GUEST POST: Revisiting Ceecee’s Allergies

Below is a recent reader response, quoted almost verbatim. Thanks [name redacted], I’ll post my own response to this in the comments. It would be useful to have others weigh in on the issues you raise as well.

Re the Watts case, I much was made by Shan’ann of her child’s allergies to tree nuts. On one of her videos, she feeds Ceecee part of a Thrive Lemon Meringue bar – with no ill effects. The ingredients list includes tree nuts.


Lemon Meringue bars ingredients 
Ingredients: Thrive Pro Sequential Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate), Prebiotic Dietary Tapioca Fiber, Maltitol, Vegetable Glycerine, Palm Kernel Oil, Natural Flavors, Whey Protein Concentrate, Palm Fruit Oil, Sunflower Seed Butter, Nonfat Dry Milk, Tapioca Starch, Whole Milk Solids, Soy Lecithin, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Sunflower Lecithin, Sucralose, Yogurt Cultures. Allergens: Contains Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts (Coconut). Net Carbs: 26g – 12g sugar alcohols – 11g dietary fiber = 3g Net Carbs 


This helps confirm one of my thoughts – that the children’s many illnesses were made up by the mother or were induced by her. It was merely another way to get attention and control Chris. (We are all sick; you have to stay with us).

Her attack on his mother about the nuts in the ice cream was the tyrant’s attempt to cut off her victim (Chris) from all outside input. And I think Chris well knew the children’s “allergies” and Shan’ann’s alleged illnesses were fake – just part of a world built on lies – and he had to play along – until he couldn’t. He wanted to be free to create his own world, also built on lies.

I don’t doubt that Shan’ann had pain, but I believe much of it was due to the stress she put herself and her family under. Fibromyalgia, for example, doesn’t show up in tests and is not usually manifested by observable physical symptoms, yet prescription painkillers are used to treat it.

I believe Shan’ann was “on” painkillers and this contributed to her mental decline (obsessions, mania, etc.) The entire “work at home” scheme may have been due to her inability to find a legitimate job – it is reported (not verified that I know of) that she a record of embezzlement and arrests for other minor crimes. Related to this family’s decline and ultimate demise, it would be interesting to know what Chris’s politics were – was he was a fan of Fox News and perhaps right wing radio? If so, he was allowing liars to program him.

Alex Jones , for example, programmed his fans to believe fantastical, nutcase theories such as – Sandy Hook was a hoax. Once an unstable person suspends belief in reality, he can then segue into thinking he can magically dispose of his family, even when simple GPS evidence would lead investigators to the bodies, esp. that of Shan’ann. Even if she was moved later in the day, the dogs would have found her initial grave site. He also disbelieved his own neighbor’s security cam’s ability to show him loading his truck Monday morning. What a goddamn fool. 

The fantasy of the new woman, his likely sex addiction (fueled by “chemicals”) could have fed into his break with reality. Imagine being a closeted gay or bisexual man and meeting someone like Nickole who “confirmed” that he was really hetero, and what he would do to possess her. Also, dead family = insurance money (although without bodies, he would have waited years for the payout – another breakdown in his logic). 

As a “dog person”, I was very moved by your focus on the role of the dogs in the Watts story – little Deeter and the cadaver dogs. 

I am a retired [redacted], living in NW Georgia. Exposing liars is a very worthwhile occupation, and I wish you much success in all your work.

Two Big Clues Suggesting the Little Girls Were Murdered First

Sometimes what we don’t know isn’t Rocket Science. It’s obvious. Sometimes it’s so obvious we miss it. There are two big contextual clues [besides the premeditated psychology of this crime] that strongly suggest Watts murdered his children before his wife returned home that night.

The second clue involves a throwaway remark from Nichol Kessinger, the last person Watts spoke to before killing his wife [a much under-appreciated, under-estimated and under-reported fact].

Kessinger told CBI Agent Koback that she heard a television blaring loudly in the background during her 111 minute call with him on Sunday night. Since there was no television in the basement, the television was likely the loft lounge or in the main bedroom [although he could also have been the television in the downstairs lounge].

fullscreen capture 20190110 144105

This was very odd behavior for Watts, particularly because his children were such light sleepers. Even pulling the car out from the garage in the morning was liable to wake them up.

This suggests prior to the 21:00 call with Kessinger, the children were already dead which is also – perhaps – what allowed him to make such a long call without any threat of interruption or distraction from their waking up and needing him for any reason.

There is another even stronger indicator that the children were murdered on the 12th, and it shifts the timeline even earlier. Do you know what it is?


Did Watts Know Shan’ann’s iPhone Password – and what it means

On the face of it, Watts appears to be the dumbest high-profile criminal in true crime history. And yet he defeated the cops in many areas in terms of the crime scene. We still don’t know where the crimes were committed, or when, why, and we’re not 100% sure how they were committed. Nothing of value came out of the autopsy reports either.

There’s also uncertainty about how the bodies of the girls were dumped. Could they really have fitted through those tight orifices below the thief hatches without breaking bones? The only way to definitely test for this possibility is to use the cadaver of a similarly sized animal…

One of the dumbest mistakes Watts appeared to make was his story. His story was that his family had vanished, and also that Shan’ann had taken the kids on a play date, or gone somewhere to decompress after an argument. He didn’t seem sure which story to go with, and none of it held water in the context of her car, purse, medication and phone all being at home.

But what if her phone hadn’t been found at the scene?

fullscreen capture 20190103 121533

What if, prior to the murders, Watts had what he thought was a surefire way of getting away with murder. If he had Shan’ann’s phone [her lifeline] he could artificially keep her alive by having her check in on Facebook and via messages to his phone. He might delay things for a few hours, perhaps longer.

Did Watts know about her 10:00 doctor’s appointment?

Since Shan’ann was always on her phone, many could easily but wrongly assume she was somewhere virtually when she wasn’t. For example the 02:30 purchase may have been an early part of the ruse intended to make Shan’ann appear alive and well [and shopping] when she wasn’t.

Much of this theory rests on the idea that Watts believed he knew Shan’ann’s password, but after he murdered her, he found out she’d changed it.fullscreen capture 20190106 151710-002

We know when the phone was turned on, Watts claimed not to know the password, which seemed a tad unusual, whereas Nickole knew it [ditto]. Watts also knew the password to Shan’ann’s laptop, although seemed reluctant to give that up. He claimed he had the username to their online bank account, but not the passcode.

We also know Watts had a sophisticated knowledge, via the Secret Calculator app, for keeping streategically valuable data secret, and knew the importance of keeping a secret password for that data.

fullscreen capture 20181204 195310

Since Shan’ann was using his Facebook [and perhaps borrowed his phone to post messages], it’s conceivable that they were one of those couples who had easy access to one another’s phones [and passwords]. Furthermore, the Secret Calculator app seemed designed to defeat someone who was given access to his phone, and we know Shan’ann did have access to his phone, because she knew messages he’d sent to his father had been deleted in early August.

Shan’ann told Addy Molony on August 9 that she hadn’t looked through his phone. But what if that was his plan? To use her phone after she was dead to throw the investigation off track, just as Frazee allegedly did with Kelsey Berreth’s phone. What if that was the plan, but once Shan’ann was dead, Watts realized the phone was of no use because she’d changed the damn password…

fullscreen capture 20190109 192317

Detective Baumhover’s Supplemental Report on the Rzuceks [Discovery Documents Page 1432] [45th Tranche]

On 08/20/18, along with Michael Rourke and several DDA’s, I met with Frank and Frankie Rzucek at the Weld County District Attorney’s office. While briefly interviewing both Frank and Frankie I learned the following:
• Watts stated to Sandi that Shanann “was in one of her moods.”
• Nicole spoke with Sandi that morning and was concerned about Shanann and the girls’ whereabouts.
• Shanann’s phone and iWatch were never turned off and that she charged them on her night stand each night. [This is probably a reference to them habitually being left on, in contrast to them being found off ito of the crime scene].
• The girls’ Jack & Jill bathroom doors were typically locked at night to keep Bella and Celeste out of the bathroom.
• Sandi called Watts and left a voice message. She subsequently called him again to check on Shanann.
Watts was distant with Shanann’s family the one week he was in NC. This was the last week of six weeks Shanann and the girls were in NC visiting family.
• Frank stated Watts’ relationship with his mother is not as good as the relationship with his dad.
• Frank confirmed the conflict between Shanann and her mother-in-law (Cindy Watts) regarding Celeste’s peanut allergy.
• Frankie stated that Shanann “wore the pants” in the family.
• Frank said Watts was more stern and confrontational with Bella and Celeste while he was visiting in NC the last week of the six week trip.
• Frank installed the hotel style latch on the front door to prevent Celeste from opening the door.
• Frank also said a big blue blanket was typically on the couch. Note: this blanket has not been located to date.
• Frank confirmed the outside garage door opener key pad has never worked. Nothing further.

Det. Dave Baumhover #11-02.

fullscreen capture 20190105 181416

Verbal Slanging Match Between Shan’ann and her In-Laws using Narcissism as a Wrecking Ball

For all the talk about the “N” word in the mainstream, and on social media, how often does the word narcissism appear in the Discovery Documents? Answer: twice. Both instances are pretty loaded.

Fullscreen capture 20190102 231335Fullscreen capture 20190102 231343

Who’s right?

Interestingly, just recently Trent Bolte appeared on CNN saying that Watts referred to Shan’ann in similar terms as she referred to his mother [as a “fucking bitch”].

Someone made a comment recently on this blog that a true narcissist would never admit to lying, let alone confess to committing murder. Key narcissistic traits include exhibitionism, superiority and exploitativeness. It’s difficult to imagine an introverted character like Watts, who barely made a peep in all of his court room appearances, ticking any of those boxes.

By comparison, the MLM huns are all about those traits. The Thrive promotional spiels were all about narcissism – vanity, authority, exhibitionism [through cars, travel, wellness extravaganzas], superiority [live a premier lifestyle with Thrive] and exploitativeness above all. Buy this over-priced piece of shit product so I can make money off you. Sign up to get rich, healthy and live a better life [but really, fuck you, just sign up because I need the fucking money].

Personally, I cannot stand labels in true crime because it oversimplifies all aspects of the criminal enterprise. True crime is a complicated, subtle and shady business by default. It has many layers and levels to it. Labels oversimplify the psychology. Labels reduce motive to little more than an afterthought. Labels toss out the dynamics, circumstances and interiority of the people involved, but they made the expert handing them out seem very astute. The label gives us a sense of control, and manipulates us into thinking we have a handle on a person and a situation when we do not.

Rather than labeling criminals [narcissist, psychopath, evil, monster], or their crimes [annihilation, mass murder, serial killing], we ought to spend more time figuring out the entire dynamic. The cosmos of circumstances. That’s difficult and takes time, and requires us to start off by admitting what we don’t know. That’s hard. We live in a narcissistic society that prides itself in being right, in knowing things. So to admit we don’t know something, or that we might wrong is not only difficult, it runs counter to society and feels counter-intuitive.

But let’s try it anyway. Let’s pretend we don’t have all the answers and want to learn something, for example about this “N” word. Let’s be honest and open and ask a simple question [and be open to a complicated answer].

So here it is.

Do we know what we’re talking about when we use the “N” word?

Let’s find out.

Patrick Frazee’s First Court Appearance in Pictures

There’s something almost comical about the accused murderer walking alongside a Christmas tree, down the corridor, flanked by cameras on the one side, on his way to Court 11. His green prison garb contrives to make him seem more clown than man; a joker more than a father, son, or fiance. The woman in the fourth image from the top is Frazee’s mother.

Fullscreen capture 20181228 152422Fullscreen capture 20181228 152418Fullscreen capture 20181228 152442Fullscreen capture 20181228 152427Fullscreen capture 20181228 152041Fullscreen capture 20181228 152432Fullscreen capture 20181228 152438Fullscreen capture 20181228 153815Fullscreen capture 20181228 152504Fullscreen capture 20181228 153809Fullscreen capture 20181228 153811

maxresdefault (3)Fullscreen capture 20181228 152430

“Excuse me for caring!” – Mythbusting the Contentious 663rd Page of the Discovery Documents

Somewhere, somehow, someone has put out the myth that a mysterious person called Primrose school on the morning of the murders, and told the school “not to worry” about the disappearance. This mysterious figure could not have known the status of the children, unless she was an accessory. When a staff member challenged the caller, she remarked with indignation: “Excuse me for caring!”

Who is this mysterious caller? Is this the clue that will blow this case wide open? Did Chris Watts have a woman secretly helping him commit or cover up the murders?

All of these questions are breathtaking – breathtakingly silly.

On page 663 of the Discovery Documents it’s clear who made the call, and when.What’s more, and this takes just a few minutes to read to comprehend the context, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out that there’s no conspiracy.

  1. The caller is Shan’ann’s mother, Sandi Rzucek.
  2. She called Primrose at 11:00-11:30.
  3. Contextually it’s obvious she called the school after Chris Watts did [he called at 08:26].

Fullscreen capture 20181228 091455

When we follow the continuity of the timeline in the Discovery Documents, it makes perfect sense that Shan’ann’s mother called Primrose when she did.  After Sandi [that’s how she spells her name of Facebook] spoke to Watts briefly three times between 10:28 and 10:44, Sandi called the school to begin her own investigation.

Fullscreen capture 20181228 100725

When Sandi called, she found out the girls weren’t in school, and clearly, the school informed her that the girls weren’t coming back either. This prompted Sandi to intervene, telling them:

“Everything is fine.”

What she meant, and what she assumed, was that the children weren’t dead, and would be coming back to school. In other words, she was asking Primrose to discard Watts’ instruction to them to unenroll the children. Furthermore, given the brouhaha between the various in-laws over recent weeks, Sandi asked the school not to tell anyone she’d called [and interfered].

Fullscreen capture 20181228 085151

At around 15:00 Sandi called the school again, following up, trying to find out if the girls were ever dropped off, or if anyone had seen Shan’ann. Clearly the staff wondered what this was all about, and this prompted Sandi to exclaim with justifiable indignation, “Excuse me for caring!”

The sections highlighted in blue and green above, reflect how poorly this aspect of the narrative is expressed. It appears as if certain aspects are repeated, when in reality, the writing is clumsily executed.

In sum, there is no conspiracy. Sandi calling Primrose when she did is exactly what you’d expect in the middle of the morning, when she realized Shan’ann was missing, and her son-in-law wasn’t being of much help to solve the problem. It’s also likely when Shan’ann missed her doctor’s appointment at 10:00, the ball started rolling in Nickole Atkinson’s mind, and she may have called Sandi to find out if she’d heard from Shan’ann. When she hadn’t, Sandi took over the baton and started to make calls. One of them was to the Primrose school. Make sense?