Meet your new partner in true crime

If this is your first time here, welcome.

Let me start by assuring you that you’re in good hands. As a full-time true crime writer I’ll be letting you in on some of the deepest, darkest and often unmentioned insights from the world’s most high-profile cases.

My work in search of the authentic narrative goes far beyond the court and mainstream media narrative. Although the language of the speculation here, and in my books, is contemporary and conversational, that doesn’t mean it’s unsophisticated. Quite the opposite. Get used to the cutting edge in true crime, without the flowery language and pretentiousness of the pundits.


Over the past several years  I’ve researched some of the biggest, most complex and high profile “unsolved” cold cases in America, Britain, France and South Africa. The reviews speak for themselves: some of the oldest cases have been shaken fundamentally, at their very basements, because of modern true crime tools brought to bear.

Much of what’s in the toolbox, are psychological devices and methodologies directed to answer the simplest but hardest question in true crime:



So often, when the court cases are done and the verdicts noted, when the media narrative settles down and gathers does, when the show moves on, the WHY remains unanswered.

Well, not here.

Two good examples of world famous cases that can’t get to grips with who or why are the JonBenet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann cases. The Craven Silence trilogy [covering the Jonbenet Ramsey case] and the Doubt series [covering the disappearance of Madeleine McCann] have gone on to achieve bestseller status on Amazon.

With me at your side, we’ll go actively into cases and court rooms, and examine criminal cases from every conceivable angle. We’ll also go behind-the-scenes, and occasionally we’ll advise prosecutors on an extemporary basis.  And then we’ll see what they do with that information, if anything.

We’ll sit together on criminals trials and occasionally share close encounters with the criminals themselves, and/or those close to them. But where we really want to get to is inside the criminal mind. That’s True Crime Rocket Science.

More About Me

I’m an ex-freelance photojournalist. My work has been sought in publications ranging from GQ and Men’s Health to Sports Illustrated and Country Life.

I’ve been accredited for work by prestigious local and international companies and groups, including Daimler, the SKA Project, Mauritius Tourism, Australia Tourism, Plettenberg Bay Tourism, Gondwana Collection, the Blue Train, the Cape Epic, Jeep Warrior and by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

I do occasionally still commit acts of journalism, but my days of answering to the whims of editors are effectively over.


There’s an interesting subtext behind this picture. My brother took this photo with my camera while I was holding my father’s camera. That’s my sister in the background.

My Background and Expertise

I studied law at university, including Criminal, Commercial, Roman, Family and Private Law.

My journey into true crime began during the Oscar Pistorius trial. It wasn’t that the crime itself registered as much as the fact that I was friends on Facebook with Reeva Steenkamp, the young woman Pistorius shot to death.

As the high-profile case gathered momentum, my curiosity was piqued by the ongoing lack of coverage about her story. I started going through her Facebook, further and further back to find out who she was. And as time went by I kept expecting someone to come forward and tell her side of the story, but no one did.

So I did.

I wrote a 12 000 word long form article titled Reeva in her own Words. I submitted it to a popular tabloid who welcomed it with open arms. The idea was to publish it as a 4 part series. Ultimately the tabloid strung me along, and so I published a much-abbreviated version in Marie Claire magazine and the original full form piece as a Kindle book. The book went on to sell for 200 straight days, and remains one of the few defining narratives on the victim. I like to think that book and those that followed ultimately turned the momentum in the Pistorius case.

When it was announced by the Supreme Court of Appeal that Pistorius was found guilty of murder, and his sentenced increased to the minimum, the media coverage of the case had petered out to zero. I was the only media person in the court room that day when this final nail in the case was hammered home.

When I emerged from court the Associated Press [there for another trial] interviewed me outside. I remember the scene in the blindingly bright courtyard well. I spoke about my research into the case, but the interview never aired. You gotta love the mainstream media!

Over the years, much of my work has caught the attention of the big guns and prime channels in true crime, including British and Australian news companies, American true crime legends like Beth Karas,  and HLN, but the area I specialize in is a legal minefield for broadcasters and publishing companies.

The Pistorius trial taught me lessons of endurance and resilience. I later met the victim’s family and had a powerful conversation with them, and hopefully provided them with answers they weren’t able to get anywhere else.

It takes a special kind of person with a special kind of stamina to see these cases through to some measure of justice. True crime narratives – and narrators – also form an important part of the process of countering counterfeit narratives. What I also refer to as PR or Apologia.

That’s the essence then, of what I do and what the essence of true crime needs to be to be meaningful: countering counterfeit narratives with authenticity.

I also have a background in Economics and Marketing.

For more about me visit this link.


3 thoughts on “Meet your new partner in true crime

  1. Thank you Nick!

    Your site is fantastic!

    A man of many talents…and a blog where you interact with the readers? How wonderfully generous of you! You have immense energy, creativity, experience, smart, a good writer; and a gracious host.

    I just found out about this site and also recently about the Chris Watts family murders. I’ve been living in Italian Alps and do not watch TV so I never heard of the murders until I got back to the US. Found out about the Watts family murders from a link on a youtube page and of course I was shocked and horrified to read about the man with the double life who murdered his pregnant wife and children, but most shocking how he viciously disposed of the bodies of his 2 little girls in an 8″ opening of an oil tank!

    Until I found your site, all I had was tidbits from youtube and some online news sources that left me confused without being able to see the whole picture. Your blog literally had everything there in one page!! Spent last night reading your blog on the Chris Watts case and now I’m able to piece it all together. I plan to read the series you’re writing on the case. Sometimes a crime is so heinous it is therapeutic to explore with others. The other crime story is the McStay family murders.

    Cheers and I wish you a very Happy New Year 2019!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow-These days? When I inquire about a person’s life? Experience? And Background? The Descriptive and detailed (above) link about ‘you’ IS EXACTLY WHAT I Look and wish for….and Never!!!! Get..:).You are a kindred spirit..Thanks for all the DETAILS!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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