“I want a drama-free life” – would Shan’ann Watts still be alive if she’d followed her own advice?

In fairness to Shan’ann Watts, this is taking a single phrase completely out of context and applying it back to her. We don’t mean to do this in a nasty or victim-blaming way, we simply want to look at something she said on its own merits, and with the benefit of hindsight.


First of all, it’s likely Chris Watts also wanted a drama-free life, either as much as Shan’ann did, or possibly even more. Trouble was there was plenty of drama on the horizon as it was. Shan’ann was about to fall pregnant, intentionally, and Watts was about to begin an affair that would have apocalyptic consequences.

With these huge dramas waiting in the wings, it would be important to everyone’s survival not to add unnecessary drama to an already loaded situation. Even the financial storm brewing around them meant the odds of staying at an even keel were minimal.

So there is a lesson in this. All extremely loaded situations are by default difficult to deal with effectively. In a circumstance where there’s not one but three [and arguably more] devastating situations to deal with [a pregnancy, an affair, a second bankruptcy], it’s possible to make this bad situation infinitely worse.


Whether we blame Shan’ann and/or Chris Watts for the pregnancy, for the affair or for their financial distress, what we can agree on is that all these issues were preventable in the first place. They were individually and collectively matters of choice.

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Nut Gate – the explosion of resentment that preceded the ANNIHILATION – was similarly unnecessary. Whatever it’s connection to the murders, it clearly didn’t help anyone. It added to a sense of emotional compromise, irritation and aggravation. By the same token, committing triple murder was hardly any kind of practical,  workable solution either [let alone moral or ethical], but this “alternative” was selected for reasons that had to do with Watts’ low social prowess. There’s also another reason Watts chose the way he did: he chose what he considered the “easy” instant option for him. Millions are programmed to do that each the every day.


In the modern world we’re constantly faced with simple, convenient opportunities to deal with complex and difficult situations. MLM companies thrive on people who want to make the easy but ill-informed choice.  Invariably these simple, convenient choices don’t make life simpler or more convenient. Our self-delusion and greed draws us into wanting more but without paying the price or making a real sacrifice to get it.

Wanting a drama-free life is one thing. To achieve it means when things hurt, when we want to lash out, we’re able to suck it up, we’re able to exert discipline and see the bigger picture, if not for others then for ourselves.


Seeing the bigger picture includes attaching real consequences to ourselves, and our choices, especially those that seem to offer a quick and easy solution. There is never a quick and easy solution to complicated situations. But we can make a choice not to add unnecessary drama to already dramatic and difficult situations. That resolve, and keeping to it, is the first step on a road to somewhere better than we presently find ourselves. We’re very quick to blame others, but other people are beyond our control. The drama-free way is not to blame ourselves, but to turn to ourselves as both the source and the solution to what’s wrong with our world.

Reader’s Question: “Did Shan’ann really have Lupus?”

QUESTION: I have a question that has been addressed before on your blog, but only briefly, and (not that I can ascertain) not very clearly: It is widely reported that Shan’ann had Lupus. You subscribe to this belief, also, it appears. However, in the autopsy report, the coroner states….NO OTHER EVIDENCE OF DISEASE was found. Is it possible Shan’ann did not have Lupus? I don’t know that she actually did? Wouldn’t SOMETHING of the effects of Lupus be present in an autopsy report? I am 40 and have survived 2 cancers. I am healthy now, but I promise you, if I was murdered, systemic signs of problems just from cancer treatments (osteoporosis, damaged salivary glands from chemo, bad thyroid hormone levels, hormones out of whack, scars, etc) would be reported. Could you re-visit this, or is it your absolute opinion that Shan’ann did, indeed, truly have Lupus? I would love your to read more insight on this issue from you. Thanks!


TCRS: Thanks for your question. You raise an excellent point on the Lupus issue. There does seem to be a possibility that Shan’ann was a hypochondriac, but on the other hand, Lupus probably causes folks to react with a lot of anxiety due to its very nature, and may not appear to show symptoms even when there may be inflammation etc. It seems unlikely Shan’ann didn’t have Lupus if so many people close to her “knew” she did – not only her immediate family [the Rzuceks] but also her husband.

Shan’ann seemed to me to have a lot of issues, and didn’t want to work away from home. The Lupus seemed to be a big part of that, unless it was a con. It also seems significant to me that she had a childless marriage with her first husband.

I’m no expert, but I suspect her Lupus was completely in remission in 2018. When you ask about “something of the effects of Lupus be present” in the autopsy, I would think so, but I’m not sure if Lupus leaves the sort of trail cancer might. I guess it depends on the Lupus. Shan’ann seemed to have a fairly mild case. It doesn’t appear that the autopsy did a very thorough check. I’m not sure whether the restrictions on health related information had a bearing on this aspect, or the Thrive aspect, or both.

The autopsy also made no references to elevated levels of any Thrive-related chemicals. This also seems odd, but since she was pregnant, perhaps she wasn’t using the patches. All of this would doubtless have come out in a trial. So what we’re left with is conjecture, unfortunately. In May I think, Shan’ann was sort of talking about being cured of Lupus [thanks to Thrive] which may nor may not be part of the answer.

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Shan’ann Watts’ Criminal and Traffic Record

While researching the TWO FACE series there was very little concrete information on Shan’ann Watts. Not nothing, but very little, and because we still don’t have her financial records, it was hard to be sure one way or another about specifics regarding Shan’ann’s past.

Although I can’t find the actual quote, I seem to remember the District Attorney mentioning that neither Chris Watts nor Shan’ann Watts had a criminal history – in Colorado.

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The one thing that stood out though was the Watts filing for bankruptcy in 2015. That doesn’t just happen. But the question remained, were both parties reckless and profligate, or was one worse than the other? And if so, how much worse? And in what way did this recklessness manifest? Just run-of-the-mill credit card debt, or something worse?

The picture is gradually becoming clearer.

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Shan’ann’s 39-year-old cousin Jyssica Onorati Committed Suicide on August 12th, 2016

Looking at Jyssica Onorati’s Facebook page, 90% of her posts are aphorisms and affirmations. There is a tragic absence of personal color and people in her social media.

Shan’ann Watts was friends with Jyssica on Facebook and “liked” several of her posts.

Sandi Onorati was friends with Jyssica’s mother Audrey. It seems the unusual spelling of names comes from the Onorati side of the family.

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