Chris Watts: Deal or No Deal?

At 2:26 in this short clip posted by practicing criminal attorney Scott Reisch, who is also based in Colorado, there is added support for the idea that a plea deal is on the cards. Transcript provided below.

REISCH: …and I can tell you as a practicing attorney, when we add a case on like this, oftentimes it is set for…a…change of plea. Somebody wants to enter a plea. Is this what this is set for? I have no idea. But usually, if you add a case on early, um, if there is gonna be a plea, you wanna do it  – strike while everything is hot, so to speak. And your client, and the defendant, wants to plead guilty ultimately.  So it will be curious to see if maybe the DAs have told…uh…Mr. Watts and his counsel…uh, you know this is the offer. And maybe he accepted it.  Or it can be as simple as [rescheduling]. 

It all happens tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Chris Watts: Deal or No Deal?

  1. Okay, here’s my thoughts on this. I don’t know,if the DA’s office of Mesa, Arizona offered Jodi Arias a plea deal. I’ve read Juan Martinez’s book, and I just don’t recall if that was the case or not. He did say in his book that he knew she would testify, that she was very clever, and he had to be extra prepared for that fact lest she persuade a jury that the murder of Travis Alexander was justified. His office also sought the death penalty. Essentially he had to find instances where she lied, and expose her as a liar. There was tremendous evidence against her. There were the camera shots, the bleach and clothes in the wash, there was her car rental, gas receipts. And yet he needed more – and found it. Read his book to find out.

    But Arias is a different animal than Watts. Arias wanted the spotlight. She wanted to put everyone through a trial. She wanted all of the attention in order to show everyone just how clever she was, and how remorseless. She applied makeup and preened to a camera early on doing her own PR.

    Watts, from what we have studied here, does not appear to be anything like Arias. It’s possible his attorneys have told him it’s a lost cause, but they do appear to be fighting for him given all of the motions, requesting DNA swabs from the children’s necks and his attorneys, although court appointed, appear to be fighting for him. If this thing gets rolling there is no telling who might want to associate themselves with this case, what high priced attorney may throw their hat in the ring. Leslie Abramson, how about you? Eric and Lyle Mendendez confessed, yet she found a way to get a hung jury. Nurmi (sp) from Jodi Arias’s trial has already commented on this case. Might he be interested?

    Will Watts have the stamina, and the fight in him to go to trial? I say he will. He’s not Jodi Arias, he likely won’t testify but I’m sure his attorney’s have told him Colorado doesn’t usually go for the death penalty and it’s difficult to prosecute at any rate, so he may play hardball. We’ll see.


    • As I understand it Jodi wanted to plead guilty, but prosecutors didn’t offer her that alternative.

      Arias repeated her claims that she never wanted to go to trial in the first place but instead wanted to reach a deal with prosecutors on a second-degree murder count that would have carried a maximum of 22 years in prison. However, she said, “no deal was offered.”


      • I forgot to write that Travis’ family were steadfast about her getting the death penalty. They held off on the start of the trial just so they could get Juan Martinez. I got to know the Alexander family and they are happy she ended with life in prison with no parole.


    • I didn’t know until a couple days ago that Juan Martinez actually went to Travis Alexander’s house and saw that horrific crime scene before he was removed from the shower. I had no idea.


    • I didn’t know until a couple days ago that Juan Martinez actually went to Travis Alexander’s house and saw that horrific crime scene before he was removed from the shower. I had no idea.
      I have great respect for Kurt Birmingham. He’s one of my favorite people and he’s been through a lot. I just admire him a great deal.


  2. Oh, and please read Nick’s books on the Arias case – exposing the nature of the relationship between Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias and a nice dissection of their texts and emails. Which by the way, we don’t have Nick’s texts, do we. There is a lot we don’t have, so it ain’t over until the Thrive ladies sing.


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