What Will Weld County Coroner Carl Besch Do About Those Autopsy Reports?

It’s extraordinary isn’t it? Weld County District Court Judge Marcelo Kopcow denied Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke’s motion to seal autopsy reports in the Christopher Watts triple murder case. In plain language, the Weld County District Court is arguing with the Weld County District Attorney.


Irrespective, it’s all up to the Weld County Coroner – Carl Blesch – to decide what happens to those reports. If Blesch decides not to intervene, theoretically the reports could be released as-is by as early as Monday, October 15th, just over two months after the murders. But that’s unlikely. More likely Blesch will file a response to the request based on the processes prescribed by Colorado Open Records Act  [CORA]. According to the Greeley Tribune:

Blesch basically has two options: take legal action or release the reports. Roberts said CORA allows a three-work-day period for a response to a request.

If Blesch files a response through the courts, this will almost certainly be either to refuse to release the reports, or to release a limited/redacted version. But we already know what Blesch plans to do.

In an email to The Tribune after Rourke’s motion, Blesch said he agreed with the motion to seal the reports in an effort to ensure the integrity of the ongoing investigation and a fair trial for the defendant.

Blesch’s basically saying the autopsy reports are being withheld to protect Chris Watts. Really?

Whatever is really going on here, the contents of those reports and findings as they relate to the Watts case are likely to be extremely shocking.

5 thoughts on “What Will Weld County Coroner Carl Besch Do About Those Autopsy Reports?

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      • As a matter of fact, I find it odd that no one from the party has spoken about him and the kids being there. His state of mind or if the kids were unusually rambunctious. What time they left, did the kids eat anything besides birthday cake, etc…


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