7 thoughts on “August 11 at 09:30: Kessinger spent 45 minutes searching Google on “how to prepare for anal sex”

  1. Her search logs also showed a few times that she googled Shanann, even before the murders. So even at the point she definitely knew her name and what she looked like. She seemed a bit more obsessive about CW than she wants it to seem.

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    • That makes sense, because he worked at Anadarko for three years, and according to them, only hooked up in the last 2-3 months. I wonder when her first search was.


      • I believe I read her searches on Shan’ann began in Sept. 2017 so that was way before they claimed he introduced himself to her.


  2. Why did DA release this? Where is discussion on info on I believe 508 and 529 where Kessi her said she thought finances was the main reason this happened, and where Chris Watts said they were three months behind in mortgage and maxed out on credit cards? Was any of the fiancial situation of Watts part of the investigation? Did I miss bank statement, notice of foreclosure, confirmation of income? It seems that the investigation focused on affair only. With Watts calling realtor and school the same day he dumped the bodies, isn’t it reasonable to follow up on financial aspect of the motive?


    • It seems to me that Rourke was in such a rush to get this settled and finished up that he took the quickest way to get there. It barely mentioned that the Watts took money from Chris’s 401K, $10,000 to catch up on their mortgage.


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