12 thoughts on “Discovery Documents [11th Tranche] – Recovered Deleted Messages from Nichol Kessinger’s Cell Phone

    • USA women must really hate themselves to blame the woman he was seeing at work for 2 months more than than man who killed his wife and children. He was a grown adult with his own mind. Or do you think if men do anything wrong it’s because a woman made them do it? What about all the others he was seeing on different dating websites?
      Is it because so many USA men are online making youtube videos saying they don’t want women, but instead of leaving women alone, they spend their time promoting abuse and trying to make women feel bad?


      • Chris was not dating others…..those were all lies from people who were thrown into the mix to take the heat off NK. NK wouldn’t leave Chris alone when he went to be with his wife and daughters in North Carolina. She kept sending him nude pictures but claims she wanted him to work it out with his wife……Thats one reason why we blame her…..She should be locked up!


  1. Birds of a feather flock together.

    Chris did not want any more financial responsibility for another child, did not want to pay child support.

    Just wanted to go on with his life.

    Nichol wanted to be his wife and to swing.
    Chris was with both men and women, she wanted to be with two men.

    Chris & Nichol, birds of the same feather.

    How could Chris not think about his baby boy Nico whenever he said her name?
    His family was so much more than he ever deserved an opportunity to love him.
    Crying shame Shanann gave up her home she paid for and moved with a man that clearly was undeserving of her love & care
    – ironic & unbelievable that his children & wife were not more important to him – than some sloppy, floozy who wanted double penetration, and would have sex with a married man with two baby girls, wife being pregnant. Didn’t he realize risk that she would have sex with anyone?
    Two narcissistic psychos found each other
    Crying shame such useless profoundly no good piece of human waste idiots abuse the privilege of consuming oxygen & life, wreaking havoc on anyone in their paths.


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