Did Nichol Kessinger really not know Chris Watts was about to be a father for the third time?

All it would have taken was for Nichol Kessinger to do a single, simple Facebook search for Chris Watts’ wife, and all would be revealed: the pregnancy videos posted in mid-June, the ongoing declarations of love, the photos of the couple embracing in San Diego in late May. Shan’ann’s Facebook was [and still is] set to public, so Kessinger – had she been curious about her new boyfriends family circumstances – only had to look. So…didn’t she?

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And if Shan’ann was thinking about divorce, why would she be posting pictures of her wedding on June 17th?

Notice these couple selfies on June 25th, and June 26th.

And Chris Watts probably didn’t want to appear in this video Shan’ann took of the couple’s hotel room on June 22nd. The video cuts off a few seconds after Shan’ann shows her husband unpacking his suitcase. A message to the mistress?

Now, what’s useful about Kessinger’s statement is the timeline it provides. It’s vague, but thanks to Shan’ann’s still publicly accessible profile, vague is fine, because we have time and date stamped images to cross reference from.

So let’s do that.

According to the Denver Post  exposé: Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger met “one day in the middle of June”. Strictly speaking that’s not true, because as work colleagues they would have encountered [met] one another anyway, but let’s assume that’s when they formally [or informally] engaged with one another for the first time.

Shan’ann posted two eparate pregnancy reveal videos on June 11th, and also changed her profile picture to one of herself wearing the “Oops, we did it again” shirt.

Watts and Kessinger, meanwhile,  met for the first time “outside of work” in “late June”. Well, late June is when the San Diego trip happened, or directly after.

Directly after the San Diego trip is also when Shan’ann flew to North Carolina. That happened on June 26th. She told her Facebook flock where she was going, so if Nichol Kessinger had been curious, she’d be able to keep track of Shan’ann’s blow-by-blow accounts of her movements, and be sure the coast was clear [assuming she did check].

Fullscreen capture 20181116 085831

After meeting outside of work in late June, Watts and Kessinger began a physical relationship in “early July”. According to the article, Kessinger wanted to take it slow and kept asking Watts how the divorce was going. But if the timeline is right, the advance from colleagues to lovers took place in a few days [whatever the length of time it is separating “late June” from “early July”.

From the screengrab below [dated July 1st] it looks like Watts may have used his wife’s car to chauffeur Kessinger around instead of his beat-up work truck. It also appears Watts took time off from work around the same time.

Fullscreen capture 20181116 084912

According to her exclusive with the Post:

Watts told her that he had two daughters and, after Kessinger asked, Watts said he was separated and at the end of divorce proceedings, she said. “I believed him,” she said.

Now, although the relationship appeared to kick off close to the time Shan’ann was away, if Watts had told her he had kids, didn’t Kessinger wonder about the longer-term living arrangements? Didn’t she wonder where Shan’ann was day to day, week by week? According to the Post:

[They] began a physical relationship in early July and saw each other four to five times a week, Kessinger said. She told him she wanted to take it slow…

Since Shan’ann was gone for several weeks at a time, didn’t Kessinger wonder what was going on with the kids? This “disappearance” of not only his wife, but the children too, probably set in motion a psychology of dread for Watts. As soon as Shan’ann and the kids came home, his game would be up. And so, when she returned from her final trip – from Arizona – that was the end of the honeymoon phase. He waited until the very last moment to do what he’d probably been imagining in the back of his mind for weeks.

To keep his wife and family missing…

Fullscreen capture 20181113 093549

According to the Post:

Kessinger was worried about his missing family, but she didn’t want to make a big deal out of a situation that Watts seemed calm about. Then, news reporters showed up at the Watts’ family home.

But 30-year-old Kessinger didn’t make a big deal out of the situation that Tuesday either. She only contacted the cops on Wednesday morning, and the media three months later, in spite of rumors flying for several weeks about her involvement.

Kessinger says: “I don’t think there is a logical explanation for what he did. It’s a senseless act, and it’s horrific.” She’s wrong. There is a logical explanation. She says she thought he was attractive and a good listener, and by August, Watts was fitter and better-looking than ever. But had he really lost all that weight coincidentally, and then met Kessinger, or had she been on his heart, on his mind, for a lot longer?

If so, Watts’ heart and mind was clouded with emotion. It wasn’t just the positive emotion of a new romance that was driving him, it was the tsunami of conflicting negative emotions to deal with, not just the pregnancy, but Shan’ann. What he did was senseless and horrific outside of the emotional dynamic he found himself in. Within it, well, it’s starting to make sense, isn’t it?

27 thoughts on “Did Nichol Kessinger really not know Chris Watts was about to be a father for the third time?

  1. For the Facebook thing, it is not that hard for someone to create a new fake profile (with a fake profile as his ex wife and impersonate her) and to add a bunch of fake friends through groups made for that (one is called “come here to add random friends to your page”). If he was lying that much, he likely didn’t even tell her his wife’s real name so she had no reason to look.

    The relationship was new so this can fool someone long enough to stop looking.


    • so she had no reason to look>>>So, if it was you, you wouldn’t look, and you’re told by the person you’re with there’s a third party with children.

      In the history of human relationships [well, while social media has been on the scene], if she didn’t look maybe she was the first.


      • What I Mean is that if he built an elaborate fake profile for his hook ups with fake friends, fake wife profile etc. MAYBE someone not super bright/very trusting could have missed that within two months (with the honeymoon period etc)
        That being said, I doubt very much she didn’t know.
        It would have taken 1. No social media 2. A shitload of enabling workers/boss not to mention his pregnant wife even…


  2. This guy had three different (well four, counting Thayers individually) people go to the police to report his suspicious behavior pertaining to his missing wife and kids in a 24 hr period. No wonder they were onto him like stink on shit so quickly.


  3. Well, there goes my theory that she wanted her identity kept secret! Ha ha. Something does seem off though. According to some of those screenshots we have seen with coworkers discussing how blatant CW and NK were with the affair it must have been going on longer than a few weeks. When did Chris delete his Facebook account? If it was in early July that would explain why, so she couldn’t see him tagged in other photos etc.


    • She does want her identity kept secret, but doesn’t have much choice. She’s on the witness list because she’s a key witness. And she hasn’t hired a lawyer specializing in slander to invite the tabloids in. He was sitting in on the interview, and it sounds like it was conducted in his office.


      • My thinking was that yes her name was on the witness list and anyone could speculate she was the mistress but without ever having proof. She would have been forced to reveal her story during a trial but after the plea deal she could have chosen to remain silent and never confirm her involvement with Chris. The fact that she is still speaking up now must mean that she really really wants people to know that he is a super selfish scumball, not a meek pushover.


  4. In my opinion, she knew everything but choose to ignore the facts coz she was clouded by attraction. Her mind was ignoring everything except her relationship with him. Or CW told her he is trying to get out of the marriage and working on it.


  5. Well, I’ve said I like to hear all sides to a story, even the side I don’t agree with. On this particular subject, After reading other opinions, I’ve changed my opinion. I believed the mistress Nichol believed Chris was no longer with Shan’ann, but when I see all this played out with Facebook, um, yeah, she knew she was seeing a man who was not only very married, but also pregnant. And I think the prosecution harnessed Nichol right after the murders happened. Now, I think the prosecution unharnessed her to make Chris look even worse at this crucial time, on the eve of his plea hearing come Monday!


  6. I find it very hard to believe Ms. Kessinger had no idea she was playing with a married man. The pictures found of her around the internet are mostly in a bar setting with multiple men around her. Wallflower? I think not. She waited to talk to police until she saw she couldn’t avoid being busted with her hand in the cookie jar.


  7. I think she knew he was married with a family and that their affair was longer than she is admitting to. Don’t forget, his girlfriend had all of her social media professionally scrubbed off the internet including her fathers (CW ‘s Boss) right after CW murdered his family.

    There is a chance she didn’t know about SW expecting. If the girlfriend didn’t know about the baby is this why Chris timed the murders right before the Gender Reveal Party?


  8. They met at work right? So his colleagues would have known he was a married man with a family so how come she didn’t get to hear that? It also shows online she was married or is married. She looks sly and coniving and has certainly glammed her appearance up for her publicity picture as she looks rough in all the previous pictures.My money is on that she well knew he was married and Shannan maybe thought another baby would save the marriage and hoped the mistress would see the announcement on Facebook.


  9. You need to learn about narcissism. This guy is a sociopath. Whoever gets close to someone like him is a victim. She’s lucky it wasn’t her. For whatever reason. Because she was dating a predator. These people finely craft a narrative. This didn’t come out of nowhere. Also his obsession with his looks. They often choose women who are sick or in some kind of trouble. Seriously, this poor woman is innocent and lucky to be alive


    • Thanks, I’ll try to study up on narcissism. Never heard of it before. So he’s a completely normal guy, liked by everyone, loved by everyone, and then when he commits murder he’s an evil narcissistic monster. By the same reasoning, if you’re a normal person, and people love you, at what point do you become a narcissistic monster? Only when you commit murder? I ask because you seem to know about narcissism.


  10. If you read through all 1900 pages of the crime document, you will see a whole other side of Nichol Kessinger. I read every page pertaining to her and her relationship with Watts. She began googling Shannon in September of 2017. She also googled both of their Facebook pages during the course of their affair. Shannon was extremely active on FB and her page is public. There is no way Nichol didn’t see the pregnancy reveal video.She went to their house twice. She deleted all of her texts and searches from her phone while Shannan was missing. She asked Chris is one text, “Are we bad?” She googled how to make a man marry his mistress and spent hours looking at wedding dresses. She told Chris to pawn his wife’s ring in one text while Shannan was missing. She googled tons of porn and anal sex instructions the Sat before Shannan went missing and the night of their last date. She googled can cops find texts if erased as well as Amber Frey, her book deal, and her net worth after Shannan and her girls were found dead. All this evidence points to the fact that she knew he was married and Shannan was pregnant way before the murders. She wanted Chris to leave his family for her and it looks like her plot goes all the way back to last year. She’s a POS and a home wrecker.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. After reading the 1900+ Discovery pages, I agree with @Em. I think everything said or done by Nichol including her Google searches and texts to Chris and her friends, would make a good Blog post showcasing how much she lied to police and in Media interviews. “30 Times Nichol & Chris Lied About Their Affair”. The true timeline vs. “We had just met.”

    Why didn’t the police include a timeline for Nichol and Chris’s relationship starting when she googled him in Sept. 2017? I am positive if they interviewed office coworkers there would be some who knew/suspected about their involvement and that it hadn’t started in June 2018. Co-workers usually pick up on when people are interested in each other at work based on their behavior.

    NK: “I hardly knew him”. Sure, that’s why she was sending him nude photos, googling wedding dresses and reading articles about men marrying their mistresses.

    NK said to her friend (paraphrasing here) that she “wanted a man who hadn’t been married or didn’t have kids.” I believe that she did make this known to Chris. His solution was to murder his entire family so he wouldn’t have “baggage” like alimony or child support when he built his new life with Nichol.

    Chris said he took out money from his 401K about 5 months before the murders to catch up on his mortgage but they were still behind on it. Did he spend some of this money on Nichol instead? How did he afford trips with her?

    If Chris had had the guts to divorce Shannan, pay child support and had to face his financial situation would Nichol have stayed with him?


  12. Raise your hand if you’ve ever googled someone you met at work because you thought they were hot!? I have! Raise your hand if you’ve ever googled things out of curiosity, boredom, to prove someone wrong, to fact check, etc.?!? I sure as hell have. I see a bunch of bored ass people sitting around trying to connect dots that just aren’t there. If the dots were there, the cops/FBI would have connected them. God forbid any of you fall for someone that ultimately murders their entire family and your Google Search history gets released to the world for bored losers to point fingers. I see a lot of hurt people in these comments just projecting their own insecurities into this situation. Good luck to you all.


  13. Nichol Kissinger is wild and mess up in her head. that is why Chris watts prey on her. She played with fire. Lucky she won’t get killed like he did to Shannon watts and kids. Sociopathic prey on vulnerable or health issue or naive person. Sociopathic has no love and no remorse or empathy at all. He mimics feelings and he thinks he loves. His heart not love real. He is like souless. He would play house with woman then tired of her and terminate his past in trash then start new next woman. Like switch off on fast. He don t show violence like physical but psychology abuse . He don’t like to be found out he decide like delete past history and execute his past (family) before start new. It’s scary. That girl should not mess with married men. Karma will bite her. i see these picture swhen he is young i see his face is like blank emotionless and hidden mask. Like Dr Hyde & jerkyl. he played for to decide to let person for or live. He is very deadly dangerous like silent killer That is my opinion.


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