Bella’s Last Words suggest the Watts Children WEREN’T Smothered at the Well Site

In TWO FACE ANNIHILATION, I analyzed and interrogated the notion of “Bella’s Last Words”. That was the headline act of the Second Confession, and the headline Dr. Phil ran with.

  1. Serious incongruity in the semantics [Bella’s Last Words] – why didn’t the FBI, CBI or the media pick up on this inconsistency?
  2. Intertextuality versus circular reasoning – he’s using the video to prove the children were still alive, and the video supposedly corroborates what he says. And he brings it up as supporting evidence. Interestingly, the agent, when questioned on this admits, “It’s hard to see.” But reading between the lines he doesn’t sound convinced. And just like the First Confession, Coder gets this Confession by leading Watts through it.
  3. How does True Crime Rocket Science interpret the data – what happens when we interrogate the cloud of semantics, given the extensive case file, and given what we know about the Silver Fox?

There is a psychological mirror in Nut Gate. So when Watts sounds emotional about Bella saying:

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?” This is something Bella repeatedly said, but not at the well site, and not about smothering. About dying in her sleep because of an allergic reaction. Remember, they were sickly children, and Shan’ann’s meltdown over Nut Gate didn’t happen over a single day – it was still stewing during Bella’s birthday, it was still boiling over when Watts was in North Carolina and he wanted to go see his parents. And most crucial of all, we know from the babysitter – McKenna – that as late August 11th, the last day and night of her life, Bella expressed her concern about Ceecee. She said she was worried if she went to sleep, when she woke up Ceecee might not wake up. And this concern for Ceecee naturally affected Bella herself.

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?”

Could the same thing happen to me as Ceecee?

There’s also the criminal psychology aspect. Just as the disposal of the children’s bodies was duplicated, one little body in one tank, another in another tank, it’s also very likely the way they were killed was the same. And it’s for this reason that the irony rings in Watts’ mind, of his own child asking…

“Is the same thing going to happen to me as Ceecee?”

Because in a premeditated scenario, when Bella asked these words, Watts – in his mind – knew what he was going to do, and he knew the answer was yes. And it’s for this reason, when Coder asked him what he answered when Bella asked what’s going to happen to me, Watts claims he can’t remember. But notice the words he uses.

“I don’t remember…if I said yes, like a horrible person…”

Because it would take an especially horrible person to say that in his mind, meanwhile pretending that everything was going to be okay, when it wasn’t.

And hence the scenario he sketches of taking the kids, alive, to the well site, is the same sly scheming as the premeditated murder itself. It’s subtly allowing people to believe what they want to believe, meanwhile in the background the Silver Fox is smiling a cunning smile in his heart of hearts. You may say he’s a bad liar, but he’s fooled the media and he’s fooled most of the armchair detectives who consider themselves experts on what really happened.

There’s a reason Chris Watts can’t remember Bella’s Last Words

In the next episode I’ll be dealing with first my response to the original Dr. Phil show dealing with Bella’s Last Words, as well as what I stated then, in early March, was the original theory of True Crime Rocket Science. This analysis is explicated in rigorous detail in the 7th book in the TWO FACE series – ANNIHILATION.

Dr. Phil Reveals Paternity of Niko Lee Watts in Emotional Show with Shan’ann’s Parents and Brother + TCRS Revisits Original Theories

The Basement Spiel and Contraindications around Shan’ann’s Immitrex – Analysis

Chris Watts slept in the basement on the last night he and Shan’ann were still together. And in North Carolina they slept apart for the entire week that he was there. In the latest book on Watts, he says he was read the riot act by Kessinger, and that although she said she wanted him to have a chance to sort things out with his family, when it came down it, she didn’t want him getting back together with Shan’ann while he was away.

If we accept this scenario, then it raises the question: when Shan’ann arrived back from Arizona, why would he sleep in bed upstairs? When he called Kessinger for 111 minutes, wouldn’t she have wanted to know the sleeping arrangements? What would he have told told her to reassure her?

At 23:52 in the video clip, Chris Watts is asked about the bed in the basement. Who is sleeping there? He stumbles over whether it was two or three nights ago. Given his spiel, that they were separating, and he was supposedly sleeping in the basement, why would he – on the night of the murders [the disappearance in his story] – sleep upstairs?

It actually makes sense given Shan’ann’s late arrival. All things being equal, had he not intended to murder her, and had they really been in the process of separating, then he’d have slept in the basement and neither of them would have seen each other the next morning. She would not have woken him up [and he wouldn’t have wanted to be woken up], and he would not have woken her up when he left [and she would not want to be woken after sleeping for two hours].

When we go through the Phone Data Review, we can see that the idea of separating, moving and selling the house had been broached before, which is why the spiel is so unlikely that he was desperate to talk to her then, at 04:00, about something she already knew. The reason he’s doing it, and the reason he’s not in his right mind [and why the whole thing doesn’t make sense], is because through this manufactured drama, he’s confirming to Kessinger that:

  1. They are separated [at the moment they’re reunited].
  2. He is moving [at the moment she’s back in Colorado for the long term].
  3. Nothing has changed [at the moment everything has changed, meaning now that the family are back to together, they’re not and he can still see her].

Through this Watts is essentially waving a wand and granting Kessinger [and himself] wish fulfillment, which makes total sense to him and her, but makes no sense to anyone else.

At 22:41 in the clip below, the officer asks about the children’s medications. Watts says Ceecee takes Singular every night for her allergies. Then there’s a minor slip.

OFFICER: She had the kids last night?

WATTS [Appearing very smug, his lower jaw hanging open in a dopey-sort of way]: Yes. 

OFFICER: Or you had the kids?

WATTS: Oh, I had the kids.

At 30:27 in the clip below, after the officer asks Watts if he has any questions [he doesn’t, but he mentions calling hospitals], he follows up asking about Shan’ann’s medical history. Did someone say she was diabetic, the officer asks.

In response Watts does a nervous lip snarl, and then starts off saying “she had” [past tense], then corrects himself. There is a lot to say here about Shan’ann health, including her pregnancy, but he doesn’t.

Fullscreen capture 20191011 014851


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The 111 minute call on the night of the murders included Phone Sex

There are several revelations in the new book about Chris Watts. Some of these revelations are apparently authored by Watts himself. I don’t believe the botched double attempted murders on his daughters [while Shan’ann was home], but I do think some aspects are true. Like the admission that the lovers had phone sex during their last 111 minute conversation on Sunday.

The 111 Minute Call on Nichol Kessinger’s Phone on the night of the murders

Why can’t Nichol Kessinger Remember her 111 Minute Conversation on the night of the murders?

#40 Sunday August 12th, 2018: The 111 Missing Minutes that Change Everything #1yearagotodayCW

This conversation was their last chance to be together before Shan’ann returned [and possibly ruined everything]. The phone sex claim certainly makes sense given the context that neither Kessinger nor Watts have previously said much regarding what that conversation was about.

Below are a few excerpts from the discovery dealing with that crucial final conversation. Given the rabid coverage of this case, it’s weird the phone sex claim hasn’t come up [as far as I’m aware] in the media.

Fullscreen capture 20191010 104435Fullscreen capture 20191010 104528Fullscreen capture 20191010 104729

Coming Soon…

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Where did Chris Watts get the Oxy from? Answer provided exclusively to CrimeRocket

On October 4th, 2019, Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid published an exclusive “preview” of a new book on Chris Watts, Letters from Christopher by American writer Cheryln Cadle.


Near the end of the article, the following information appeared:

Cadle asked him about the claims that Watts gave his wife Oxycodone and he responded with conflicting stories, saying he had given it to her twice – once at her parents’ home in North Carolina to try to cause a miscarriage, and then immediately before her death. He later contradicted himself and said he only gave it to her once in North Carolina.

‘I asked him where he got the Oxy, and he told me that is one of the things he will take to his death,’ Cadle wrote.

Fullscreen capture 20191005 163525The moment Chris Watts said he used Oxycodone [the actual letter refers to Oxycontin] but wouldn’t say where he got it from, it set a cat among the pigeons. On the CrimeRocket forums people immediately begun to spread rumors and gossip. This prompted stern warnings – at least from CrimeRocket – for folks to cease and desist.

Fullscreen capture 20191005 193810.bmp

What they didn’t realize was by simply attaching a name to this new murderous spiel they were actually implicating someone as a potential accessory in triple murder.

I don’t think this was intentional, and I don’t think Watts or anyone else foresaw this possibility, but you can imagine what it felt like to be one of those names thrown in the hat, and there have been a few.

CrimeRocket has certainly been clear from the get go that Chris Watts alone is guilty and responsible for the Watts Family Murders.

Following this turn of events, a source close to the Watts family contacted CrimeRocket on October 5th and provided the following statement which is from Chris Watts himself. Not only was this statement transcribed and sent via email, but an audio clip of the conversation from Dodge Correctional was provided to CrimeRocket as well.

Furthermore, Chris Watts consented to this statements being sent to and published on CrimeRocket, so there was no underhand recording made without Chris Watts’ knowledge. Chris Watts and the Watts family would like to clear up any confusion about where he got the Oxy from.

The statement reads as follows:

“I gave Shan’ann the oxy on either July 30th or 31st, whichever was the first day I got into North Carolina.* I got the oxy from the bin [in the basement]. It was in Colorado and it was on the plane and I brought it from my house.”fullscreen-capture-20181204-223605fullscreen-capture-20181204-223527

*Watts first day in North Carolina was July 31st.

#28 July 31st, 2018: When Chris Watts arrives at the airport in North Carolina, an alarm can be heard sounding in the background #1yearagotodayCW

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