13 thoughts on “PENDING

  1. Absolutely – “Menendez.” When I saw you had it on your roster, several weeks ago I bought the 2 DVD set “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders.” It was great. If you get a chance, see if you can see it. Also Dominick Dunne wrote about the murders from a ring side seat in court for Vanity Fair and also knew the area – Beverly Hills. He was such a dear author too. I realize we are in the CW case now, but I look forward to your treatment of this fascinating case.


  2. I can’t figure it out either Amanda. Deep Into Darkness. “Quoth the Raven Nevermore?” That’s a different book.

    There is a mystery I’d like to see unraveled – the disappearance of Baby Lisa Irwin.


      • I followed the case while it was unfolding, and think it would be interesting to see your perspective. A young married girl from Tennessee moves to a new state, and falls in love with another man… and he kills her. Then at trial he states he killed her because he found out that she was molesting his daughter of his and his current wife.

        He was found guilty and appealed the case, his lawyer states the jury wasn’t given proper instructions by the judge. The appeal was denied.

        There have been comments from witnesses that the killers wife had found out about the affair and may have been involved in her murder…


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