGGERED? Code Red Safety Alert Issued for the Opening Weekend of Joker – FBI

3. Deadline passes without new suspect named in Kelsey Berreth murder – kktv

September 17th, 2019

1. Chris Watts: Why He Killed His Family [Motive and Psychology of a Murderer]

‘Capturing Chris Watts’ REELZ Channel: Review of Documentary

2. Apartheid flag: ‘This was a witch-hunt from the Nelson Mandela Foundation’ – Roets – News24

September 16th, 2019

1. Chris Watts’ body language told detectives that he had murdered his wife and children – Meaww

 A few days later, he confessed to murdering all three, though the reason why he did so is not clear to this day.

OBLIVION, the best rated book in the bestselling TWO FACE series, now available in paperback at this link

2. Why Joker Is Sparking a Backlash Over Its Portrayal of Incel Violence – CBR

3. Gavin Watson was ‘already dead’ at time of crash – report – News24

September 15th, 2019

1. The Exact Moment Chris Watts Lost Everything

2. Casey Anthony’s parents avoid foreclosure

3. Another life line for Jason Rohde as SCA grants appeal for refusal of bail judgment – News24

September 14th, 2019

1. There’s a rumor going around that Weld County are releasing more discovery on the Chris Watts case on Monday.

2. Reaction to Skylar Richardson Verdict – CrimeRocket2

3. Maricopa County taxpayers have paid more than $169K to defend prosecutor Juan Martinez – AZCentral

September 13th, 2019

1. TCRS Assessment of Chris Watts’ Affect – ANALYSIS #1

‘Capturing Chris Watts’ Documentary Dives Into His Life Before He Committed Murders –

2. An Ohio woman who buried her newborn in the backyard will serve no more jail time – CNN

IN THE DOCK  US cheerleader, 18, ‘smashed newborn baby’s skull and buried corpse in garden to hide secret birth’ days after her school prom  – The Sun



3. Saved! Casey Anthony’s Parents George & Cindy’s Home Foreclosure Case Dismissed – Radar Online

September 12th, 2019

1. Tuesday Crime Stories: Killer Dad Chris Watts gets fan mail and wants a do-over on his conviction while murdered Shanann’s family gets death threats – CrimeOnline

Auction of convicted murderer Christopher Watts’ Frederick home rescheduled for next year – Longmont-Times-Call

The Case of Chris Watts – Part 3 – The Confession

2. Nora wasn’t as “limited” or “vulnerable” as we’ve been led to believe – CrimeRocket2

3. Understanding Dark Thoughts

September 11th, 2019

  1. The Case of Chris Watts – Part 2 – The Polygraph

2. Innocence and Innocence Lost: A Tale of Two Noras – and a six-year-old poem – CrimeRocket2

3. Jennifer Dulos investigation highlights hurdles in cases with no body – NBC News


NYC Marks 18 Years Since September 11th Attacks – Spectrum News

Fullscreen capture 20190911 151046

September 10th, 2019

1. The Case of Chris Watts – pt. 1

2. MADDIE HOPE Madeleine McCann’s parents given ‘boost’ in hunt for their daughter after little girl lost in Russia reunited with her parents after 20 years – The Sun

3. Nora Quoirin: Funeral Takes Place For ‘Gentle, Innocent’ Girl Who Died In Malaysian Jungle – HuffPost

Nora Quoirin funeral: Mourners told she was a ‘special girl’ whose death brought ‘unspeakable pain’ – Belfast Telegraph

On the Day of Nora’s Funeral in Belfast – two distasteful stories – CrimeRocket2

Nora Quoirin Funeral Photos + Full Transcript of the Homily – CrimeRocket2

Meabh Quoirin arriving for the funeral mass of her daughter Nora at St Brigid's Church, Belfast. Photo credit: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

September 9th, 2019

1. Christopher Watts Tragedy House Auction Now Delayed Until 2020 – Westword

Guest Post: “Let’s talk about Chris’s first attempt on the life of his wife in North Carolina”


2. MAKING A MURDERER: Avery attorney announces $100K reward for “real killer” – ABC Action News

3. Are violent crimes being glorified in Netflix documentaries?  –  The Boar

4. One person dies every 40 seconds from suicide, WHO says – CNN

September 8th, 2019

1. Who is the most MYSTERIOUS woman in the Chris Watts case [it’s not who you think]

From: #34 August 6th, 2018: “This has been the worst week of my life” #1yearagotodayCW


How Long Can a Person Survive without Food? – Scientific American

Review of NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST posted on True Crime Rocket Science Closed Facebook Group

3. ‘STAY TUNED’  Making A Murderer – Steven Avery’s lawyer says ‘big announcement’ is coming Monday – The Sun

Read the TCRS assessment of the Avery case at this link.


September 7th, 2019

Fullscreen capture 20190907 114927

1. This is the Moment Chris Watts Gets Angry when interviewed by the FBI

2. Sermon on the Porch #2? Lie Spotting: Test your true crime lie detector nous with the Fotis Dulos caseFotis_Dulos_Has_Message_for_Those_Who_Think_He_s_Guilty

September 6th, 2019

1. Chris Watts Babysitter “Chris Is A Monster” – Scott Reisch

TWO FACE: CHRIS WATTS – A CrimeRocket Production 

2. From the archives:

Read The Day After Christmas trilogy at this link.


September 5th, 2019

1. Irish Media contacts CrimeRocket + CrimeRocket’s Response

Rocket Science publishes NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST 3 weeks after the mysterious disappearance of Nora Quoirin in the tropical jungle of Malaysia.


3. Arizona appeals court to livestream Jodi Arias hearing in October – KTAR News



  1. I remember when this little Madeleine girl disappeared. I didn’t follow the story and haven’t read anything about it and I know less than 1/8 about what happened but when the reporter asked the McCanns “did you murder your daughter” why did the mother immediately look at the father as if to see what the answer is? Or should be? That looked like she was looking to him for the answer. I’ve done that myself when asked a question and I wasn’t quite sure what I should say, I would look at whomever I was sure knew the answer. Interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    • Karen the unsolved McCann case is Britain’s version of the JonBenet Ramsey story. In my opinion it’s even crazier, because after eleven years and over £11 million pounds spent on searching for her, she’s considered the most expensive missing person case in history.

      The McCanns maintain their daughter is still alive out there – think of it as the kidnapping phase of the Ramsey case multiplied over years, and now the years are hitting double digits, but there’s still hope! The search continues! Oh and no Ransom Note.

      The Daily Telegraph in 2008 described the search for Madeleine as the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.And yet cadaver dogs picked up cadaver traces inside the McCanns’ Ocean Club apartment – in the cupboard of the bedroom, behind the couch in the living room, in the garden under the balcony, in the trunk of the rental they hired a few weeks after the incident, on the key of the rental, on Madeleine’s cuddly cat [a favorite toy], inside the villa they hired and on certain items of Kate McCann’s clothing.

      If you’re interested in the Rocket Science analysis of this case, consider reading the DOUBT trilogy.

      When DOUBT was published in 2017, on the 10 year anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, DOUBT was a #2 bestseller on’s overall True Crime category, edging out the McCann’s book throughout this critical period.

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  2. I’m sure you already know this but I don’t see it posted here. Chris Watt’s court appearance has been moved up from Nov 19 to next Tuesday Nov 6. Interesting how his appearance is now scheduled for Election Day. Is someone hoping there will be less media coverage/interest due to all the coverage on the election?

    Liked by 2 people

      • So far I’m rather disappointed in the presentation of the State’s heads. I feel VN placed too much focus on certain aspects and far too little on other (far more damning) points. Perhaps Judge Salie-Hlope’s constant interjection threw him off his game… I feel his overall argument lacked certainty and left far too much ambiguity (if that makes sense). How I wish our “learned friends” would put more effort into their delivery. I did enjoy reading your tweets and additional observations… It allows readers to see the bigger picture – the human picture.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I think the Judge was also not happy. It’s a difficult horse to ride though, deliver quickly and succinctly but make time for being interrupted often…


  3. With so many major cases being ‘wrapped up’ this week (Watts, Rohde, Hannah Cornelius) I decided I needed something for the weekend. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into DOUBT. I’ve had so many opinions in the last 10+ years… time to see if they bear any weight.

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  4. Weld District Attorney’s Office says it will release autopsy reports in Watts case after sentencing
    The Weld District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday confirmed it will release the autopsy reports for Shanann, Bella and Celeste Watts following a scheduled sentencing hearing for Christopher Watts, Shanann’s husband and father of the two girls, who has pleaded guilty to killing all three.

    The sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. 19 and follows a Tuesday guilty plea entered by Watts in exchange for the death penalty being taken off the table in the case.


  5. Am I the only one here that thinks this has all been wrapped up so quickly is because Chris told his lawyers the truth and they went to the prosecutor with a deal (twice) and that’s why Chris just rolled over? I feel like I’m the only one who thinks he isn’t getting a trial because he doesn’t want one and just wants this to be done


    • Yea, I think he didn’t want all the info to come out, the fact that the neighbors camera never showed shanann ever leaving the house was all they needed. His truck was the only vehicle seen. Karma for him is it came out anyways in discovery being released. That interview with his parents when they were asked what happened to that boy they were describing and they replied he met shanann. So are they going to say now he changed cause he met Nichole? Who raised him that he could not seem to stand up for himself? His mother, she’s narcissistic and controlling as well

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    • Maybe Chris ultimately wanted less publicity so as to increase his chances of surviving prison – low profile as it were, without details of the horrible killings of his children. He was intelligent but not smart – his attorneys may have pointed out that he could die in prison, sooner rather than later.


      • It didn’t work then, since i just read that an inmate was selling “Chris Watts’ semen-stained underwear” for $500 on Craigslist.


  6. Didnt the detectives double check the number Chris’s alleged male lover had for Chris against Chris’s cell phone numbers he had? He had a work and personal cell seems like it wouldn’t be hard just to verify the cell numbers.


  7. If Patrick Frazee is having a Public Defender represent him, from what I understand that means he wouldn’t have money to pay a lawyer. How does it work then with the Federal suit Kelsey’s parents have filed, if he has no money who would pay the amount they are seeking?


    • Does he own that property, though, or is it in his mother’s name? She lives on the property, too. Is there some reason Frazee would have put purchases in his mother’s name (tax break, bad credit, etc.)? If so, then a suit couldn’t touch that. I think it’s kind of complicated, as his mother might rely on that equipment for her livelihood. I dunno.


  8. Sometimes I think these lawsuits are filed more to make a point than anything else. Depositions can also show more than strict cross examinations in court. A “win” in one of these suits, if it occurs before the criminal trial, could help the prosecution pursue new leads. Plus, prevailing in the suit may even reduce the convicted killer’s chance of parole later on if there are bombshells in the depositions that can be publicized. It’s often all about public perception, and manipulating that.


  9. Maybe this was addressed somewhere else on here but I couldn’t find it. Why wasn’t Chris Watts guilty pleas on November 6th, 2018 allowed to be recorded like his other court dates?


  10. The most heartbreaking picture in the Watts story, to me, is the one above of little Cece hugging her Dad at the airport in NC. At that moment, she had days to live..

    I know how those little hugs feel…this is the purest love there is.

    Wonder if he remembers how that felt.


  11. @Nick I watched the video posted 1/23 about the Vivint Security and the camera that records data the homeowner can’t access or erase, but Vivint keeps for 3 months. Do you think CW was recorded carrying the bodies and police used this evidence?


    • Maura I think the cops are sitting on a lot of evidence.

      But I suspect Watts turned off the Vivint security between roughly 02:00 and 04:00. Same reason he probably turned off the router – to create digital black holes. It would be interesting to know if this turning on or off is logged anywhere. If he didn’t turn it off he may have “tricked the system”. For example placing a piece of paper over a motion sensor defeats its capability – simple, quick and easy to do.


  12. This is the person you just kicked out of your group… I come from a long line of convicted criminals. I spent years eye-to-eye counseling criminals in prisons (for free), have held the hands of killers who were terminally ill as they confessed their last before crossing over. I’m proud of this skill-set, but that’s not why I’m telling you this. I am telling you this for your benefit.


    • Ralph. The gay killer, no trial, jail. Hardly any info on this case. We don’t know where he killed them. He stangled, he staged the bodies, clothes, pictures. But no info on how he chopped up bodies. Only bones found in flower pots.
      Cops actually broke in after watching a guy go into his apt. The guy was naked, tied to the bed. He arrested.


  13. It was frustrating watching the trauma-sensing dog in the Watts basement on the video posted today. The bodycam work was so poor, it almost negates the whole purpose of that equipment. Put the damn camera on the dog, ffs.

    Noticed that the dog alerted at the area at the right of the base of the stairwell. Could Watts have lain in wait there when Shan’ann came home, the children already dead and stored in the refrigerator. Shan’an could have gone upstairs and not found anybody, then raced down to the basement where he waited.

    Being the clean freak he was, he could have prepared the area with sheets of plastic or just the bedsheets.

    Haven’t see any videos relating to the cadaver dogs’ findings in the basement.


  14. NVDL: pay no attention to the toxic “fans”! Your books and commentary are so fascinating. You said you may end the Watts coverage at the end of February. Does this mean the Annihilation and Oblivion books may not be available? Oh no!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Nick, I agree with Susan.
    Don’t stop contributing your insightful, and incredible work!
    I look forward to reading your books!!
    I enjoy learning so much from the debates, introspect, and
    thought provoking style that you provide.
    Thank you for this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks JH. I will be scaling down coverage of the Watts case from this point onwards. The books will continue though. I may cover the Frazee case next, later this month or I might not. Watch this space 😉

      Liked by 3 people

  16. There is another case that sounds intriguing to me but I know you have your hands full. Ryan Widmer, who was convicted of drowning his newlywed wife in the bathtub (2008?). There is doubt though – there have been 3 trials and he’s still appealing. There are similarities to Watts – the couple appeared so happy together, etc. But shortly after marriage he claims she stopped taking an interest in his career, she had OCD, she wouldn’t let him so much as pick out a can of paint for the house and she had a strange illness that caused her to fall asleep at odd moments. Which was his defense of course – she fell asleep in the tub and drowned. In interviews Widmer seems disconnected, almost happy. There is a book out about it called “Submerged” and the author has changed her mind as to whether Ryan is guilty or not. There is so much crime to research and write about, isn’t there? This one seems very interesting.

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  17. Listening to the 2nd confession tapes…I’m feeling very uncomfortable about the collegial atmosphere. I also hear a lot of Shan’ann bashing.


  18. ‘Kenney reportedly told investigators that Frazee had called her on that day and said, “You need to get out here now. You’ve got a mess to clean up.”’

    That last bit would’ve pissed me right off. I would have said, “No, YOU’ve got a mess to clean up. Hop to it, buddy!”

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  19. Couldn’t figure out the best place to put this, so here it is. Surely you’ve noticed the latest from “Foxy Knoxy” – she and her fiancé want everybody to pay for their wedding and party (for their invited guests only) – from–abc-news-topstories.html

    “Let’s face it, we don’t need any more stuff,” the couple write…on their crowd-funding page. “What we do need is help putting on the best party ever for our family and friends! Now we’re asking for help so that we can shower our friends and family with love and celebration! Instead of a traditional registry, we are asking for donations towards the cost of the wedding,” they write. “Whether you’re attending or not, all are welcome to donate to specific costs, or at a patron level.” Doesn’t seem that they’re just “asking for tips and suggestions” to me.

    We’re not crowdsourcing but we “didn’t want to put the registry behind a similar protection because…there are “thousands of people who are supportive of me who follow me and very often [they] want to feel connected to me and I try my best to share that.” Offering “multiple levels of patrons (stellar, galactic, or temporal) that visitors (public and private) could opt to become, that will help pay for things” isn’t asking the public to help pay for this extravaganza. Who is she trying to kid.

    so it’s not a crowdfunding site…it’s just a site where her ‘well-wishers’ can give her money…which is a CROWDFUNDING SITE. Come off it Knox. You thought you’d try to get some money from your ‘fans’ (which is perfectly legal and fine…if people want to give you money, that’s their own business). Don’t start crying now about how you’re misrepresented because LOTS of people are not on board with your plans.

    My wife and I have been supportive of her throughout her legal tribulations, but this puts an entirely different spin on things. I don’t know much about bridal registries,
    but my wife says she’s never heard of awarding ‘level’ status to donors except at
    fundraisers for nonprofits etc. Seems to me a rose is a rose by any other name and this ‘rose’ is a stinkweed.

    “Our wedding registry was never meant to be a crowdfunding source. It was meant for our family and friends and any well-wishers that I have”…

    Well-wishers? Translated…strangers. She can spin it if she likes, she WAS expecting more than a dime from pure strangers. Sorry, that’s crowd sourcing, sweetie.

    “Let’s face it, we don’t need any more stuff. What we do need is help putting on the best party ever for our family and friends!”

    Sounds to me like they are asking people to pay for her wedding / party. If you don’t have the money to have the party you want, have the party that you can afford.

    Amanda Knox and her fiance have launched a crowd-funder appeal to help make their wedding the ‘best party ever’ after she used their savings to return to Italy.
    Knox, 32, who was served four years in jail for the murder of British student Meredith Kurcher but was cleared of the crime on appeal, asked for donations online.
    As a reward for giving money for the nuptials, which appear to be space themed, donors will receive a copy of the couple’s love poems book The Cardio Tesseract.
    Generous donors can become stellar, galactic or temporal patrons depending on how much they donate or can give to specific things including the entertainment.

    She doesn’t even *care* that she’s being transparently shitty. What a duper.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Per this tweet of yours: “How does someone on suicide watch commit suicide?”

    My friend predicted he’d be suicided. He had the goods on too many rich, powerful, influential people.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Pingback: #41 Monday August 13th, 2018: “She’s on a play date. I’m at work” #1yearagotodayCW | True Crime Rocket Science II

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