First Review of TWO POLLYANNAS: “True fiction masquerading as true crime”

The first review has been posted for TWO POLLYANNAS and – oh dear – it’s a 1 star review. But does the reviewer have a point?

This book reads like a nit picky little old lady with a grudge. It’s hastily scraped together with bits and pieces of perceived reality that calls itself rocket science. My grandmother used to say if you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Not only has the author nothing nice to say about a murdered woman and her children, what he says is simply not true. This isn’t true crime writing: it’s true fiction masquerading as true crime.

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And these are other reviews by “Don Pierson”:

Fullscreen capture 20181115 183504Fullscreen capture 20181115 183529Fullscreen capture 20181115 183511Fullscreen capture 20181115 183516Fullscreen capture 20181115 183519Fullscreen capture 20181115 183522Fullscreen capture 20181115 183526

I regularly check my reviews and “Don Pierson” is definitely a new name on the review list. Since there were only three reviews of The Murder of Vincent van Gogh and SLAUGHTER I remember clearly who all three were. Ergo “Don Pierson” is Pauline, a former reader who has left 160 comments on CrimeRocket, more by far than any other reader.

And then yesterday, this one:

Fullscreen capture 20181115 183650

Strange how we can discuss dishonesty, deceit and manipulation as an out-there-in-the- world-of-true-crime concept, but in reality, it’s right here with us. If I don’t like you, I do what I feel like to malign you, and my malice is completely forgivable – because it’s mine.

My response?

11 thoughts on “First Review of TWO POLLYANNAS: “True fiction masquerading as true crime”

  1. You know, there’s some really crazy s@@t out there!! Although I bought it, I haven’t been able to read the latest installation of the Watts saga, because it’s hanging somewhere out in the cloud due to the ongoing power shutdown siege (fire danger) here in the outback of San Diego County. Instead, I re-read book 2 in preparation for the Two Pollyannas, which I look forward to reading—hopefully soon.

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  2. Pauline. You have been ‘doxxed’ as we youngins’ on the interweb call it these days. case you need clarification..which you often do; you left a bad review out of spite and we all know about it now. Your obsession with interacting with a certain TC writer is not working out how you wanted. Please see yourself out, and no longer post on this website under a new name, You’ve done something truly pathetic and reckless. I come on wanting to speak with authentic readers and reviewers of TC, who use their best intentions and judgement when doing so.. Your childish antics are not wanted here be me personally as a huge fan of Nick, I support him and do NOT support what you have done to try to malign his work.


  3. I downloaded the sample but for some reason, the book is not available on kindle for my region (I’m in Japan).
    I will see if I can get my friend to buy it and send it over to me 😂 so far the sample is good


      • Thanks! I will buy it soon and read.
        For some reason my kindle wasn’t set up properly and It was only saying “not available in your region” but your link worked!
        Can’t wait!


  4. In all fairness, the entire comments section of this site is filled with maligning statements, aimed at dispensing maximum offense to anyone who happens to have an alternative opinion to whoever doles out the insult. This post in and of itself is an act of malice directed at someone who wrote a negative critique.


  5. Nick , I think I’m gonna have to suck it up and take back my first comment on your site. Obviously ,I spoke too soon and before seeing the whole situation of how you converse with the readers and commentary. Looks like i was wrong .


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