Nickole Atkinson forgives Chris Watts – now she wants to get back to “business-as-usual” Thrivin’

Nickole Atkinson – God love her – isn’t the most introspective of people. But after Chris Watts accepted the plea deal, Nickole – the friend who set the cat between the pigeons [she played a huge role in Chris Watts’ arrest] – got very deep, and posted this message to Chris Watts on Facebook.

Screenshot_2018-11-07-06-23-42 (1)

She also used her profile picture to declare justice in this case. Done and dusted.

Fullscreen capture 20181107 085922

Below is a previous profile picture:

Fullscreen capture 20181107 090010

After remembering her murdered friend for a few minutes on Facebook, it was back to Thrivin’. Whose comin’ with me to Fort Worth? Nickole and her fellow Thrivers have been pushing out the invites.

And celebrating other things.

Fullscreen capture 20181107 090108

And then investing more of her thoughts in the less-introspective stuff in life.

Fullscreen capture 20181107 090102

12 thoughts on “Nickole Atkinson forgives Chris Watts – now she wants to get back to “business-as-usual” Thrivin’

  1. As everyone is saying, it just makes her look like she’s stealing thunder yet again. She says she posted this just because she had finished reading “The Secret”. On the very same day that Chris pleads guilty? Sure.


  2. Nick, have you seen the photos of Chris and the girls at the neighbours birthday party yet? Unbelievable. It just doesn’t look like a Dad who has planned to wipe out his family. Haunting.


  3. I said weeks ago that The Secret was involved in this somehow. She couldn’t be bothered to go to court yesterday to stand in for her “best friend” and she hasn’t missed a beat selling her Thrive crap. I saw her hand post yesterday. Talk about calculated


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  5. Not at all bashing or bullying BUT this is a weight loss supplement . She looks no different. I do not see a lifestyle change made from within that would inspire me to follow her lead. Her business is based upon Shanann’s memory not her own success. I find it disgusting


  6. I get the feeling that even though they were together on that business trip that they weren’t especially close friends, more like “thrive” friends, with the common goal of selling that brought them together. Also I have thought that Nickole must have gained many new customers as a result of this tragedy. I mean it wasn’t her choice to be shoved into this scenario but the “I forgive you” post was a bit off IMO.


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