Shan’ann Watts’ Criminal and Traffic Record

While researching the TWO FACE series there was very little concrete information on Shan’ann Watts. Not nothing, but very little, and because we still don’t have her financial records, it was hard to be sure one way or another about specifics regarding Shan’ann’s past.

Although I can’t find the actual quote, I seem to remember the District Attorney mentioning that neither Chris Watts nor Shan’ann Watts had a criminal history – in Colorado.

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The one thing that stood out though was the Watts filing for bankruptcy in 2015. That doesn’t just happen. But the question remained, were both parties reckless and profligate, or was one worse than the other? And if so, how much worse? And in what way did this recklessness manifest? Just run-of-the-mill credit card debt, or something worse?

The picture is gradually becoming clearer.

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Shan’ann’s 39-year-old cousin Jyssica Onorati Committed Suicide on August 12th, 2016

Looking at Jyssica Onorati’s Facebook page, 90% of her posts are aphorisms and affirmations. There is a tragic absence of personal color and people in her social media.

Shan’ann Watts was friends with Jyssica on Facebook and “liked” several of her posts.

Sandi Onorati was friends with Jyssica’s mother Audrey. It seems the unusual spelling of names comes from the Onorati side of the family.

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The Connection between a Moore County Couple whose 4-year-old shot himself and Shan’ann Watts [UPDATED]

On July 9th, 2018, about a month before the Watts Family Murders, and the very same day “nutgate” happened, a Moore County couple were charged with neglect after their 4-year-old found a gun in his mother’s purse and shot himself.

It appears the shooting happened on Saturday, July 7th at 19:00, but was reported in the media two days later on Monday, July 9th.

According to

The shooting occurred Saturday evening in a room of the Oceans One Resort [in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina]. Isaiah Odom was playing by himself in his parents’ suite when they heard a gunshot from the next room, police said.

Isaiah remained in critical condition Monday at Grand Strand Hospital. Parents Heather Lyn Odom and Jeremy Jermaine Barrett, who are from Aberdeen, have been charged with unlawful neglect of a child, and they pleaded with a judge Monday to let them out of jail so they could be with their son.Fullscreen capture 20190315 120023

“I just wanted to say that this was just a tragic accident, and it’s something that shouldn’t have happened, but it did,” Odom told Municipal Judge Clifford Welsh. Family members of both parents spoke in court on their behalf.

“They take care of themselves. They don’t ask anybody for anything. They rely on themselves. They’re good people,” said Odom’s mother, Robynn Remers-Odom.

Welsh got choked up as he granted their request to be released.

There appears to be a link between Shan’ann Watts, Sandi Rzucek, Frank Rzucek and Robynn Remers, though at this stage it’s difficult to establish whether they are family, friends or coworkers.


Fullscreen capture 20190315 113831Fullscreen capture 20190315 112951Fullscreen capture 20190315 112956Fullscreen capture 20190315 113006Fullscreen capture 20190315 113022

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What this potentially shows is that the idea of child-neglect and mortal danger to a child may have been high on Shan’ann’s radar, and remained high because of the local news brewing at the time.

It’s likely folks in the small town of Aberdeen were thinking and talking about it constantly, and probably the Rzuceks in particular [since they knew the victim’s family] and Shan’ann keyed into this. This may have prolonged and aggravated Shan’ann’s response to the original incident and the reason why she reacted to it as an ongoing emergency.

During their trip to Myrtle Beach during the first week of August, local coverage and gossip of the incident may have hung like a cloud over the resort, and may have re-triggered a preoccupation and arguably ongoing overreaction from Shan’ann.

In hindsight it could be argued Shan’ann’s instincts were right, that she was right to be worried about the safety of her family. On the other hand one could speculate that if her concern was extreme or seen to be excessive to certain other people in the equation, it may have fed into a pernicious psychology swilling at the time, or even precipitated it.

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Couple arrested after their four-year-old son accidentally shot himself between the eyes could face ten years in jail – Daily Mail

“The Doorbell Video Footage Proves Shan’ann had time to change her clothes…”

Does it?

Chris Watts: Which Documents Are Still Missing and How to Request Documents from Weld County

It was HLN who made an open records request to Weld County for the doorbell camera footage of Shan’ann arriving home at 01:48.

Around the same time HLN contacted Weld County Courts, so did I. On February 20th I received a response to a request for Return Date of Summons [for the August 24th court appearance]. This was the email response I received:

Fullscreen capture 20190221 165032

There’s a fair bit of information I’m looking for since I have three more books to complete in this series. In no particular order:

  • Full autopsy findings
  • Autopsy photos
  • Police + CBI Crime Scene photos [Saratoga Trail – besides and excluding the bodycam video footgae]
  • Police + CBI Crime Scene photos [CERVI 319 – besides and excluding the drone footage]
  • Shan’ann Watts: Financial records
  • Shan’ann Watts: Criminal Records [North Carolina]
  • Police report re: forensic evidence and testing [sheets, carpet, blue glove, dustbin detritus etc]
  • Vivint records for July 4th and July 14th [dates Nichol Kessinger visited Watts home]
  • Police report re: cadaver dog examination of the interior of work truck
  • Police report re: internal examination of Lexus.
  • Transcripts of the interrogation subsequent to the “confession” leading to the plea deal.
  • Transcripts of meetings in November between Watts, his counsel and his parents.
  • Nichol Kessinger cell phone review and images.
  • Browser histories of home computer
  • Audio Interview Transcriptions

Anything you would like to add to this list?

For those who would like to submit their own records requests, please download and print this form, or leave your address and I will email you the attachment:

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