A Letter from “K Almand” to Judge Marcelo Kopcow [Sent Monday at 16:01] & Kopcow’s Response

The gist of the letter seems to be that Chris Watts’ mother Cindy is appealing to the judge to be able to talk to her son before the sentencing trial on Monday, November 19. It’s significant that they’re placing on record here the fact that the entire family have not been able to make any contact with Watts whatsoever after his arrest. This also puts into perspective the sealed visitation logs. Are they sealed because of the visitors Watts’ getting, or to hide that he’s been getting no visitors?

Fullscreen capture 20181114 221940

Fullscreen capture 20181114 221846

10 thoughts on “A Letter from “K Almand” to Judge Marcelo Kopcow [Sent Monday at 16:01] & Kopcow’s Response

  1. I imagine the Watts expected their latest request to be denied, but want to establish a written record of their being denied access to Chris during most of his three-month incarceration, with the exception of the visitation that was granted just prior to the plea-deal hearing on 11/6. I believe they also want to establish a written record of his defense’s threatening and unreasonable posture, when the Watts tried to speak with Chris about accepting the plea deal. Something is not right here.


  2. His mother doesn’t seem to be easy to deal with (when you watch the interview and the weird letter).
    Maybe Chris Watts doesn’t want to deal with her at the moment.
    After all he is not a child, a judge can not force him to see his parents


    • I wonder how most people would react when something hideous like this happens to their child and they’re not allowed contact for 3 months??? I personally think she’s calm considering the frustrating and scary predicament she’s in. Compassion would go a long way. This is a mother who clearly believes or desperately wants to believe that her son is telling her the truth. I admire her composure.


  3. Wow. I just read this letter. I’m glad on public records. This defender seems to be very rude. I don’t understand this.
    Why are they not allowed to speak to him.
    Are they in works with the defense.
    Maybe told get this done?
    Forget his rights?
    I think a judge needs to speak here, and a new lawyer for Chris

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