35 thoughts on “Shan’ann, Bella and Celeste Watts 25 Page Autopsy Report

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  3. Shan’ann’s Blood Alcoholic Content was 0.128. She’d been drinking??
    Her fully formed gallstone may have contributed to her not feeling well during her last MLM trip.


  4. Bella was wearing “pink pajama-type top with images of hearts and butterflies.” Poor thing. Little Celeste, thankfully, seemed to have no idea what was happening to her.

    Chris Watts destroyed three fully formed, perfect adults. He needed to be executed.

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  5. Celeste’s stomach was empty. So that indicates perhaps that she and Bella were murdered around the same time as Shan’ann I’m guessing. No evidence of cake or undigested dinner. Based on the clothing they were found in, probably Chris pretended to be asleep. Once Shan’ann got in bed and settled to sleep, he then got on her and, like a snake, squeezed the life out of his prey. Then I think he went into the girls rooms.

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    • Kaye, this sounds plausible. I’m having my doubts about an emotional conversation occurring that particular morning prior to Chris’s killing Shan’ann. Perhaps they had one via phone or text. Or perhaps Chris had one with himself by way of rationalizing killing his family, although I don’t think it was emotional.


      • I bet there was no conversation. He probably wanted it done quickly and in the dark so he wouldn’t have to see anyone’s faces, anything that might make him doubt what he is doing. I’m thinking the girls were killed after Shan’ann because he knew she would look in on them, perhaps kiss them, before turning to bed herself. I’m sure if he were pretending to sleep she would have been so tired she would have gone to sleep right away, thinking we’ll talk in the morning, things will be better tomorrow.

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  6. @Kaye I’m thinking the girls were killed after Shan’ann because he knew she would look in on them, perhaps kiss them, before turning to bed herself.>>>When he murdered Shan’ann, how do you think he did it? And where do you think he did it?


    • Based on Shan’ann having no defensive wounds, just the marks on her neck, I think he waited for her in bed, then after he felt she was either asleep or fully relaxed he rolled over on top of her and pinned her down somehow and then gripped around her neck. She seemed to be in pajamas which indicates she got into bed, which sickly matches up with his “barely got into bed” remark, The sheets were stripped because they probably got pulled off anyway during the act.


      • Good work. So Chris Watts said she barely got into bed, and so…she barely got into bed? Do you think Shan’ann was the type of person to leave her suitcase downstairs and just go to bed? Not whether you or most people would or wouldn’t do that – do you think Shan’ann was the type of person to do that?


  7. I have a question. I believe the DA said there was no evidence of fibers related to the smothering of Bella and Celeste. When it was revealed yesterday that the children had been smothered, I assumed a pillow was used, especially since it would cover their faces and provide emotional distance for Chris while murdering his own children. My question is how do you smother someone with your bare hands—cover/press their nostrils and mouths? I guess since they’re children and small it’s possible. However, this method is especially brutal, sadistic, and intimate, as he he would see their dying eyes. Who and/or what are we dealing with here?


    • “…smother someone with your bare hands—cover/press their nostrils and mouths”

      Cheryl: If Chris did that, he definitely has to die. We cannot have that thing on earth with us.


  8. @Nick—hi, in answer to your question about the suitcase she might have been so exhausted and wanting to get to bed right away that she left it downstairs, figuring she would deal with it in the morning. It would be tiring to lug it upstairs and she might not have wanted to make any noise. I think Chris pretended to be asleep because I think he’s a coward and wouldn’t have wanted to interact with her. I’m sure he didn’t want any questions from her or to talk about anything. They probably already had an emotional conversation before she left for Phoenix and he had made up his mind to do what he did. Anyway, this is the scenario I would paint if I were the prosecutor in the case. It’s what seems to make sense, based on the info we recently learned.


    • So Shan’ann’s OCD personality stopped that night?

      Remember it wasn’t just the suitcase downstairs, her purse was downstairs too.

      How does pretending to be asleep and cowardice align with murder? You may say murder itself is cowardice, but if you’re the murderer, you’re taking a huge risk, and if you’re an introverted murderer, you’re being your version of brave by physically confronting and attacking someone. There is cowardice involved but there’s an easier way to attack and subdue someone than to wait for them to fall asleep. Take Jodi Arias – she lured him into a shower and made sure she was armed and he was naked, vulnerable and unsuspecting when she attacked him. Make sense?

      There’s also a serious fundamental problem with your theory, which goes to the forensics. If she was murdered in bed, why isn’t there any evidence of that? Not a single drop of blood on the bed sheets, and she winged him – apparently – with her nails on his neck. There’s another case that does involve a murder by a husband on a bed, through manual strangulation, and they found small drops of his and her blood on the sheets, as well as traces of her feces elsewhere in the room. Once the body dies the lower digestive tract opens up. No sign of that either.


      • That is what is difficult; without a trial we have no way of knowing all the forensic evidence and what tests the state started to perform or did perform. Was there no evidence of feces on the girls’ beds either so maybe they were not killed in bed? If that’s the case I can’t figure where else they would have been at that time. The mark on his neck might have been from Bella; Shan’ann had really long nails. If Shan’ann tried to claw his neck I would think he would have cuts there. He did something to immobilize or pin down her arms. Otherwise I can’t imagine why she didn’t go for his eyes etc.


      • OCD can be like gluten-sensitivities. They dissipate in inconvenient circumstances. If she was that tired, yes, Shannan could have left her suitcase and purse downstairs in her own home.

        If the digestive tract opens up at death, where did Shannan, Bella and Celeste poop? Chris cleaned all that up so quickly and completely?

        Do you think he ninja-attacked her the moment she entered the house?


      • From what I can understand of the facts in this case- there were no scratches to Chris. Murdering someone through strangulation doesn’t take that long.

        I’ve seen many people die in the hospital where I worked- not everyone poops when they die (and their stomachs were empty)- except the oil in the Angels stomach. For the sake that they did poop, you’re assuming he didn’t clean it up in the bed.


      • “Once the body dies the lower digestive tract opens up.” -nickvdl

        No, it doesn’t. A person’s muscles relax upon death, including the sphincter. Not everyone poops when they die, in fact most do not. During decomposition, gasses cause stuff to come out but that’s a different matter. Don’t mislead people into believing there should be feces in the location of a murder.


      • Not everyone poops when they die, in fact most do not. > Most do not, really? I’d recite a few examples from case law but I don’t think you’re really here to discuss anything.


        Pee and Poo
        While some muscles spontaneously contract after death — and though all muscles eventually tighten into rigor mortis — others are loosening their grip entirely. Meanwhile, the part of your brain that regulates involuntary functions is shutting down. Specifically, the region of your brain that controls the muscles that hold your sphincter closed becomes incapacitated following death. Just like those rare occasions where you laughed so hard you peed in your pants, you will pee and poop in the spontaneous relaxation of your muscles following death. In fact, it’s not just the muscles but also the gas produced inside your body following death that will cause peeing and pooping. There’s really not much to say about this, right? Death is simply not pretty, nor was it meant to be.


  9. Shan’ann loved clothes, and also being away for work (product) she may have had a huge heavy as suitcase loaded up, and as much as she wanted it upstairs thought Chris was asleep and being exhausted, preggers etc. didn’t attempt it herself. He may have sprung himself on her in the bathroom, came in after her and turned the light off or something, being an easier/tiled place to clean up any traces?

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  10. @Eleni Let me put it this way – there is zero evidence that Shan’ann was upstairs. Also zero evidence that she was in bed. Unless you count her phone. Do you think her phone ended up where it was because that’s how and where it left her hand?

    You can pooh-pooh OCD if it’s not you, but OCD especially for someone with a chronic disease tends to be quite significant. She even labelled food in her kitchen. Anyway, either you get it, or you don’t. You can argue till the cows come home and all you end up arguing is that she could be in any non-specific place in the house. But then what’s your scenario?

    I wrote a book that tried to integrate information, not just throw the information in the air and shrug. In that sense when you learn her OCD was a significant factor, you ask – how significant. And then you test it in various scenarios. How was she with her phone? How was she about her children’s allergies? And so on.


  11. @nickvdl From what I can understand of you via the Internet is that you like to write your “assumptions” of what actually happen in a murder investigation- and you know what they say about assumptions (in case you didn’t “you tend to make an arse of yourself”). You make money on your “books”, but from what I can tell it’s not based on actual facts.

    You attack Shannan as being OCD- as if that’s a major character flaw and her behavior the night she got home was out of character- so you can what, believe she killed her kids. You’re a man- you’ve never been pregnant, so you don’t know the MANY demands on the body to provide for another life (you get brain fog, severely tired, you puke, etc.). I bet she was tired, and it was early in then bloody morning- she was also trying to be considerate to her family who were sleeping. From ALL the evidence in this case, Shannan was a loving wife (who was trying to save a marriage) and a loving mother. She didn’t strangle her children, and she didn’t scratch Chris.

    From what can be gleaned, it’s most likely he killed them in their sleep. Murder is a cowards act. He should’ve given her a divorce. Hatred is the seed in which murder is the result- the fact is he HATED his wife and kids. He wanted to be a free man to screw around with whatever would let him.

    I hope her family never see your “gossip books”, as what you do is the lowest form a human can lower oneself to- then again you and Chris have something in common, you both victim blame. Shame on you!


  12. I would say the asshole probably turned them over or put the comforter over their faces and did it that way. It takes 2-4 min for a person to die from smothering or strangulation. This sick bastard should have done everyone a favor and took his own life. But, wait a minute, he is that selfish and only thinks of himself, and he is too much of a coward. He really thought he could get away with this? Makes me so sick. His mom I think knew about it prior. Because when he called her, he said, “mom, they are searching the house.” Why would he say that to her if she did not have prior knowledge? Just a suggestion. Also, the fact that he did not want her to come to Colorado with his dad so that maybe she would not be questioned? She also could not stand Shannan. They did not even attend the wedding and barely knew their grandchildren from what I gathered. They were invited by Shannan’s family to attend the funerals and did not even show. This whole thing is terrible. Not sure if it is true, but I heard that the GF (Nicole) and his parents are both doing book deals! If this is true, what a sad sad world we live in for the love of money is the root of all evil. That is what this whole thing boils down to, Chris not wanting a divorce for the simple fact of having to pay child support on 3 kids. So if his parents are doing interviews and book deals, he gets it honest I reckon.


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  14. Was the examiner not able to determine the order in which Shan’ann and the girls were killed? I see it is listed as “pronounced” and no estimates of time for cause of death? Unless I missed it? Thanks!


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