Childhood Photos of Chris Watts

Does who he was figure into who he became? Did who you were figure into who you are today?

There’s an interesting parallel here to both Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony, who were both achievers [of a sort] at school, Petterson in golf and Anthony on the athletics track.

Chris Watts was a fairly big deal at school, by some accounts. Was he a big deal behind closed doors at #2825 Saratoga Trail?

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Fullscreen capture 20181114 232130

4 thoughts on “Childhood Photos of Chris Watts

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  2. I wonder if he really enjoyed playing football and baseball or was told he had to play a sport. I thought he liked cars like his father. Could be that he just did what he was told; not really identifying with what he really wanted.


    • I agree with Tammy. I think he was told what to like and to do by his parents and just followed. Then choose a wife just like that.
      What I see through the interviews with his parents is that they are frustrated they are not included in the decision process.
      But they don’t have to be.
      In fact, if CW decided they are not to be included, they SHOULDN’T be included.
      They look a little overbearing to me.


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