The first “incident” with Nichol Kessinger happened on July 4th, just 4 days into their rollercoaster summer romance

When Chris Watts was asked if he and Kessinger ever fought, and about what, Watts cuts to the bone. They argued about her always being “second”, and this just four days into their dalliance.

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Now imagine how that had to feel five weeks later into their summer romance, with Shan’ann hours away from returning to end it all. Isn’t that what their 111 minute conversation was about on the night of August 12th…?

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What we also see here is when Kessinger doesn’t get her way, there’s a consequence. A punishment.

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July 4th was also the day Kessinger went to Watts’ home for the first time.

In his Second Confession Watts’ claimed Kessinger  went to his house once. Kessinger said she went to his house twice, the second time on July 14th or 15th.

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“It only matters what God thinks of me now” – Chris Watts [Preliminary Analysis of “Second Confession”]

A few things that have stood out reading through the release are Nichol Kessinger being bi-pilor [according to Watts] and her “getting pissed” when he left her to go home. Watts also acknowledges it was possible Kessinger knew Shan’ann was pregnant [via Facebook], but says if she knew she didn’t say.

According to Watts his relationship with Kessinger “contributed” to the murders, but she never asked him to do anything.


-Watts denies knowing Trent Bolte

-Watts indirectly denies knowing Amanda McMahon

-Watts doesn’t want either of them charged for making false claims against him

-According to Watts he met Nichol Kessinger on June 1st 2018

-Kessinger saw a picture of his family on his computer at work [according to Watts] and so she knew he was married…

-Kessinger talked about meeting after his trip with Shan’ann to San Diego [in late June]

-He wished he’d worked more in the field so he’d never gotten close to Kessinger

-He felt like Kessinger pursued him, which was unusual…


-Watts seems to regret his relationship with Kessinger, and now has pictures of his wife and daughters in his cell [and talks to them every day]

-He stayed at Kessinger’s home almost every night while Shan’ann and the kids were in North Carolina

– He slept over at Kessinger’s house almost the entire month of July

-Being away from home made him entertain the notion of not being a father and husband

-He never had a girlfriend during high-school

-The longest relationship he had before Shan’ann was about 6 months


-Shan’ann lay face down. She turned onto her back. He straddled her [sitting on top of her] and spoke to her for 20 minutes. She initially thought he wanted to have sex with her.

-She said he was hurting the baby

-He asked if they could cancel their trip to Aspen

-He asked if they could move to Brighton

-He told Shan’ann he didn’t think their marriage was going to work

-He also felt like when he used their credit card with Kessinger on Saturday night, this was “the last straw”

-Shan’ann hadn’t taken off her bra and had mascara running down her face. She asked him “what about last night?”

-He still couldn’t bring himself to tell her about Kessinger

-He told Shan’ann he didn’t love her

-Shan’ann told him:

“You’re never going to see the kids again…get off me…don’t hurt the baby…”


-He immediately put both hands around Shan’ann’s neck and strangled her.

Doesn’t exactly resonate with truth, does it?

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Text Messages Between Nichol Kessinger and CBI Agent Kevin Koback – includes a reference by Koback and Kessinger to #SHAKEDOWN

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“Is SHE Chris Watts’s Mystery Mistress” was published on #SHAKEDOWN on August 23rd, 2018 be me at this link. At that time I was not blogging exclusively on the Watts case. About two weeks later I shifted coverage from #SHAKEDOWN to TCRS.

When the post appeared online in the last week of August, it was the first image published online [besides social media] that made explicit the connection of the name mentioned in the addendum to the arrest affidavit, and the mistress.

Shortly after the endorsed witnessed list was published [as an addendum to the arrest affidavit] it was partially redacted and later the entire witness list was removed. In the original list Kessinger’s name appeared on page 7 [of 9 pages].

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At the time who this “Nichol Kessinger” was was speculation but it wasn’t difficult to join the dots. The Arrest Affidavit stated that Watts was actively having an affair with a co-worker, and even though it wasn’t confirmed at the time, it was obvious Kessinger and her kin had strong career links to the oil and gas industry. It was also relatively simple to systematically go through the list Googling names and excluding those who were cops, Thrivers or otherwise didn’t fit the “mistress” profile.

The speculation posted on #SHAKEDOWN was not repeated in the media at time, but it was subsequently proven to be 100% correct.

To date that particular post has been viewed over 60 000 times.

BREAKING: Chris Watts Made a “Second Confession” on February 18 disclosing when, how and why

On March 7th, Weld County will be releasing a small but vital tranche of information: Chris Watts’ confession. But didn’t he confess already? No, this time it’s the real thing.

According to the Greeley Tribune:

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation possesses documentation, including a written report and audio file from its interview with Watts. The information will be released to the public March 7.

Although he pleaded guilty, Watts never disclosed how or why he carried out the murders. Sources close to the investigation say Watts has finally confessed those details.

I don’t want to appear too cynical about this. Obviously, six months after the murders, this is exactly what we need – a genuine confession. But is it? Because it didn’t happen during the polygraph on August 15th, nor during Watts’ recorded confession to his father and the cops. Watts also didn’t take the opportunity to say anything in court on November 19th, although there seemed some evidence of contrition.

So what’s this? A change of heart? Have his parents – or the Feds – successfully appealed to his better nature? Or has someone twisted Watts’ arm?  Has someone pressured Watts in some way?

Bear in mind, Watts took a plea deal back in November 2018. We assumed then that Watts took the deal in order to avoid telling the world what really happened. We assumed he took the deal to avoid putting himself and perhaps certain people he still cared about, through a criminal trial. Have his feelings changed?

One aspect I consider a real possibility is the notion that Watts might be bisexual. This could explain his introversion and the seat of his dual identity and double life. On the other hand does it explain how Watts could fall head over heels with a woman, and then wipe out his family to be with her?

If Trent Bolte is to be believed, and since he’s already engaged with the press, and possibly even with Watts himself since his incarceration, perhaps Watts feels like “setting the record straight” about him being gay, so to speak.

There’s also Nichol Kessinger. Over the past few months Kessinger has been “implicated” in the court of public opinion as an “accessory”. I don’t believe this to be true, but for as long as a fake confession hangs in the air, a cloud will continue to hang over Kessinger.

If anyone could convince Watts to come forward voluntarily, in my view, it’s the person he said he’d felt feelings for like no one else in his lifetime.

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Watts’ “true confession” [if that’s what it is this time] could potentially help clear Kessinger, and if that is the case, it’s to be welcomed.


TCRS welcomes the opportunity not only to examine the second confession on March 7, but also to test the contentions and speculations published consistently here over the course of six months, and in the TWO FACE series, thus far. What did we get right? Where did we we completely miss the boat? How accurate are the hypotheses for 1. the scene of the crime, 2. the order of the murders, 3. the time the crimes were committed, 4. how the crimes were committed, 5. the actual disposal of the bodies and what that involved, and 6. the motive.

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It is the contention at TCRS that the District Attorney was incorrect in claiming “Bella fought back”. Her wounds rather than being defensive in nature were rather a byproduct of being forced through the narrow thief hatch orifice, and suffering damage to her jaw and frenulum as a result.

Of late, many in the public have grown impatient and begun the process of contacting Weld County with record requests. I made my own on February 20th.

So it’s also possible Watts’ confession isn’t entirely voluntary.

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The TWO FACE pentalogy is available at this link.


Nichol Kessinger’s Tears on August 16th – Fake, or the Most Harrowing Moment in the Watts Case?

It may be that the original audio was edited down in the media to cut out Kessinger’s tears and emotion. Many – understandably – may not be interested in that story.

For those interested, three minutes of raw emotion from the two hour interview on August 16th are worth listening to.

Start at 1:32:06 for context.  It starts to get emotional at 1:33:37 and then ticks up at 1:37 until 1:39:32.