15 thoughts on “Discovery Documents [7th Tranche] including Chris Watts’ FAILED polygraph test

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  2. Nick,
    I still can’t get my mind off of this information. You were right bang on about the hail storm fitting into this. When Shan’ann found out he left the Lexus at the airport she called him on it because of the possibility of another hail storm.

    Also I am so glad to know that Ronnie Watts did the right thing and pointed out the cops that they should look on the internet to see that picture of the life sized Barbie. I’m thinking now that Chris decided to kill them all when they arrived back from North Carolina and she gave him hell about the Lexus.

    Then of course his plan came to fruition when she found out the credit cards were maxed and he spent their last $60. bucks on another woman, at about 2:30 am not 4:00 or 5:00 like the SOB started this series of mega lies with.


  3. And another thing, I think he took the plea deal so he could get back to watching tv, especially the foot ball games. When he get’s to the DOC, and into gen pop he will be able to at least watch them again. Sure hoping it’s not today’s games.


  4. Chris Watts literally recited to the detectives in the office nearly word for word what he said in his porch sermon. I wonder if Chris would have gone through with everything had he known that Shan’ann shared so much with her friends about what they were going through? Per page 9 Chris states, “I never had an inkling she would do the same- do anything to me, you know?” What do you suppose he was going to say? Do the same to me I’m doing to her? Page15, he arrived at Cervi 319 at 6:45, then Mccoy, Parrish, and McNeil showed up at 7:15-7:30. That gave him 30 minutes and Shanann didn’t appear to be that far from the tanks.

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    • I thought I was the only one who noticed his cheating slip! When he said he didn’t think she would be with a man bc she “wouldn’t to the same to –do anything to me”. Oops. She wouldn’t do the same thing to him, that he would do to her, INCLUDING MURDER!

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  5. Page 25
    When Ronnie went to the police station after Chris asked to talk to him, Ronnie asked the detective to look at Shan’ann’s FB page at the doll covered up with the sheet. (2 days prior) Shan’ann thought Bella did it and Ronnie said, “a kid wouldn’t do such a thing.”
    So does that mean that Chris actually did do that? That’s really, really messed up.


  6. If the In-Laws, would have minded their own business, kept their comments to themselves, didn’t give their input, and not bad mouthed Shan’ann to Chris then I really wonder how different things would be without them stoking the fires. truely!


    • Karen according to other people whi read all the docs, the doll photo was originally posted off of CHRIS’ phone! Supposedly it’s in the discovery docs. I haven’t come across it yet. After Shan’ann got it from Chris, she reposted it and said, “I don’t know what to think of this”. Sounded to me like Ronnie thought Shan’ann originally posted the photo, wonder what he thinks of his son posting it! It’s really creepy when you think of Chris doing it knowing he did cover Shan’ann’s face with a sheet after strangling her.


      • I still haven’t come across it in the docs yet, Diane. I’m around page 1570. Ronnie Watts brought it up in the interrogation room because he thought Shan’ann did it and he actually misquoted what Shan’ann wrote. I’m still not convinced that Kessinger isn’t more deeply into all of this than what we actually know. We now know that Kessinger was in their house multiple times. I am not convinced she and Chris together didn’t do it.


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  8. As a matter of fact, I’ll take this one step further, I think Kessinger was there with Chris when that photo of the doll went out to Shan’ann. Her phone pinged in Fredrick that fateful morning and she called the school and said the girls were okay. I think she very well may have been with Chris when he killed Shan’ann. She could have slipped out the back. Chris was so quick to say there’s no camera’s back there.


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