“Bella was just like Chris…shy, cautious, conservative…” – Cindy Watts

In a 9News interview with Chris Watts’ mother, Cindy describes Bella as being just like her dad. And “shy, cautious and conservative” does sound like an accurate description of both dad and daughter. And then she describes Ceecee:

“Ceecee was…a ball of fire. I mean she was fearless, completely fearless.”

So…who was Ceecee like?

Fullscreen capture 20181114 191150

Fullscreen capture 20181114 191420

10 thoughts on ““Bella was just like Chris…shy, cautious, conservative…” – Cindy Watts

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  2. Based on photos I have seen, it was apparent to me that CW had a bond with the oldest daughter. It seems as if the youngest was left to cry on the floor or act out for her father’s attention. Perhaps, she reminded him of SW a little too much.


  3. The way she talks about CeCe is the same way CW talked about her on the interview on the porch using similar words and she says it without any emotion, just like CW did. Also, in a youtube video that she is meeting SW and children in the airport you can tell most attention is for Bella, and a lot less for CeCe.


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  5. My parents are the same way.
    They ignore completely their grandchildren if they don’t look like my father.
    They are not the most mentally healthy individuals though.
    Can you imagine Shan’ann dealing with grandparents that would prefer one child over another?
    Another story was the nuts story.
    The grandma gave Bella ice cream with nuts in it in from of Cece (a 2 years old) deadly allergic to nuts. Like that’s quite telling about the relationship she had with Cece.


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